Top Ten Most Annoying T.V. Characters of All Time


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The Top Ten

Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana
DREADFUL. Also all of Jersey Shore... Can't believe its NOWHERE on the list!
Miley Cyrus, you are nice, pretty and cool. But your acting in Hannah Montanta isn't the best work or acting you have done. Actually it was pretty bad. No offense.
He's drug pusher and sex addicted shes only great when she is not still star and knowable at hannah montana but when it become popular she become addicted and the show become annoying
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2Dora the Explorer - Dora the Explorer
Dora's just like : "where's the banana tree? "
"right behind you, stupid! "
"right behind me? "
"i'm telling you that it is! "
"ahh, right behind me"

Dora should be on the top! Her voice is so loud and annoying and she asks the same stupid question over and over again. "Where's the lake? Where's the lake? " can't't she see it it's like 5 feet in front of her!
Well she trying 2 teach the kids Spanish but the show is setting a bad example that little kids can go anywhere and get lost and do whatever they want.
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3Lana Lang - Smallville
Lana Lang looks like a child, trying to be an adult. She also constantly messes with Clark's head and feelings [it's no wonder why Clark never told her his secret... ]. At some point in the series they even started to dress her wrong. I mean a teenager wearing high heels and suit all the time?

I'm at season 5 now and I can't look at her anymore. I skip forward every chance I got! That's how much she annoys me.

But it wasn't just the writers who made ‹‹her so annoying. It's also Kristin Kreuk herself. In my opinion they had to use a different actress for the role of Lana Lang
Her constant whining tops the list. Lana lang is constantly complaining about how others keep secrets from her yet she can keep fifty times the secrets herself. Always with a backup boyfriend and seems to run to them when she has the slightest disagreement with her current "boyfriend" ( Lana with Whitney yet always leads on Clark, then she comes from Paris with boyfriend Adam who she pretty much made destroy his life to be with her, just to end up in splitsville. Then Lana loves Clark but wait she has to marry lex first while still making googly eyes at ck. ) she always seems to date men just to get back at another man. she always complains about everyone leaving her yet if she gets a splinter the entire Smallville cast will show up with tweezers... One minute she wants people to treat her like she's this strong, independent woman, then in the very same breath she puts on this little girl act. Everybody has to protect her from every little thing, yet she gets mad when they don't let her do what she wants. She gets mad when someone dares to have a different opinion than hers. She claims that Chloe is her best friend, and yet she always treats her as an afterthought. Worse, she only acknowledges Chloe when she needs her for some reason or another.
every time I watch the show and somethings happens to her, I think this is finally going to be the time she dies. but then the episode goes on and in the end I have to realise, no! it's just another one of that annoying whiney pointless episodes about her and her freaking trust issues. boohoo!
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4Jenny Humphrey - Gossip Girl
At the start of GG I didn't mind her, but as I watched more and more of her throughout the episodes and six seasons, I could not stand her! Any girl wants to try and find her 'group' in school, that's what anyone does, they find their little group where they feel comfortable with. Jenny on the other hand wants to be popular, she wants to walk with Blair and her group from the beginning. When she started to plot I told my mother, who I watched it with from the beginning to end, that Jenny was going to be hated, a lot! And I was right! She was plotting against people who were plotting since they were kids basically! She's constantly trying to fit in the with the rich and it seems she cannot understand why the heck it's not working out for her.
Now, when she starts going at it with Blair I shook my head and told my T.V. she was going to fall hard, she not only fell hard, she fell into this dark hole and was destined to continue to crawl in and out of it from time-to-time to start crap up.
She knows her dream, that's something I can respect, but she's manipulative, desperate, jealous, and any chance she gets she will stab those who've helped her in the back when she feels she has an opening to become popular. There is no loyalty when it comes to her, which makes me wonder why anyone would allow her to get close.
An interesting character, but one I wouldn't want to be friends with.
Jenny Humphrey is the biggest poser. She has no backbone and comes from a family that is extremely self absorbed. She also is a back stabbing bitch who is always trying to seek pity from her friends who she tries to desperately keep. She's constantly accepting hand outs instead of making her own way. She shows no loyalty to those who help and support her. Her innocence is overrated and I feel sorry for every character who falls into her innocence facade. Jenny Humphrey fails to realize the reality of life. She always tries to play some self righteous person who sees the world as such a good place where everything is fair and rosey.
She's a pathetic, eavesdropping, manipulative, skanky, slutty, desperate, whoring, thieving sneaky, conniving, jealous, poser, wannabe, bitch who does my head in. I never liked her right from the very start. She betrayed everyone and can never seem to mind her own damn business!

