Top 10 Arab Singers

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The Top Ten

Amr Diab (El-Hadaba)
The best so far. No one can beat his talent. One day he will be legend in a music industry. The music is amazing and mix with a lot of genre, Refreshing, sometimes energetic, mostly romantic.. You can feel his aura when you hear his song
First time I heard I feel in love with voice and music. I listen everyday. Very Romantic and keeps my love alive. I don't understand the language but I love it and always will. Amr Diab is amazing.
I'm European, I don't understand Arabic languages... But I hear this boy is so special! Amr Diab number 1! I hope you win.
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2Mohamed Moneer (El-King)
He's The King!
He So inspires me in everything.. He's like the Arab's Bob Marley
Mounirian and Proud!


El-king number 1 in Egypt his voice make me feel good and inspire me and make me relax
Real artists are hard 2 be found this days, with Mounir in your headphones you can tell the world Egypt got a fine artist without even blinkin
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She is the best singer of the Arab World. She has an incredible voice, I think we would agree that she is a very successful singer and she has made her place in the Arab tops.
I am really obsessed with elissa's voice and music. she is the best ever. I love every single song of her. she is really talented. she is very special in which she represents slow romantic classic music that entertain, influence, and profoundly affect the arabic and non arabic listeners. she is very amazing and gifted with angelic voice that just find its way to the heart of the listener. she is very clever in which she chooses very interesting and unique topics to sing.
She is the queen of Arabic music YOU ARE THE BEST ELISSA none is like you and you will always be special
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4Tamer Hosni
He's talented as hell. He can sing perfectly, write, compose, dance, act & direct music videos. All of his albums, movies & music videos on youtube just rocked. It's been like 12 years since he showed up and now he's one of the most successful artists in the middle east. Keep working Tamer (y)
Tamer hosny is the best singer everr he's got a sensational voice its addictive you cannot help but dance to his happy songs and cry over his sad ones! He makes you live every story that his songs narrates!
Tamer Hosni you are the best singer in the world!
I love your songs!
Tamer you are the king of music!
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Superb singer.. Her voice was so so so magnificence! Mostly of her song was made me cry and even smile.. Salam ^^ warm regard from Malaysia
Sherien is a legend! You may find some voices that are similar to the voices of the great singers but SHERIEN! No one is compared to here voice or her feeling.. Her songs and music are touchy.. She isn't singing with her voice she is singing with her heart.. God bless her
Sherine has a very soothing voice, soulful and you can feel the grace within her husky tone, when she sing, she doesn't simply sing, she serenades. :) a fan from malaysia
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6Mohamed Hamaki
you are really the best singer all over the world
hamaki you are the king of singing
you are the best you are the first
and no one deserves that except you
and you are my favorite
hamaki I love you very much


Hamaki is ths sound of the music for the new generation. Best arab singer 2010 from MTV television. Best seller in the middle east 3 times 2010, 2008, 2006. Most popular festival in Egypt for his album Naweeha 140,000 person
Hamaki is the master of pop. Anew music for the middle east is rising because of him.


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7Mohamed Fouad
The Voice of the old days. When I recall my childhood, it's nothing without him. Really he represents the pure nature of Egypt.
The voice of Egypt.He disappears for long time but when he comes back, he becomes stronger than before no one can do like him.
The best voice in middle east the only who can fight with Amr diab...
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8Nancy Ajram
She is one of a kind singer! She has good range of song selection and she really rocks the arabic female singers ^^ gives the best to it's audience!
I didn't watch and listen all over arabic singer... But, when the first time I downloaded nancy ajram's clip ebn el geran... I love her voice.. Then... I download all her clip... Enta eih... So touching... Very sexy!
I like your songs... Fi hagat, enta eih, ah we nosh, etc... Oh my god, very very good. Subhanallah...
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9Kadim Al Sahir
In the east in the west Kaiser is the best. He and his voice make me fly anywhere I want to fly his voice gives me a very beautiful sensation that I never can fell it without his voice and his songs. He sings in a different way. No one can sing like him but him. He could and can enter any heart by his voice. He is truly unattainable. He is rightly kaiser because he reigns our hearts god bless him
I personally think this singer should be near the top of the list, he is loved by so many people and his voice is great.
He is the best singer in the middle east in my opinion, I listen to all kind of English and arabic music, and in my opinion he is the best singer in the whole world, I love his voice, personality and music. I attended his concert at Westminster central hall on the 17th of august, and it was the best night in my whole life, cannot wait till I see him again,
Hope he comes to london more often,
Love you kathem
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Assala Nasri is the best singer in the Arab world, her powerful voice and strong emotions take us to an entirely different world of her own creation. She's been singing since she was 4 years old, and became a professional 22 years ago, she has more than 20 albums, won a hell lot of awards. She is an idol, an icon, a super star.
She is a one of best arabic singer! Her voice is very beautiful.
The best voice ever, the best live performance
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The Contenders

11Saber Al Robaie
The voice from sky
Should be on the top of any list

12Najwa Karam
Love her musik her style, everything bout her shes got my vote.
She 's great I don't think she is great because of her beautifull Georges voice the most reason why I love this singer is because she ia à great person she helps poeple a lot even Though she is catholic
The most powerful and moving voice in the arabic industry!

