Most Annoying Pokemon to Get in the Games

So you see a Pokémon and you want to get it. But then you figure out how to get it... and now you rather go for a walk.

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So not only is febass a pain in the @$$ to get, but now if u want this thing u have to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT in getting its beauty COMPLETELY FILLED. Got it once, not worth it. - person5000


It's in certain squares u have to be exactly on them & they r always randomized & on like 5/200(or more). U no, the Pokemon I'd want to b is a febas, because then not many would give a f to find me & I could swim freely - person5000


Clear body + low capture % + take down killing itself = rage - person5000

4AlakazamV1 Comment

Have to find randomly first. Runs away. Then if you mean look it, 'IT USED ROAR! ' & u lose its location... F M L. Plus awful capture % - person5000

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8LatiosV1 Comment

Totally. I hate it when it uses Teleport on me whenever I try to catch it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Can't even weaken it 'IT USED TELEPORT! ' Maybe if your fast enough u can put it to sleep. - person5000

10LatiasV1 Comment
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