It's like if she's not the center of attention/happy no one else can be- what a selfish bitch. She kissed/dated Nate her friend's boyfriend and now she slept with chuck her 'friend's boyfriend' after he nearly raped her once when she was younger-she has no self respect or brains. I hate her.
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5Scrappy-Doo- The Adventures of Scooby Doo

And Scooby Dumb, whom he replaced, wasn't all that cool either.
Wow what a douche bag

6Spongbob Squarepants
Spongebob being stupid is what makes him funny! People these days...
Dude SpongeBob is funny! Some shows are pretty stupid and I do agree that the plot makes no sense but that's what makes it funny. The only show that I seen that is funny and makes sense is Marvin and it was made in the twentieth century for Pete's sake
This Character is always making me laugh
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7Peyton Sawyer - One Tree Hill
She was a whiny character, who was self obsessed. She used people around her, she was a bad friend. She also is very selfish in regard to the male characters. Even, if she didn't want them, she didn't want anyone else getting them. She leads people on! I hate her and I wish they would have cut her character out.
Can't stand her. What kind of person goes behind their best friend's back with their boyfriend... Who they hated at first... Twice, then expects the friend to be okay with them saying that they have feelings for the boyfriend, and then goes after the same guy when he's engaged to someone else, four years after the last time they saw each other?
She is so stupid! She's more obsessed with Lucas than in love with him. she ruins 3 Lucas relationships! Twice with Lucas and Brooke and once with Lindsey and Lucas. her voice is so annoying and she is too needy! I really wish they killed her off! That way Lucas and Brooke could be together
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8Barney - Barney & Friends
I hate you you hate me lets put barney in prison with squidward and mrs. Puff. Ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!
Extremely irritating, weird pedophile, and even owns a tutu. barney is the most annoying thing ever, and he should at least be above SpongeBob, because SpongeBob is awesome and barney SUCKS!
This should be Number 1! Kill him right now!
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9Cody Martin- The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Cheesy over the top stereotypical american teenagers. They are a waste of a T.V. channel space. :(

10Screech Powers- Saved By The Bell

Do people really think he's funny?


He is just the worst. I loved the show, but whenever he was on, I wanted to turn it off. He was never funny and he was really weird. I wish they could have written him out or never had him to begin with.

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11Gibbly - iCarly
His name is GIBBY not GIBBLY and he is still incredibly annoying. I mean he is a over weight kid who was an origanal charecter on the show who first apperd in the second episode. But he was soposed to be a kid who was only shown for about 30 seconds in each show, but now he is the 4th main carecter on the show with whole episodes just about him. And is he soposed to be funny, I mean he just gets gets his comedy from just being a complete moron. I mean a five year old could write a better scipt then some things that blert out of his mouth. He should be number one on this list. Oh, and one more thing a 200 pound kid dancing with his shirt of is not funny!
GIBBY is amazing and its not gibbly! Ohh my you already screwed up the name! He is like one of the characters that makes the show funny and random all at once! The hell with whoever wrote this! He is an amazing character and a talented spontaneous actor... GO GIBBY!
Me: Spits out milk What The Hell is Gibby doing on here Gibby rocks
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12Haley James Scott- One Tree Hill
She is a potentially psychotic stalker girlfriend/wife who played out the whole too good for anyone virgin quite well to reel in the hot basketball player who was way out of her league and got him to marry her because she wouldn't have sex with him otherwise. And her 23 tramp stamp adds even more to her psychotic stalkerness really it just makes her look DESPERATE! She annoys me SO much as I am trying to watch ONE TREE HILL on Netflix.
I can't stand her in general. Almost can't watch scenes with her in it! Shes always complaining, Getting mad at things that are not even logical. But most of all just looking at her.
She is so annoying! She always thinks that she has been through so much when in reality its everyone around her that experienced the trama and she just cries about it. She is NOT strong and in fact is the weakest character in OTC. Also she thinks shes better than everyone when Nathan is the one with the success, shes just the clingy one who likes to think she knows what is best for everyone.
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13Skyler White - Breaking Bad
Unlike many of the other characters on Breaking Bad the writers never really gave Skylar White anything spectacular on the show. In the earlier seasons she was a only one step above a token house wife to give the series more female roles and in later seasons immediately switched character into a nagging pretentious criminal accomplice.

