Top Ten Most Annoying Yugioh Cards


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61Blue-Eyes White DragonV1 Comment
62Solemn Warning
63Limiter Removal
64Machine King
65Armityle the Chaos Phantom

Too over powered...
10000 attack. Damn I never win even with slifer and ra on my team

66Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

So, if you attack a ATK 0 monster, your opponent would lose 5000 LP instead of 2500. It doubles damage to your opponent! O.P - Cobra-Kraken

67Power Frame

When they play this card when you've beefed up your Blue Eyes White Dragon and halves the attack, but if you have birthright or another card that can reviveBlue Eyes, then other than having LP damage done its alright.

69Dragon Ruler

This card annoys me the most when you have the chance to win and then your opponent special those Dragon Ruler cards from nowhere. They can easily XYZ Big Eye or Draco.

Dragon Ruler deck should be banned.

70Queen of Thorns

This synchro plant-type card is the most annoying card EVER if your opponent summons it, and you don't have a plant deck. What it does is make you pay 1000LP to special summon or normal summon every non-plant-type monster. So, I, having an aqua deck, am extremely annoyed at this card.

71Lava Golem

Why do I hate this card? He is too OP and an easy summon. Imagine you tribute 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons to Fusion Summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and this is summoned and plus, each of your Standby Phases he is on your side of the field, you take 1000 damage, and that's a reason it should be banned or limited to one.

The most annoying card if you pair it up with mask of restrict and gravity bind. This card will seriously wipe someone out. All you have to do is play this lava golem and just stall. Meanwhile you're doing that, you're watching your opponent getting mad because they can't do anything. - Bhoskmalet

72Number 31: Embodiment of PunishmentV1 Comment

So OP it can copy the effects of other monsters, I have ZTk'd (Zero Turn Killed) tens of opponents with this amazing beast of a card.

74Dark Rebellion Xyz DragonV1 Comment
75Inferno Tempest

"Banish all monsters in both players deck and graveyard" how is this not higher?

76Battleguard King
77Rocket Arrow Express

5000 attack but have to give up hand and rest of cards on field. Worth it

78Cobra Jar
79Magic Jammer

I play a magic card. BOOM! 1 op trap. remove trap is good against it.

80Monster Gate
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