Top 10 Most Annoying Dragon's Dogma Enemies

Dragon's Dogma is a very fun game that is becoming a series, this franchise is more than likely going to hold your attention for numerous days with it's beautiful graphics, incredible boss fights, awesome orchestrated metal hybrid music, large amount of fun side quests and it's realistic yet engrossing combat against various monsters based off of mythology, including being able to climb up giant monsters in order to get at their weak spots and bring them down! But sadly for every fun enemy there is to fight there are always going to be some enemies out there that just kill your fun. There are certain types of monsters in these games that have unfair advantages, being ridiculously common, or have a gimmick that just makes things frustrating rather than fun or unique. Some of the enemies in this game series can be more frustrating towards some people more than others depending on what class they picked but the worst enemies in this series can be frustrating regardless of what class they picked. This list is dedicated to the most annoying and worst of them all.

The Top Ten

1 Wraiths

I like how his handwritings so neat

V 2 Comments
2 Hellhounds
3 Strigoi
4 Living Armor
5 Eliminators

Nothing worse than these guys. Get knocked down by a crowd of em you'll never get up again thanks to instant kill attacks

6 Firedrakes
7 Cockatrices

It's the only one I can remember from my free download

8 Metal Golems
9 Elder Ogres V 1 Comment
10 Garms

The Contenders

11 Gorecyclops

Not too bad by themselves, but are nigh on impossible without blast arrows when encountered in the room with two of them and maelstrom casting sorcerers.

12 Daimon

The final boss in the in the deepest part of bitterblack isle, it is too dangerous and try never to fight him alone,in my opinion he is the strongest monster in the game

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