Its really not the actresses fault its just that the writers were obviously more interested in the other main characters to truly give much thought to Skylar. Well at least she gave us a surprisingly well thought out explanation on how money laundering works.

14Peggy Hill - King of the Hill
She's So full of herself and constantly overestimates her own skills. She's worthless and doesn't realize it. Every time she speaks Spanish I change the channel. I realize it's supposed to be a funny part of the show but it's just incredibly annoying to me.
Peggy and Bill are two of the most annoying T.V. characters ever. I know it's supposed to be stupid and funny but I just don't find them funny. I feel stupid for hating them so much because they're cartoon characters which makes it so weird that they annoy me so much that I'm praying for and loving when those two get put in their place at any time.
I loathe her. She's fat ugly obnoxious and oblivious to all of the above!
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15Sue Heck -The Middle
Sue Heck has the most annoying face and mouth I've ever seen in my entire life. Forget about her stupid acting. It's her face and her full of bracelets mouth. Ah she should be number one on this list. I just hate her. She ruins the whole show for me.
She's like so annoying. It isn't possible for anyone to be as stupid as her.
She Is so annoying with her smug face, I want to eat my face off

16Finn the Human - Adventure Time
Finn is stupid, weak, blames other people for his own actions (I.E jake died after the wand touched his forehead due to the mars person holding it got KOed by finn) and grounds the ice king ( hey, children will be influenced by this and will try to ground their own parents)
How does his accounts get thousands of followers on twitter? He has a bad hat, bad outfit, and his singing is just as retarded as Justin Bieber's music. And he gets the hot chicks! He isn't even real! I never want to see this retard or hear about this retard ever again!
Boss! Best show EVER
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17Fanboy and Chum Chum
They are completely retarded
They are so annoying
I hate them both more than SpongeBob and Dora combined. And that's saying something.
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18Naruto - Naruto
I hate him, he is stupid and a clueless moron who can't do anything right. He has no talent and is loud and arrogant. The only thing I do like about him is his ability to keep on trying no matter what, it's just annoying how the whole fanbase worships him and acts like he's not a Marty Stu when he is. Everyone he fights converts to his side right away and he hogs the screen time from everyone else. He's a hypocrite-he wants to be a strong ninja, yet he goofs off half the time. He should be losing his battles, not winning. As soon as Sasuke left the show, I left it.
He is the best awesome character ever and what I am posting up right now is a true fact but mark my words and remember them always he is the best naruto uzimaki
To the top comment: 'He hogs the screen time' Are you stupid? The SHOW is called Naruto. So of course he's gonna have the most screen time.

19Dee Dee - Dexter's Laboratory
Why dee dee in this list? She is my favorite character ever in dexter's lab. I don't get it why people make dee dee the annoying character.
Dee Dee was a character who contributed nothing to the show except to act as a foil for Dexter, she repeatedly destroyed his things for no reason, physically abused him, and constantly (when she had the mental capacity to do so) threatened to reveal the existence of his lab to their parents.

I think their entire relationship is best summarized by the Opera Style episode "Lab-retto"

Dee Dee: "Hello~o dear brother! What have you got there? "
Dexter: "Nothing! Nothing! You only see air! "
Dee Dee: "Don't be silly! I love you very much! "
*Dee Dee destroys whatever he was working on* "I guess I shouldn't touch! "

20Eric Cartman- South Park
This one is extremely annoying. Really, who doesn't hate him? But he makes south park more enjoyable
I had the entire cast as number one, but they were taken off. I don't know why. Maybe its because its the whole cast, and not just one character, so I guess I'll just put this one on here.

