Top Ten Most Annoying Ways to Die on Minecraft


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1 Falling into lava while mining

This because to lose all of your stuff when falling in lava. The other stuff you could go back and get your stuff

That would really suck and if you find a diamond and think that there was another under it I would break the device and start crying.

You die in 5 seconds you don't get to fight back like a creeper skeleton or ghast!

Especially with all the supplies you take and the ones you mined.

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2 A creeper... well... creeping up on you

This is the only type of death I have on Minecraft

They will appear out of NOWHERE and blow up! So annoying! - Minecraftcrazy530

I only die to creepers and other players in Minecraft, never zombies or skeletons, not even spiders, but creepers... And they learned the ways of Assassin's creed, suicide bomb from above...
Great right?

Just stay in water it worked before

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3 Falling off high land V 2 Comments
4 Hunger

It's just horrible if you have no food:( On peaceful mode hunger regenerates, on easy when it drains you will a have only 5 hearts of health, on normal you only have a half a heart left, but on hard mode it will slowly kill you, and that sucks.

Come on, if your playing at most Normal mode, it won't kill you on its own. Just eat something when you reach that point Maybe an Enchanted Golden Apple or a Cooked Mutton? - Goatworlds

Especially when you are JUST about to finish cooking a pork chop. - Minecraftcrazy530

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5 Endermen teleporting towards you

I shrieked like a little girl when that happened to me... -_-

I looked at an enderman and I died doing it

They scare crap to death
plus on PC and pe I have not craptection so endermans are boo
they should have pumpkin helmets on pc... and quick
I'm playing right now and when I read this I looked at my screen and saw an ender man opening it mouth at me. it kill men. bratty to dude

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6 Skeleton arrow

They are so annoying killed me with 8 diamond which fell in lava

Ah hate them I can't get near them because there arrows knock me back especially in water were you move so slow to get them [email protected]

So annoying especialy when they knock you off a tall building

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7 Ghast fireball

That's why I bring my tennis racket.

The worst thing to ever happen in the nether

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8 Cave spider poisoning V 1 Comment
9 Lagging In PVP Mode

The computer I play Minecraft on seems to think that pvp is the absolute best time to lag like crazy.

That sounds like something that I would do.

About to win MINECRAFT SURVIVAL GAMES going in for the kill... LAGG! Loses all the pride

It's not fair so lag Screw you

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10 Drowning

I never pay attention... I killed somebody with full iron armour with just a wooden sword and full gold armour in the hunger games, when I went to get the gear in the water, I drowned.

I nearly lost all my stuff one time while exploring an ocean monument when apparently I wasn't ready. It took a long time to get it back, but in the end, I did it.

Always happened to me when hunting squids for ink sacs :(

I do this on hardcore on purpose - Goatworlds

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11 Accidentally falling into a ravine/deep hole

True story: One time I was mining straight down (bad idea) and my friend said "what if you just fell into a huge cave and died? " and RIGHT AFTER that I fell into a cave filled with lava and died. -_- - NintendoROCK3T

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12 Getting killed by a hacker/griefer

Why do people enjoy making others sad?

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13 Getting killed by Herobrine

Yea rare but bad also he will probably break the server.

14 Fall in the void while fighting the Ender dragon
15 Crushed by a magma cube
16 Accidentally hitting a wolf

My friend left the door open on a house in our joint world and a wolf got in, I tried to open a chest or something and hit the wolf and it killed me :( - pandagirl

If there is a cliff nearby you're suicide

I love the wolf mob.
It can help you as well as kill you if you tame it with bones!

17 Getting stuck under ice and drowning

So annoying. this hapened to me in hardcore mode, and I lost my entire world

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18 Someone does /kill on you
19 Hit by an exploding creeper while running from mobs

When you run away from a zombie or a skeleton and you have 2 hearts left. Yeah. That situation.

20 When you spawn in the air

Not that bad since you can't lose any supplies when you first spawn

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