Top Ten Most Annoying T.V. Characters of All Time


July 29, 2015 - Which characters do you really dislike, that bother you to no end? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Dora the Explorer - Dora the Explorer
Dora's just like : "where's the banana tree? "
"right behind you, stupid! "
"right behind me? "
"i'm telling you that it is! "
"ahh, right behind me"

Dora should be on the top! Her voice is so loud and annoying and she asks the same stupid question over and over again. "Where's the lake? Where's the lake? " can't't she see it it's like 5 feet in front of her!
Well she trying 2 teach the kids Spanish but the show is setting a bad example that little kids can go anywhere and get lost and do whatever they want.
[Newest]Dora makes kids feel stupid. I don't need more of that in my life. Her voice also hurts my ears.

2Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana
The worst thing to ever happen to the human kind. Disney used to make amazing animated films that could truly be considered art. Lion king, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin... , but Disney Channel nowadays is horrible
Miley Cyrus, you are nice, pretty and cool. But your acting in Hannah Montanta isn't the best work or acting you have done. Actually it was pretty bad. No offense.
DREADFUL. Also all of Jersey Shore... Can't believe its NOWHERE on the list!
[Newest]A bad music artist in a bad show. Good job.

3Jenny Humphrey - Gossip Girl
She's a pathetic, eavesdropping, manipulative, skanky, slutty, desperate, whoring, thieving sneaky, conniving, jealous, poser, wannabe, bitch who does my head in. I never liked her right from the very start. She betrayed everyone and can never seem to mind her own damn business!

It's like if she's not the center of attention/happy no one else can be- what a selfish bitch. She kissed/dated Nate her friend's boyfriend and now she slept with chuck her 'friend's boyfriend' after he nearly raped her once when she was younger-she has no self respect or brains. I hate her.
Jenny Humphrey is the biggest poser. She has no backbone and comes from a family that is extremely self absorbed. She also is a back stabbing bitch who is always trying to seek pity from her friends who she tries to desperately keep. She's constantly accepting hand outs instead of making her own way. She shows no loyalty to those who help and support her. Her innocence is overrated and I feel sorry for every character who falls into her innocence facade. Jenny Humphrey fails to realize the reality of life. She always tries to play some self righteous person who sees the world as such a good place where everything is fair and rosey.
At the start of GG I didn't mind her, but as I watched more and more of her throughout the episodes and six seasons, I could not stand her! Any girl wants to try and find her 'group' in school, that's what anyone does, they find their little group where they feel comfortable with. Jenny on the other hand wants to be popular, she wants to walk with Blair and her group from the beginning. When she started to plot I told my mother, who I watched it with from the beginning to end, that Jenny was going to be hated, a lot! And I was right! She was plotting against people who were plotting since they were kids basically! She's constantly trying to fit in the with the rich and it seems she cannot understand why the heck it's not working out for her.
Now, when she starts going at it with Blair I shook my head and told my T.V. she was going to fall hard, she not only fell hard, she fell into this dark hole and was destined to continue to crawl in and out of it from time-to-time to start crap up.
She knows her dream, that's something I can respect, but she's manipulative, desperate, jealous, and any chance she gets she will stab those who've helped her in the back when she feels she has an opening to become popular. There is no loyalty when it comes to her, which makes me wonder why anyone would allow her to get close.
An interesting character, but one I wouldn't want to be friends with.
[Newest]I hate her so much. She acts like she's a big adult and that all of her bad decisions are justified. Everyone older than her gives her good advice and all she does is blow it off and makes mistakes she could've avoided not to mention she has the most annoying voice. It's almost a tie for her and Vanessa but Jenny pulls ahead as my least favorite because she treats the people that actually love her like crap and thinks she's better than everyone else.
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4Barney - Barney & Friends
When I was little my sister loved barney so much in my eyes I saw a weird purple dinosaur who was a boy that wore a tutu... I would just go to another room and put on the rugrats
Extremely irritating, weird pedophile, and even owns a tutu. barney is the most annoying thing ever, and he should at least be above SpongeBob, because SpongeBob is awesome and barney SUCKS!
I hate you you hate me lets put barney in prison with squidward and mrs. Puff. Ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!
[Newest]I'm sorry, but Barney is a little creepy.