21Kenny - South Park
How many times has he died again? Can't he just stay dead like Maude Flanders and Brian Griffin?

22Steve Urkel- Family Matters
Funny but HORRIBLY annoying. That voice is brutal.


The sad thing is, the show would actually be good without its main character.


"Did I do that" this character drove me insane. His ear splitting voice, and head exploding laugh made my ears bleed.
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23Donny - Adventure Time

24Heather - Total Drama Series
Se is the most annoying stuck up snob that I have ever seen!
She always at the bottom and then never gets voted off! People these days...
Heather is such a bitch to everyone
I HatE her so much and she's such a whore
I just want to grab her out of the screen and strangel her

25Kenny Powers - Eastbound & Down

26Marie Schrader - Breaking Bad

27Elena Gilbert - The Vampire Diaries
She sucks. She should get a few tips from Katherine, she makes me laugh.

28Flapjack - The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
He looks like a girl and he's so annoying laugh out loud the only weak
Pirate on the show. He's got problems with his laughter you know!
He has a laugh like Spongebob

29Brick Heck - The Middle
Let the child do something for himself! Doing all of his work that he "forgets" to do isn't helping him out, it's enabling his laziness. Newsflash: you can't read all of the time when you're an adult- teach the kid some RESPONSIBILITY. Most annoying voice and face ever.

30Finn Hudson - Glee
He shouldn't have been on the list. He is so cute and sweet.
The most annoying ever (maybe second after Joffrey)
He is always everyone's favorite and everyone admires him but I don't know what they find in him. He messed with two girl's feeling while slept with one more, kissed his mentor's wife and ruined their wedding, acted awfully to his sweet little brother Kurt, and I just hate the way he looks at the camera when he thinks he is the best and most innocent character ever and girls buy that -. -

31Ice King - Adventure time with Finn and Jake
He's so annoying! I want to eat this guy to shreds for my ice cream toppings! His penguins are dead too so don't worry!
We hate Adventure Time because:
-Bad Animation
-Bad Voice Acting
-Exactly a Super Mario Bros. & Zelda RIP OFF
-His fans are annoying and Hate other good shows like tom and jerry, regular show, the amazing world of gumball and other.
-Unoriginal Show
-Adventure time video games like Hey Ice King Why'd You Steal Our Garbage and Explore The Dungeon Because I Don't Know IS SUCH A FAILURE GAMES!

P.S. We are Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA, Activision, Atari, Square Enix Sony, Android, iOS, Samsung, Microsoft (Xbox), Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Rayman, PewDiePie, Toby Turner, Smosh, Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, and EVERYBODY FANS except Adventure Time so the IDIOT aKa $H1TTY ADVENTURE TIME FANBOY CAN'T HURT OUR FOREVER! MUAHAHAAHA!


32Quinn Fabray - Glee
She annoys the hell out of me. She's so mean.

33Danny Tanner- Full House
Dannys awesome and full house is my favorite show!


When he tells a joke, and has that smug, proud look on his face like he did something good, it is the worst thing ever to watch.


He always wants to hug everybody. It's so annoying.


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34Lisa Simpson - The Simpsons
She's such a know it all and ruins the fun

35Rufus Humphrey - Gossip Girl
Just terrible acting! Every sentence from this guy sounds the same, doesn't matter if he is angry, sad or happy. He seems to speak through clenched teeth... Very weird. I very much suppose the real guy is a lame douche, trophy husband-kind of guy as well.
He seriously always thinks he's right and is so full of himself. Why is he even on the show he doesn't fit in at all on the Upper East Side nor does the rest of his family. Season 3-- disgusting! Ew! All of them...
He's too selfish and stubborn! ARGH!
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36Harriet Oleson - Little House On the Prairie
Her face and character are both annoying I wish she was the blind one then she would see how it is!

