Top 10 Arab Singers

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The Top Ten

Amr Diab (El-Hadaba)
The best so far. No one can beat his talent. One day he will be legend in a music industry. The music is amazing and mix with a lot of genre, Refreshing, sometimes energetic, mostly romantic.. You can feel his aura when you hear his song
First time I heard I feel in love with voice and music. I listen everyday. Very Romantic and keeps my love alive. I don't understand the language but I love it and always will. Amr Diab is amazing.
I'm European, I don't understand Arabic languages... But I hear this boy is so special! Amr Diab number 1! I hope you win.
[Newest]He is from the best singers in the world

2Mohamed Moneer (El-King)
He's The King!
He So inspires me in everything.. He's like the Arab's Bob Marley
Mounirian and Proud!


El-king number 1 in Egypt his voice make me feel good and inspire me and make me relax
Real artists are hard 2 be found this days, with Mounir in your headphones you can tell the world Egypt got a fine artist without even blinkin
[Newest]I see it is and respected person

She is the best singer of the Arab World. She has an incredible voice, I think we would agree that she is a very successful singer and she has made her place in the Arab tops.
I am really obsessed with elissa's voice and music. she is the best ever. I love every single song of her. she is really talented. she is very special in which she represents slow romantic classic music that entertain, influence, and profoundly affect the arabic and non arabic listeners. she is very amazing and gifted with angelic voice that just find its way to the heart of the listener. she is very clever in which she chooses very interesting and unique topics to sing.
She is the queen of Arabic music YOU ARE THE BEST ELISSA none is like you and you will always be special
[Newest]She is better than all of the Arab World singers. She has an incredible voice. She is my favorite singer

4Tamer Hosni
He's talented as hell. He can sing perfectly, write, compose, dance, act & direct music videos. All of his albums, movies & music videos on youtube just rocked. It's been like 12 years since he showed up and now he's one of the most successful artists in the middle east. Keep working Tamer (y)
Tamer Hosni you are the best singer in the world!
I love your songs!
Tamer you are the king of music!
Shut up! You know he is so cheap and worse singer I hates him too much!
Tamer hosny is the best singer everr he's got a sensational voice its addictive you cannot help but dance to his happy songs and cry over his sad ones! He makes you live every story that his songs narrates!
[Newest]He is just the best in everything All-In-One singing, Acting, composer, producer & director... Plus he always shows a lot of respect to all his fans and care for them to the point where he become ambassador for Egypt

Superb singer.. Her voice was so so so magnificence! Mostly of her song was made me cry and even smile.. Salam & warm regard from Malaysia
Sherien is a legend! You may find some voices that are similar to the voices of the great singers but SHERIEN! No one is compared to here voice or her feeling.. Her songs and music are touchy.. She isn't singing with her voice she is singing with her heart.. God bless her
Sherine has a very soothing voice, soulful and you can feel the grace within her husky tone, when she sing, she doesn't simply sing, she serenades. :) a fan from malaysia
[Newest]Awesome sherien go ahead

6Mohamed Hamaki
you are really the best singer all over the world
hamaki you are the king of singing
you are the best you are the first
and no one deserves that except you
and you are my favorite
hamaki I love you very much


Hamaki is ths sound of the music for the new generation. Best arab singer 2010 from MTV television. Best seller in the middle east 3 times 2010, 2008, 2006. Most popular festival in Egypt for his album Naweeha 140,000 person
Mohamed Hamaki, he has the most sweetest vocals and sings the most beautiful love song ballads too! I love his music and he is makes me cry with joy at the sound of his beautiful voice! He sings contemporary Arabic songs too, very modern and is pushing pop music ahead with his great image and good looks he is the man who stands out among all singers! Mohamed I salute you, you are adorable and so handsome, the most outstanding artist ever!
[Newest]The best in the world

7Mohamed Fouad
The Voice of the old days. When I recall my childhood, it's nothing without him. Really he represents the pure nature of Egypt.
The voice of Egypt.He disappears for long time but when he comes back, he becomes stronger than before no one can do like him.
The best voice in middle east the only who can fight with Amr diab...
[Newest]FOUAD! I LOVE you ( SADAT )