5Scrappy-Doo- The Adventures of Scooby Doo
Wow what a douche bag
Lol. Scrappy Doo is a bit annoying but he is so darned cute too!
He's always trying to defend himself and scooby and shaggy even though he's the size of a boot. and scooby and shaggy are always trying to save him from trouble. you're making these guys look brave!
[Newest]Let's call him "Crappy Doo". Haha.

6Lana Lang - Smallville
Her constant whining tops the list. Lana lang is constantly complaining about how others keep secrets from her yet she can keep fifty times the secrets herself. Always with a backup boyfriend and seems to run to them when she has the slightest disagreement with her current "boyfriend" ( Lana with Whitney yet always leads on Clark, then she comes from Paris with boyfriend Adam who she pretty much made destroy his life to be with her, just to end up in splitsville. Then Lana loves Clark but wait she has to marry lex first while still making googly eyes at ck. ) she always seems to date men just to get back at another man. she always complains about everyone leaving her yet if she gets a splinter the entire Smallville cast will show up with tweezers... One minute she wants people to treat her like she's this strong, independent woman, then in the very same breath she puts on this little girl act. Everybody has to protect her from every little thing, yet she gets mad when they don't let her do what she wants. She gets mad when someone dares to have a different opinion than hers. She claims that Chloe is her best friend, and yet she always treats her as an afterthought. Worse, she only acknowledges Chloe when she needs her for some reason or another.
Lana Lang looks like a child, trying to be an adult. She also constantly messes with Clark's head and feelings [it's no wonder why Clark never told her his secret... ]. At some point in the series they even started to dress her wrong. I mean a teenager wearing high heels and suit all the time?

I'm at season 5 now and I can't look at her anymore. I skip forward every chance I got! That's how much she annoys me.

But it wasn't just the writers who made ‹‹her so annoying. It's also Kristin Kreuk herself. In my opinion they had to use a different actress for the role of Lana Lang
I totally agree! I'm glad a google search on "if lana lang is annoying" led me here. I'm happy I'm not the only one. I don't mind the other characters so much. At least they have a purpose or contribute something interesting. All Lana does is make unsupported accusations, bitches and moan, then find out she was wrong. Rinse and repeat. Nothing personal against Kristen Kreuk I thought she was a fox when I first saw her but its not worth watching her as long as she is playing Lana Lang.
[Newest]Rather than having her fake her death Lex should've actually killed her and got away with it... unfortunately we'd still have to deal with her being a witch and a vampire plus the fact she was pathetic, useless, self obsessed and so unbelievably annoying.
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7Peyton Sawyer - One Tree Hill
Can't stand her. What kind of person goes behind their best friend's back with their boyfriend... Who they hated at first... Twice, then expects the friend to be okay with them saying that they have feelings for the boyfriend, and then goes after the same guy when he's engaged to someone else, four years after the last time they saw each other?
She was a whiny character, who was self obsessed. She used people around her, she was a bad friend. She also is very selfish in regard to the male characters. Even, if she didn't want them, she didn't want anyone else getting them. She leads people on! I hate her and I wish they would have cut her character out.
She is so stupid! She's more obsessed with Lucas than in love with him. she ruins 3 Lucas relationships! Twice with Lucas and Brooke and once with Lindsey and Lucas. her voice is so annoying and she is too needy! I really wish they killed her off! That way Lucas and Brooke could be together
[Newest]Absolutely pathetic the way she treats her friends and gets away with it. She is so annoying and is never satisfied until she gets everything handed to her. Funny how they tried to make Brooke out to be that kind of character at the beginning of the series and Peyton the sweet, humble one. Worst main cast character on One Tree Hill ever!