37Jake The Dog - Adventure Time With Finn and Jake

38Jiggler - Adventure Time
This music weirdo is just as creepy as other music weirdos like Sing a Ma Jigs and La La Loopsey dolls! I especially hate the noises it makes!

39Kimmy Gibbler - Full House

40Dawn Summers - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The constant skreeting "get out get out get out! " every time she couldn't take the truth made me really pissed off with her. She is so annoying and wants all attention on her. She doesn't appreciate her sister

41Cat Valentine - Victorious
This should be on top. I mean... she is so annoying, she should die! I wanna lock her in prison. She is also a bad influence for kids because of her teeny tiny clothes and boyfriend changes. I hate her and most people do... I know that! This should be on top!
YES! Her character is so stupid, even the way she plays it is horrible. I can't stand her voice and the way she acts! By far the most annoying character EVER!
Worst character in television her voice & laugh makes me wanna puke Ariana grande has a great speaking voice why couldn'tthey use her. She's basically a 3 year old who deserves to be number 1 on this list.
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42Elmo - Sesame Street
Hi, this is dorthy, my creepy goldfish who I never feed. What's that, dorthy? You think I'm a creep? Hmm, maybe we need to talk to the utterly disturbing stalker that lives INSIDE my window, mr noodle

43Frankie Heck - The Middle
Frankie yells every episode. She overreacts to everything and likes stupid things like royal wedding and bachelor. Why does she have to throw the most annoying fits in every episode. She's not the only one with problem.

44Isabella Garcia-Shapiro - Phineas and Ferb
She irritated the hell out of me! She just keeps saying "Whatcha Doing'? " over, and over, and OVER! I know it's her catchphrase, but she is one of the Disney Channel characters I just wanna punch in the face!
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45Sammi - Jersey Shore

46Alejandro - Total Drama Series

47Courtney - Total Drama Series
She thinks she's so great. I totally know why chris thought she was so annoying. She deserved to get al-ed.
Sometimes I want to punch my TV when she's talking.
The reason that T.V. is failing these days.
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48Dan Humphrey - Gossip Girl
He is so annoying. Pretends to be such a truthful person... Lies and gets to make blair as his girlfriend... For heaven sake look at your face and hairs and eyes and what not? He doesn't know how to act.. Boring and foolish at the same time... Keeps on blabbering about honesty... It's easy to say others
He is annoying. Enough said
So lame and boring, monotone voice... Can't stand!
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49Princess Bubblegum - Adventure Time
The reason why I hate Princess Bubblegum is because she turned Finn down, I hate girls who turn guys down, it's just upsetting to me!
Princess bubblegum is a whiny, stupid, selfish, bossy, manipulating spoiled brat she thinks that just because she's a princess everyone should bow down to her she's also a typical mary sue she also never acknowledges or learns from her mistake if she's supposed to be a smart person shouldn't she learn from her mistakes? No all she does is do something and ruin it and expect finn and jake to clean up the mess she does she's a dumbass in distress I really wish I could go in o and slap or punch her in the face she's like a total bitch and has no problem lying or destroying a person's life like what she did to the duke of nuts and everything is always served on a silver platter for her so all in all I think that PB is a stupid, selfish, mary sueish, whiny, bossy, manipulating, dumbass in distress, attention-seeking, bitchy spoiled brat who always expects finn and jake to clean up her mess for her she's a total bitch who needs a slap or a punch in the face I wouldn't even be surprised to know that she's secretly not that smart at all and is incredibly dumbhonestly she lacks common sense

50Karen Roe - One Tree Hill
The way she treated Lucas after Keith was killed really upset me. She basically blamed him for it! I must admit that she gained a couple of points with me when she smashed that chair through Dan's window after she found out that he was trying to have Andy deported and kissed her in season two. "Next time, it'll be your face. "
She always hits people... That's it! And she thinks that she is the toughest person on the show
The worst mother, and person in general, on television. She is selfish, she treats her son like a leper half the series, and drags Keith down for the first three seasons.
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51Mohinder - Heroes

52Cousin Oliver- The Brady Bunch

All of the Bradys could go on this list, but this one takes the cake.


