Best Announced Generation 7 Pokemon Before the Release of Sun and Moon


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This thing looks like it's going to evolve into the heel wrestler final evolution. Rest in Peace Litten fans. - Ruee

It kinda looks like an edgy version of - eventer51314


The final evolution to Litten and the least favorite among many. It has grown on me and it doesn't look that bad once you actually see the gameplay of the Pokemon. It's actually very expressive and has a lot of personality. Not to mention its Dark instead of Fighting. So at least we have that thing to be thankful for. - Ruee

Once a Team Litten member, always a Team Litten member! Besides, I always use Fire type starters for my games. And to be honest, I actually like Incineroar for what it is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Incineroar is apparently a jerk with a heart of gold. - Ruee


A very gorgeous final evolution to a starter and honestly I think it's the most gorgeous of all starters, period. Unlike a lot of people, I don't mind it being "overly feminine". I really like the concept and design. Also it's a water/fairy type. A really good typing! - Ruee

66Tapu Lele

Kind of looks like what Madoka Kaname would have for a Pokemon. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Tapu Lele is the cutest of the Tapus. Its very cute. I really like the design. Has an amazing ability also. - Ruee

67Tapu Fini

GAME FREAK, why the hell did you turn an awesome ghost pokemon to a stupid water pokemon - GriffinDoge

Implying it was a ghost in the first place. We assumed it was a ghost. They have a habit of giving types to Pokemon that don't look like it. But hey, at least water/fairy is a good typing. - Ruee

I was hoping it would be ghost/fairy, but water/fairy works too! - Ruee

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