8Nancy Ajram
She is one of a kind singer! She has good range of song selection and she really rocks the arabic female singers ^^ gives the best to it's audience!
I didn't watch and listen all over arabic singer... But, when the first time I downloaded nancy ajram's clip ebn el geran... I love her voice.. Then... I download all her clip... Enta eih... So touching... Very sexy!
I like your songs... Fi hagat, enta eih, ah we nosh, etc... Oh my god, very very good. Subhanallah...
[Newest]Nancy is the first

Everyone know she is so kind and she has excellent voice when I hear it I love it

Without thinking she is the first

9Kadim Al Sahir
In the east in the west Kaiser is the best. He and his voice make me fly anywhere I want to fly his voice gives me a very beautiful sensation that I never can fell it without his voice and his songs. He sings in a different way. No one can sing like him but him. He could and can enter any heart by his voice. He is truly unattainable. He is rightly kaiser because he reigns our hearts god bless him
I personally think this singer should be near the top of the list, he is loved by so many people and his voice is great.
He is the best singer in the middle east in my opinion, I listen to all kind of English and arabic music, and in my opinion he is the best singer in the whole world, I love his voice, personality and music. I attended his concert at Westminster central hall on the 17th of august, and it was the best night in my whole life, cannot wait till I see him again,
Hope he comes to london more often,
Love you kathem
[Newest]He is one of kind, and the lyrics he sings is the finest in the arabic poem history! Kadim is in different level, DIFFERENT LEVEL

The original and still her music is fresh, touching, moving and gripping. The voice is the bench mark that most of these here today gone tomorrow acts aspire to be
Great voice, traditional and modern songs (for the era in which she sang). Anyone interested in understanding or studying music from the Eastern mediterranean should spend some time listening to Fairouz.
I don't understand how there is any question on who's the best when her music is played literally every morning for an hour on radio stations. Literally every day.
[Newest]She is always the best

The Contenders

The only one of these who actually sing about something meaningful. Their music is amazing.
My favorite band ever

12Najwa Karam
She 's great I don't think she is great because of her beautifull Georges voice the most reason why I love this singer is because she ia à great person she helps poeple a lot even Though she is catholic
The most powerful and moving voice in the arabic industry!

Her lyrics are beautiful and she is one of a kind!
Love her musik her style, everything bout her shes got my vote.
[Newest]I love her so much

13Amal Maher
Absolutley the most powerful, beautiful voice... Can sing unkalthoom songs, which is the hardest songs.
I love you amal maher
One of the best singers I've ever heard insha'allah. She definiely has to be at least in Top 10 but she deserves to be in the Top 5!

14Abdel Halim Hafez
How can he be forgotten!
If Halim is not the best Arab singer of all times then who is?! Surley Amr Diab is the King of this generation but Halim is the undisputed all time best Arab singer of all time and that can never change!
The best singer in the whole arab world ever. When arabs were elegant and civilized

15Ramy Sabry
Well you have the best songs and you also have cool music plus nice voice

Assala Nasri is the best singer in the Arab world, her powerful voice and strong emotions take us to an entirely different world of her own creation. She's been singing since she was 4 years old, and became a professional 22 years ago, she has more than 20 albums, won a hell lot of awards. She is an idol, an icon, a super star.
She is a one of best arabic singer! Her voice is very beautiful.
The best voice ever, the best live performance
[Newest]She is the best the one

17Wael Jassar
I like weal is good singer
Wael 7bibi the best love you jassar

18Saber Al Robaie
The voice from sky
Should be on the top of any list
Best singer ever in singing high notes.. you'll love it.. he is so sensitive and amazing

19Hamza Namira
He's such an inspiring singer. His songs are very inspirational and his voice is strong and great.
Amazing singer and will always remain in my heart
Like his words, voice and his creation... Best singer ever love you namira

One of the most wonderful voices..her choices in lyrics are very unique...and very romantic...she is famous by her soothing and angelic voice...she has such rich musical archive..her begining was in 1989..then she released some of tge most famouse songs..and she is regarded one of the most amazing voices in the arabic world..

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