53Tori Vega - Victorious
She is a fame seeking little tramp who annoys the crap out of that show. Oh and she and that little annoying red head is on the list too. And the kid with glasses, and the main character Tori.
Always gettin credits... Seriously? The other girls sing way better
This character disgusts me. She just gets on my nerves so much. The character, the actor herself, it's just so IRRITATING!
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54Jeff Winger - Community

55Alan Harper - Two and a Half Men
He has become one of the most obnoxious characters this season. He isn't even funny anymore. He is blatantly taking advantage of Ashton's character, trying to run his life, get more money out of him and having absolutely no shame about his mooching and obnoxious behavior. The joke is over. Either end the show or kill him off.

56Jack Pappas- The Secret Life Of The American Teenager
The worst thing about him is that the actor and writers do an amazing job of making his character realistically like a high school popular jock. It looks like he might be changing his ways, but for now, he stays on the list.


Thinks everything is about him

57Ben - The Mighty B!

58Mertle Edmonds - Lilo and Stitch

59Chloe Sullivan - Smallville

60Mark Taylor- Home Improvement

Durin the span of eight years, Mark aged a ot, and still managed to stay just as annoying as he was the year before.


61Dan Scott - One Tree Hill

62Lorilai Gilmore - Gilmore Girls

63Arnold Jackson- Different Strokes

64Annoying Orange - The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange

65Chowder - Chowder

66Caillou - Caillou
He whines about EVERYTHING

67Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl

I used to love her so much now she is just a pathetic slut who can't live without a man. The writers suck they ruined her character for me

68Squeak - Lilo and Stitch

69Fran Fine - The Nanny

I agree the worst voice to have to put up with for 2 seconds is bad enough.

70Joey Tribbiani - Friends

71Rainbow Dash - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
I have no problem with people liking her, but it's that I'm sick and tired of her! She makes real tomboys and boys in general look absolutely bad and I see a boatload of fans defending her! I know she's not a lesbian subliminally, but she still looks ridiculous to me!

72Gilligan - Gilligan's Island
everytime they had a chance to get off that island...he always blew it.

73Ash Ketchum - Pokemon
Why isn't THIS GUY already on the list? Where do I begin? 1)He barely ever trains his pokemon. Every 100 or so episodes he'll actually do a bit of training/practice, but that's it. 2)From what I've seen, he doesn't (or didn't) actually win most of the battles he fought. Sometimes he won in a rematch, but if he actually trained, or they had a better battle system, then he'd actually win in one try. 3)He's had so many chances to catch legendary and regular pokemon, and yet he'd rather abandon the ones he has by leaving them prior to a journey through some new region or dumping them on someone else. 4)For someone who wants to be a Pokemon Master, you'd think he'd go through more than one gym every 40 or so episodes, train more, and catch more pokemon, keep all of his pokemon with him, make his Pikachu evolve, and more importantly: WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. Do the writers of the show hate him so much that they purposefully make him lose the championships? If so, then the show should die, and stay dead. Naruto has nothing on Ash.
Used to be a funny guy but turned out to be a foolish jerk in BW and became a boring poser in XY series. I like the old Ash better

74Rex Powers - Victorious

75KT Rush - House of Anubis
Oh my gosh, that little whiny, bitch ruined House of Anubis. I used to love the show so much, it was basically the light in my childhood. I watched the first season- and it felt as if it transported me to another world. The acting of Nina Martin and the other characters was incredible.

Season two was still good, but it more portrayed romance drama than anything else. It was slowly turning over to the stereotype American teenagers.
Then, when I heard that season three was coming out I was ecstatic! But then, when I sat down to watch the first episode they introduce this whiny, American, bitchy, wannabee Nina Martin. And what kind of name is KT Rush? Her parents must have been on drugs while naming her. And another thing, what happened to Eddie and Patricia? After Fabian and Nina's romance disappeared, I was glad to have Peddie. But now, that creepy, whiny, bitchy copy of Nina had to take him.

She's a horrible actress and no one gives a flying about her stupid destiny or her story line. Seriously, take her off the show. She's a total spinoff of Nina, and just got worse as the show progressed.