8Spongbob Squarepants
Oh guys! I'm 14 and I still sometimes watch SpongeBob! He is funny and his best friend Patrick is a total barnacle head (but Patrick is sill hilarious! ) I understand that maybe having a campfire underwater may sound a little strange, but that's what makes it funny! And seriously why isn't cat from ' Sam and Cat' not on this list? Her voice is super annoying.
Dude SpongeBob is funny! Some shows are pretty stupid and I do agree that the plot makes no sense but that's what makes it funny. The only show that I seen that is funny and makes sense is Marvin and it was made in the twentieth century for Pete's sake
Are you talking about Marvin Marvin, that is such a stupid show, with nothing funny on it, I know and you should agree, it's even worse than the new SpongeBob episodes.
Spongebob being stupid is what makes him funny! People these days...
[Newest]I'm not sure why, but I don't find him terribly annoying. But after a while, his laugh really starts to get to me.


9Finn the Human - Adventure Time
Boss! Best show EVER
Alter your comment to: Stupid! Most annoying show ever! Honestly, I'm 12 years old, and I'VE realized how counterintuitive this show is. It truly is nothing but a bunch of hocus pocus. It's a bad example for children, and has the dumbest characters on any show I have ever seen. Every time commercials for Adventure Time come on, I feel like breaking the T.V.. I can literally feel my IQ dropping just HEARING about this pathetic excuse for a T.V. show. Be warned: this show kills your brain cells. I'm lucky I'm still as intelligent as I am, even though I have seen two, maybe three episodes of this bullcrap.


They have been developing the character into less of a "be a hero, kill villains" type. The show is actually getting really deep...
Finn is stupid, weak, blames other people for his own actions (I. E jake died after the wand touched his forehead due to the mars person holding it got KOed by finn) and grounds the ice king ( hey, children will be influenced by this and will try to ground their own parents)
[Newest]Hi Finn I love your show so much

10Skyler White - Breaking Bad
Unlike many of the other characters on Breaking Bad the writers never really gave Skylar White anything spectacular on the show. In the earlier seasons she was a only one step above a token house wife to give the series more female roles and in later seasons immediately switched character into a nagging pretentious criminal accomplice.

Its really not the actresses fault its just that the writers were obviously more interested in the other main characters to truly give much thought to Skylar. Well at least she gave us a surprisingly well thought out explanation on how money laundering works.
She's a ball breaking shrew with nothing to contribute to her family.
The only T.V. show person I hoped died

The Contenders

11Lisa Simpson - The Simpsons
She as no guts and doesn't stick up for yourself. Too uptight for her age
She's such a know it all and ruins the fun

12Sue Heck -The Middle
Sue Heck has the most annoying face and mouth I've ever seen in my entire life. Forget about her stupid acting. It's her face and her full of bracelets mouth. Ah she should be number one on this list. I just hate her. She ruins the whole show for me.
Sue makes me so mad every time I watch the show. She is so ignorant annoying and embarrassing I'd be so ashamed to call her my sister. She has no common sence and is extremely socially awkward. The girl that plays her is actually pretty. So if she didn't dress like a 6 year old she could be pretty. The braces irk me to no end and she's always smiles for no reason and just looks stupid. Shes always ruins things for her brothers and parents everything about sue pisses me off I hate her almost as much as flo from progressive commercials!
This girl is so ugly & weird, and her character is almost as bad as Bricks (the little brother) they both highly annoy me, but in different ways. She is so stupid and clumsy and just UGH... Sometimes the two of them make me want to puke. It's amazing to me that the producers found these two kids of equal annoying-ness to put into one show!
[Newest]She is so ugly and annoying

13Flapjack - The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
He looks like a girl and he's so annoying laugh out loud the only weak
Pirate on the show. He's got problems with his laughter you know!
He has a laugh like Spongebob

