Top Ten Most Annoying Mario Enemies

These guys win the award for being the most hated guys in the universe.

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Especially in the NSMBU stage Lakitu Lakitu Lakitu. There are three of them! The Spinies they drop are so annoying too. - TheYoshiOverlord

Lakitus are the cloud riding Koopas that throw Spiny eggs at you. That is very annoying!

I really hate it that he won't stop throwing Spiny's! I remender the first time that I met him. I whas scared. Finnaly I jumped on his head and he died. But came back. He was so anoying!

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2Chargin' Chuck

These guys should never be in another Mario game ever again they are the worst Mario enemies EVER ESPECIALLY IN TREAURE TRACKER THEY KILL ME ALL THE TIME AND ARE MY WORST ENEMY

They don't know what sport they're playing, they jump, they clone, they throw rocks... these guys must die. At least they're not as annoying in 3D World. - TheYoshiOverlord

Actually They Don't Clone, It's Just That 2 Other Chargin' Chucks Hide Behind The 1st One.

3Hammer Bros.

Ugh... I hate them so much! In Super Mario Bros, they just throw hammers to me! Even when I'm Fire Mario, I'm now Mini Mario! As Mini Mario, I try to run away from them, but they can jump on me and drop on me! And they just keep throwing hammers! Oh god! I hate them so much like Fire Bros! Even I hate them in other Mario games! - LolMitch5

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4Boss Bass

He's more annoying than Big Bertha and Cheep Chomp. - TheYoshiOverlord

I thought Big Bertha was Minecraft.

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The timing of the Podoboos in the retro games is unpredictable. They pop out at random moments. - TheYoshiOverlord

6Cheep Chomp

You Get Close, He Eats You For Lunch

He's not as annoying as Boss Bass, as you can stay ahead of him, but he can even kill Nabbit. - TheYoshiOverlord

7Ice Bros.

I had this once encounter where I jumped over a pit and an Ice Bro nailed me with an iceball. I fell in the hole. - TheYoshiOverlord

8Buster Beetles

They may be easy to kill, but they can throw Ice Blocks with surprisingly good range. - TheYoshiOverlord

9Cheep Cheep

I guess these aren't really enemies, but they're still annoying. The places where they fall is random, but good thing they fall kind of slowly. - TheYoshiOverlord

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I HATE these guys! They're the reason why I'm stuck on the 7th castle in Super Mario World!

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Because they are hard to kill but they are cute when they twirl in the air

Their always in the worst places

Ever play paper Mario? Then share in my frustration as these... THINGS suck your health, multiply, jump on you, and suck your FP

13Micro-GoombasV1 Comment
14Monty Moles

These guys SUCK! They throw wrenches at you NONSTOP and come out of nowhere! The worst part? The are most common in YOSHI levels, so this clearly means Nintendo could be trying to keep you separated from him. I. HATE. MONTY MOLES! (No offense to Nintendo)

They are really Annoying in Super Mario 64! It's just so hard to avoid them!


He's A Boring Flower Guy Who A Caterpillar!


Who made this list. AMPS are annoyingly stupid

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20Flame Chomp
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1. Lakitu
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