Top Ten Most Annoying Things When Playing Video Games Online


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101Fake glitchers

I spend ages to find glitches that will benefit the community but then some ass comes along and either steals it, claims they found it and put up a fake level, or nag me to give them it because their supposively the most famous glitcher ever and this is their alt account.


My cousin and I play Pixel Gun and whenever I play with him on Pixel Gun he yells in my ears saying "OH YEAH I HAVE ALL the GUNS YOU CAN'T BEAT ME". It's very annoying! I feel like whenever he comes to my house I should take away my tablet!

Aame for me but when me and my brother play he's level 29 and I'm level 25 he has the all the awesome, boss weapons and I have the combat rifle up2, the plasma pistol up2, the katana, the crystal crossbow, and the dragon breath.

At least this is np because his dad deleted Pixel Gun and he needs to restart. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET YOU STUPID BRAGGER!

103Losing connection
104Long load times
105Random friend requests
106When Someone Pretends to Be Afk

I do this for a good reason. People on LBSG won't leave me alone even when I'm in a Hatsune Miku skin lets say. They hit on me and I stand still so they will leave me alone - SeeU


Someone was Donald Trump on there and saying '' All whites vote for Donald Trump Today! '' - SeeU

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108Overpowered perks
109People who keep killing you when you spawn
110People Who Spam You In Chat

Someone did this to me once, he kept sending me messages like mm... Steak! It was weird and annoying

111Ultimate noobs on your team
112Parkour missions
113People leaving the lobby while the game is trying to balance teams
114People who laugh at your username

Nobody says Stampylonghead is stupid because of his username, so why make fun of someone else's?

Ugh the stupid people on mineplex first of all my user name is MooMooHead and they laugh at me and say HA HA your NAME IS MOOMOOHEAD and secondly my skin on Minecraft princess daisy from super Mario and they laugh at me and they are the haters and a lot of them are like HA HA your SKIN IS PRINCESS DAISY you NUB a skin or user name is not saying your a dumby or nub

116The "Bossy" Guy
117Little kids who claims to be MLG when they really suck
118Admin (On Roblox)V1 Comment
119MLG Montage Parody Fans

8 Players on your team and they focus for no reason on solely killing you

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