14Peggy Hill - King of the Hill
She thinks that she knows everything and can't speak Spanish to save her life. Sure she has good intentions and even has a passion for teaching, even though God knows she can't teach . She is so full of her self and every time she tries to do anything she messes it up and then the whole episode becomes about her. Honestly she is the most annoying, retarded, self loathing, and selfish woman I have ever seen and thinks she knows everything when really she knows nothing. Everything she does she thinks is the best thing ever and when something goes bad Hank has to save her ass or fix what she totally screwed up. She never does anything right. She always messes anything and everything up, and never helps anyone.
She's So full of herself and constantly overestimates her own skills. She's worthless and doesn't realize it. Every time she speaks Spanish I change the channel. I realize it's supposed to be a funny part of the show but it's just incredibly annoying to me.
Peggy and Bill are two of the most annoying T.V. characters ever. I know it's supposed to be stupid and funny but I just don't find them funny. I feel stupid for hating them so much because they're cartoon characters which makes it so weird that they annoy me so much that I'm praying for and loving when those two get put in their place at any time.

15Gibbly - iCarly
His name is GIBBY not GIBBLY and he is still incredibly annoying. I mean he is a over weight kid who was an origanal charecter on the show who first apperd in the second episode. But he was soposed to be a kid who was only shown for about 30 seconds in each show, but now he is the 4th main carecter on the show with whole episodes just about him. And is he soposed to be funny, I mean he just gets gets his comedy from just being a complete moron. I mean a five year old could write a better scipt then some things that blert out of his mouth. He should be number one on this list. Oh, and one more thing a 200 pound kid dancing with his shirt of is not funny!
GIBBY is amazing and its not gibbly! Ohh my you already screwed up the name! He is like one of the characters that makes the show funny and random all at once! The hell with whoever wrote this! He is an amazing character and a talented spontaneous actor... GO GIBBY!
Me: Spits out milk What The Hell is Gibby doing on here Gibby rocks
[Newest]Laugh out loud for everyone saying IT'S GIBBY, Gibby and Gibbly are two different people...

16Screech Powers- Saved By The Bell
He is just the worst. I loved the show, but whenever he was on, I wanted to turn it off. He was never funny and he was really weird. I wish they could have written him out or never had him to begin with.
Do people really think he's funny?


17Steve Urkel- Family Matters
In later seasons I do not even think the show should have been called family matters it should have been called "The Steve Urkel Show" or "Urkel and the Winslows". He just got way too much attention, he knocked out Judy midway through the show. He should have just have been a recurring character and later main character like Waldo and Myra
Funny but HORRIBLY annoying. That voice is brutal.


The sad thing is, the show would actually be good without its main character.


[Newest]How was this obnoxious child ever popular?

18Fanboy and Chum Chum
They are completely retarded
These two morons are just spoiled brats who always wear underpants.
I hate them both more than SpongeBob and Dora combined. And that's saying something.
[Newest]It's boring and I don't like cartoons.

19Haley James Scott- One Tree Hill
She is a potentially psychotic stalker girlfriend/wife who played out the whole too good for anyone virgin quite well to reel in the hot basketball player who was way out of her league and got him to marry her because she wouldn't have sex with him otherwise. And her 23 tramp stamp adds even more to her psychotic stalkerness really it just makes her look DESPERATE! She annoys me SO much as I am trying to watch ONE TREE HILL on Netflix.
I can't stand her in general. Almost can't watch scenes with her in it! Shes always complaining, Getting mad at things that are not even logical. But most of all just looking at her.
Never listens. Always jumps to conclusions assuming the worst about people. Makes several horribly bad choices and expects to be forgiven immediately and never have it mentioned again. Thinks she is better than everybody. Very immature.

20Ice King - Adventure time with Finn and Jake
He's so annoying! I want to eat this guy to shreds for my ice cream toppings! His penguins are dead too so don't worry!

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