Top Ten Most Annoying Mario Character Fanbases/Haters

Please note that this is an opinionated list so yeah, don't expect Rosalina fans at number 1.

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1Waluigi Fans

This is definitely the fan base that'll make you tear your hair out. - DCfnaf

Saw one of em recently. Guess what they said. TOO BAD WALUIGI TIME. - DCfnaf

It's stupid how these fans accuse Luigi, Daisy, and Rosalina of being unoriginal when meanwhile Waluigi is practically a clone of Wario and Luigi. IT'S IN HIS NAME. You could accuse Wario of being a rip off of Mario, but WA LUIGI. WA represents Wario. LUIGI represents...well...Luigi. IN HIS NAME, he's literally copying two people. - DCfnaf

I don't really like Waluigi but Wario is worst. - Metts

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2Peach Haters

WOW! This is at the top now! I'm actually okay with that because I despise them, but I still think Waluigi fans needs to get to the top spot. - DCfnaf

Because Peach is one of the main originals which is why she's in every game. - Metts

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3Mario HatersV3 Comments
4Rosalina Fans

I like Rosalina better than Daisy. Luigi should date her instead while Daisy should date Waluigi. - Metts

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5Daisy Haters

I was originally a Daisy hater and now I think that they give off stupid reasons. I actually made a list about these haters. - DCfnaf

I really want to create a similar list but I need to sign up just to make one. But I don't think signing up just to make a list is worth it.

It can be worth it...if I'm right it doesn't cost anything anyway. Also you can make a similar list but you'd need to call it something different. They don't accept duplicate lists. - DCfnaf

They would literally bash anyone who likes daisy. And would act like they wre the only ones who possess opinions.

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6Daisy Fans

Want an annoying fanbase? Daisy Fans. Honestly check out the "Top Ten Worst Nintendo Characters" list and you'll see how awful they are. - DCfnaf

Well in my opinion, rosalina's and waluigi's make me want to gouge my eyeballs out of their sockets.

Whoa whoa whoa... That was pretty fast.. A few days ago I checked they were at the top of the list..

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7Rosalina HatersV3 Comments
8Luigi Fans

These guys are so annoying! They treat Mario like he's mental (wow where did I get that from) and Luigi as a god. We all know Luigi has more character than Mario, but that doesn't mean you should compare him to Mario. - DCfnaf

I like Luigi and Mario the same now. - Metts

They literally believed what Mr. MatPat has said and believes mario abuses luigi.Some would even like him as they pity luigi.*Sigh*Ok I'm out.

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9Yoshi Fans

They hate everyone who hates Yoshi: "Yoshi is cute and you jump off a cliff! " In a YouTube video a guy said that he hates Yoshi and a rabid fan made like 20 comments full of "you suck" or "Yoshi is cute! " - DaisyandRosalina

They aren't too bad...guess I ran out of fan bases. Though Yoshi is a *bit* overrated. I still love Yoshi to death though.

Edit: Actually I had every reason to add them. All they do is make Yoshi #1 on all of the lists and they go on about how he must be everyone's favorite character. NO. - DCfnaf

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10Koopaling Fans

The Koopalings (more like the Krapalings) have a weird fanbase. I don't understand why these guys are loved so much since they have absolutely no character. - DCfnaf

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?Ludwig Von Koopa FansV1 Comment
?Wario Haters

Wario hardly ever has loud fans what are you guys talking about? - DaisyandRosalina

Some of his fans are kinda rude, but I don't see it. AM I RUDE? OH NO! (Lol) - DCfnaf

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11Birdo Haters

Ah, yes. Birdo, the most hated Mario character along with Waluigi and Pink Gold Peach. People only hate Birdo because they don't know what gender it is. No one knows what MANGLE's gender is from Five Nights at Freddy's and MANGLE doesn't receive any HATE! (Then again she's/he's an animatronic fox). Well, here's something for you Birdo Haters. Yoshi is considered a male, but he lays eggs. THINK ABOUT THAT! Another reason why she is hated is because she spits eggs out of her mouth. Which...yeah that's disturbing. - DCfnaf

Wait, the most hated characters are really Birdo, Waluigi and Pink gold Peach? I thought Peach was super hated too. - DaisyandRosalina

Birdo isn't THAT bad, at least SHE has a personality, she spits eggs off her mouth for defending herself but there's nothing wrong with that. - DaisyandRosalina

She's got personality unlike SOME OTHER PEOPLE (cough cough Waluigi cough cough) - DCfnaf

Currently I find it very stupid hated Birdo. - Julieta

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12King K. Rool Fans

I've never experienced these guys so I can't give an actual complaint. K Rool is more of a DK character anyway. - DCfnaf

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13Larry Koopa FansV2 Comments
14Waluigi HatersV1 Comment
15Pink Gold Peach Fans

You might be thinking 'wait... Pink gold peach has Fans? '.I know. But believe me, I have met some.

Thank you for adding this. Completely forgot about them (COUGH COUGH Greenviolet8236 COUGH COUGH) - DCfnaf

16Bowser Jr. Haters

I don't think Bowser Jr deserves so much hate. - DCfnaf

+DaisyandRosalina the reason I put Bowser Jr Haters on the list is because he is really underrated. People don't like him since he "stole Ludwig's heir to the throne" and "replaced the Koopalings". Not to point out the obvious, but I don't think ONE CHARACTER can replace SEVEN KOOPALINGS. Also, people hate him because he is a spoiled brat. But that's what made me LIKE HIM as a villain! - DCfnaf

17Toadette Fans

Toadette doesn't have many fans, so I can't say this fanbase is annoying. - DCfnaf

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18Peach Fans

Peach is like the most underrated character ever. Rosalina's fans are even worse on deviantart though. That's why I put Peach Haters on the list.

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19Toad Haters

Toad Haters. Yes. The ones that hate Toad because he says "Thank you Mario but your princess is in another castle" and the ones that are all "is he flipping me off". - DCfnaf

20Wendy O. Koopa Haters

Oh god they hates her for a non canon show! But she isn't bad at all! She's one of the most unique koopalings: she shoot rings instead of magic attacks, she's the only girls and she's sassy. How many sassy characters we have in the Mario universe? Daisy and Wendy. If people can like Morton or Iggy why they can't like Wendy? - DaisyandRosalina

Also, I really like Wendy myself. I think she's more interesting than Larry and Roy! They are so overrated! Wendy needs more love! - DCfnaf

All they do is complain about how annoying she was on the T.V. show when it's NOT EVEN CANON. - DCfnaf

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