Top 10 Most Annoying Minecraft Moments

From the unmistakable hissing noise of a creeper to the rage of building a non-symmetrical house, I give all of the minecrafters out there a list to remember.

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1Being blown up

Every Minecrafter has experienced the hissing noise of a creeper some time in their game and is by far the pet peeve of at least 90% of gamers, whether it's building a house that gets blown up, leaving all of your things on the floor or just getting blown up in general. - Perrywinks

Yes. Even more so if something you're building gets blown up. - eventer51314

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2When you want a specific painting while spam clicking

I can tell you that this is my main pet peeve in Minecraft. When you want a specific painting and it never shows up, you begin to spam-click and then you suddenly see it pop up after an hour and you mistake it for another painting and keep clicking... SO ANNOYING! - Perrywinks

3Non-symmetrical houses

Most Minecrafters are with me on this one. If you make a Non-symmetrical house, you can try to place a door in the middle, which is the only thing that actually works. Anything else in a house like that is pretty much pointless.. - Perrywinks

4Cobwebs in general

Ah, cobwebs. Where do I begin? I don't. - Perrywinks

5Hard parkour

Many gamers have trouble with parkour, so this will definitely be one of the most annoying moments for them. - Perrywinks

6Running out of room on a signV1 Comment
7Taming cats

Trying to get a cat to closely come to you.. A spark of hope.. And then it runs away. Classic rage. - Perrywinks

8When your inventory is full and there is something you want to pick up

Especially when it's something you NEED! And you don't have wood to craft a chest, and everything that is on you, is absolutely needed. - Perrywinks

I think this should be number one. - Dawscr

Imagine you set your SP (spawnpoint) right by a cave. You go mining inside the cabe and find a lot of coal, iron and gold, and a little bit of redstone too. You didn't realise but your inventory is full. You find diamonds and mine them but a creeper sneaks up and blows you up before you could get some useless stuff out of your inventory. Then 'Your home bed was missing or obstructed'. Noe you can't get the stuff and diamonds back!

9Trying to kill rabbits

Now I guarantee at least half of gamers wouldn't kill one unless it was necessary, but trying to kill the elusive rabbit is very hard because of their speed. - Perrywinks

It is not hard anymore, as rabbits now only have three health.

10Trying to recreate a redstone contraption

I know that even stampy has trouble with this one. If you even place one wrong block, the whole contraption is pretty much RUINED. Enough said. - Perrywinks

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11Sharpshooting Skeletons

You can be a million blocks away, and yet the skeleton's are still going to get you. There's no escape. We're all going to die. - HappyMouse111

12When your home bed gets missing or obstructedV1 Comment
13An Enderman took a very important block from you.
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1. Being blown up
2. When you want a specific painting while spam clicking
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