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Laugh out loud since 2005. No need to explain further

Spend loads of cash on pointless players. not enough swear words to describe them. - nickolaney123

The only reason they are where they are is because roman abramovich. Without him, they would be in a relegation battle with accrington in league two

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2Manchester City

How is man utd number 2 when man city by massive amounts of arrogant players such as balotelli, tevez, barry, kompany, toure brothers etc - egillaxelsson

Swap owners every year. Also welcome abuse. - nickolaney123

3Manchester UnitedManchester United Football Club is a professional football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, that competes in the Premier League, the top flight of English football.

Fans : arrogant, gloryhunting plastic muppets who are nearly all not locals. Insufferable in both victory and defeat. One in every ten people on earth is a Man Utd fan? Time to move to another planet then. It's not even nearly true anyway, just another illustration of their arrogance.
Players : Cheats and bullies. Insufferable in both victory and defeat.
The club as a whole : claims never to have bought the title, bangs on forever about the "class of '92" (or whenever it was). Regularly raid other clubs for their best players and believe they have a divine right to do so. Harps on about City and Chelsea buying the title, as if they have never done the same. Were saddled with crippling debts but are now spending money like Richard Prior in Brewster's Millions. Control the media. Garbage kits. Fergie time. I rest my case.

Chelsea should not be at the top the whole point of creating a football team and buying them is to spend money on them you cannot blame city and Chelsea for spending money when you are supposed to

Manchester United are the lamest team in England. Period. They only ever had 1 actual good player in the Premier League era, and it was Cristiano Ronaldo

Lol... worst team ever

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Self pitying, cheap racists who haven't won the league since the pass-back rule came in

Average team since 2008 and will forever be and average team in my opinion

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5Leeds United

Annoyed me how they went negative about themselves a couple of years ago. - nickolaney123

6Newcastle United

Where do I start? "OOH THE INVINCIBLES ARE THE BEST TEAM EVER" Chelsea's campaign the following season was miles more impressive. I mean they won 3 more games than Arsenal and only lost 1 of them. And Man United 98' team was stacked with much better players in almost every position. Now every year they either only win the FA Cup or nothing at all and their only excuse is " INVINCIBLES, ARSENAL ARE THE BEST, WHAT TEAM IS BETTER THAN THE INVINCIBLES? "

Going trophy-less for the past 4-5 seasons speaks for itself

8West Ham United

The Board own the Transfers in and out and don't let the gaffer have his say. - nickolaney123

9Sunderland A.F.C

Laughing stock of the English football league. I really don't like sunderland at all really. Possibly the worst team in england.

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10Queens Park Rangers

Awful stadium and terrible fans

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11A.F.C. Bournemouth
12Nottengham Forest

How they become one of the hated teams in England after so much success - nickolaney123

13Wigan Athletic
14Tottenham Hotspur

It's pretty dank (not in a good way)

15West Bromwich Albion

As a Birmingham fan I respect Albion


Intimidating yet very stupid fans

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17MorecambeV1 Comment
18Stoke City
20Norwich City
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