I finally couldn't take KT anymore, so I stopped watching the show by the fourth stinkin' episode!

No one likes KT- no one ever will. She's the most terrible character I have ever seen in my life- and practically shattered my childhood of house of Anubis.
I'm sorry, but she's a terrible actress, and a copy of Nina, like Willow being a copy of Amber. I think KT should be #1 in Top Ten Most Annoying Characters!


76Doraemon - Doraemon

77Carly Shay - iCarly
I don't hate Carly like some people. But I just can't help but think that the whole I'm perfect and pretty and better than everyone is a little annoying. She acts like she can just throw Freddie's love around however she wants but then goes back to the "in so sweet and innocent" act. She's bossy and annoying and manipulative and it makes me angry. She doesn't get one thing that she asks for or someone does one will thing and she totally flips out and goes into tantrum mode. Like, really? I just don't like how her character was written. Unrequited love is the worst by the way, and she shouldn't act like she can just throw it around how she pleases to get what she wants. That "please, for me? " Act is sickening. And though I can also see the good things about her, I still believe she absolutely deserves a place on this list.

78Michelle Tanner - Full House
They cannot act, being babies it was understandable but their acting actually got worse as show progressed, whether it was Kate or Ashley. Look at them now, they are like the twin versions of Paris Hilton, useless.
Ok people there's only one thing that annys me about her. WHY IS THERE TWO ACTORS PLAYING MICHELLE? I just don't get it if one of the twins plays as her then WHERES THE OTHER? At another show I guess.

79Lucy - The Big Bang Theory

80Ben Seaver- Growing Pains

The youngest kid on the show somehow managed to out annoy the older two.


81Webster Long - Webster

82Robin Scorpio - General Hospital

83Nathan James - The Toyota Highlander kid

I feel a little sorry for Riley Stewart - the child actor who plays this part. Nathan James may be the most despised character on television - even outdoing villains like The Miniature Killer (CSI:) and any of various sickos gouging out eyes or dismembering live victims on Criminal Minds. Some claim to fame for an actor who hasn't even reached his 10th birthday!


84Skunk - Skunk Fu!

85Trina Vega - Victorious
She's such a suck up, she thinks she's so talented, but she's not! Tori's better than this bitch

86Boog - Fanboy and Chum Chum

87Candace Flynn - Phineas and Ferb
She is stupd and ugly
She's hideous. So is Jeremy.

88Myron - Wayside
He cares about no one but himself

89Diamond Tiara - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

90Emma Ross - Jessie
She thinks she's so pretty, and Rosie bugs me too!

91Stephanie Tanner - Full House
If one of the tanners do something bad 90% of the time it's her fault! Plus she gets so "sad" that she doesn't even get punished! She's crashed joey's car into the tanner house, put Jessie in a full body casts and she even changed her name so she wouldn't get laughed at as much! And her only punishment for any of it is a 2-3 minute speech or going to her room! She always thinks she's better than everyone! Just like Peggy hill when dj does it it's not gonna harm anyone or make the tanners pay 2-3 thousand dollars and when Michelle does it it's cute and she doesn't harm anyone still!
She crashed Joey's brand new car into the kitchen. Who accidentally drives someone's car into their kitchen?

92Monica Geller - Friends

93Lumpy Space Princess - Adventure Time

94Claire Dunphy - Modern Family

95Mordecai - Regular Show

96Dr. Julia Ogden - Murdoch Mysteries

97Principal Kidswatter - Wayside
All he does is cry like a baby


98Cosmo Cosma - Fairly Odd Parents

I really really abhor moronic characters, but Cosmo takes the cake, throws it against the wall, and licks it off. His voice gives me a headache, his mannerisms and personality make Peter Griffin look like Batman, and a fairy as smart as Wanda chose that imbecile out of every dude in Fairyworld?

99Sheen Estevez - Planet Sheen and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Take this off! Sheen funny excepted in planet sheen! But in JN that is too far. Sheen might be a retard but that is what makes him so funny!

100Duncan Kane - Veronica Mars

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