Most Annoying Inside Out Characters


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My guess is that you hate Inside Out

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She touched the memory ball after joy told her not to - jbella9000

Touching something after someone says not to doesn't count as "annoying"

3Bing Bong

How dare you, Bing Bong was my favorite!

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None of these characters were annoying, you idiot!

A purple stickbug on crack, wears a sweater vest, and won't stop SCREAMING! At least Joy knows how to shut up and keep her cool sometimes!

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Okay, I agree that Meg was annoying, but the OTHER characters on this list are all good

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Does making things worse count as "annoying"? cause it doesn't!

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7Bill Andersen
8Riley Andersen
9Riley's Friend

Meg and Riley's friend are the exact same character!

Her name is Meg! And she's already on this list

10Jill Andersen
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