Her lyrics are beautiful and she is one of a kind!
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13Abdel Halim Hafez
How can he be forgotten!
I love songs arabs
I adore him <3 still N.1
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14Myriam Faris
Shes an excellent singer and also very hot!
She has really good voice
Best ever! Not only she has one of the best voices ever! But she dance as good as trained dancers! So GO myriam!
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15Ramy Sabry
Well you have the best songs and you also have cool music plus nice voice
Mh Ramy you a only 1 on your music you a touch our heartz big up

Great voice, traditional and modern songs (for the era in which she sang). Anyone interested in understanding or studying music from the Eastern mediterranean should spend some time listening to Fairouz.
The original and still her music is fresh, touching, moving and gripping. The voice is the bench mark that most of these here today gone tomorrow acts aspire to be
Fairouz is the best she has a very beautiful voice and plays she is the best...
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17Carole Samaha
She's my idol <3 she's very talented and she has a beautiful voice
She is beautiful singer
That woman have so beautiful sound! I'am Bulgarian and listening arabic music from 10 maybe more years, but Carole is a magnificent singer ever! So strong and so hight voice! In 2012 when I listen to her cappella song Zay El Assal I was prove my suspected she is number one! I fell in love for the first time in her voice from the song Ghali Alay. Except magnificent voice that she have that woman is always irresistible! Kisses from Buglaria!

18Majida El Roumi
Make your days like a dream and nights like weddings... That is majida el roumi... Her voice is a tonic to the soul and the senses!
Majida El Roumi really the best female voice for ever
The best modern Arab singer ever, she belongs to the generation of the giants such as Um Kolthum, Abdel Halim and Adel Wahhab.
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19Ramy Ayach
I don't understand arabic but I love his song because he has amazing voice

20Ziad El Rahbany

21Wael Jassar
I like weal is good singer
Wael 7bibi the best love you jassar

The best arabic singer, the best international singer c'est cheb khaled take it or leave it he is number one and the best. Cause of him the arab song is international no one did it before or now only cheb khaled. Thank you
Come on! He's the best! Didi, aicha, c'est la vie... They're just amazing
He is international singer and great entertainer excellent singer.
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He is the most romantic person in his musics

24Assi El Helani

25Wael Kfoury
He is a super Romantic singer! He's best song in my opinion is : Omry Kello! Listen to it & judge!
A well known Lebanese singer and a winner of the murex d'or award for multiple categories
His voice and sense make him in a special position of other singer
Simply.. Top 1 in Lebanon and Middle East
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The only one of these who actually sing about something meaningful. Their music is amazing.
My favorite band ever
Not goodt at all :(
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27Haifa Wehbe
No comparison, Best Music & voice. Well she's glamorous that she never needs to be (a weak point) however except this she's just superb!
Best ever! And beautiful
The outstanding, glamourous and super talented artist that inspired thousands of people, and of course left a huge impact on me she is the gorgeous Haifa the world's MJK
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28Hamada Helal
His singing sense is very impressing. He deliver every word with the most touchy way.
I think the best singer and actor in arab world his songs are very beautiful that it touches our hearts.

29Amal Maher
Absolutley the most powerful, beautiful voice... Can sing unkalthoom songs, which is the hardest songs.
One of the best singers I've ever heard insha'allah. She definiely has to be at least in Top 10 but she deserves to be in the Top 5!

30Hani Shaker
Habibi Hani you are amazing I have never seen such a strong man like you I hope all the pain in your hert reduces one day you fans are waiting! X
Good singer his daughter died from stomach cancer he is a star for him just to come back and sing for fans
The best ever voice in the arab world no one else has the same brilliant voice for sure, from best song, best voice and best tallent HANY SHAKER IS THE TOP FOR THOSE WHO LOVE REAL MUSIC

31Hosam Habib
A promising Egyptian singer. Warm voice and romantic songs.. Love him.
Arwa is one of the best! She deserves to be number! Especially since she's Yemeni! Love them

32Amr Mostafa
I like the songs he make's I do like him and his style every lover bealive what he songer
I love you Amr Mostafa you are truly amazing! There is no one else like you I always listen to your music so amazing I know all your songs and all the words I must say I'm your biggest fan. Love your music

33Hamza Namira
He's such an inspiring singer. His songs are very inspirational and his voice is strong and great.
Amazing singer and will always remain in my heart

One of the most wonderful voices..her choices in lyrics are very unique...and very romantic...she is famous by her soothing and angelic voice...she has such rich musical archive..her begining was in 1989..then she released some of tge most famouse songs..and she is regarded one of the most amazing voices in the arabic world..

35Fares Karam
Deserves too be in the top 10


37Asi Alhalani

38Mohammed Abdu
Mohammed Abdu called "Arab's Artist".. the funny part that he's not an Artist but his voice is... just amazing.. when you listen ho him you feel he's really drawing the song.. he sing with UNBELIEVABLE feelings.. really who made this list!? The top 15 and more CANNOT be compared to Fairuz.. Um Kalthum.. And Mohammed Abdu also!.. if you wanna make a real list you should have good voters.. and if you wanna make a real list about Arab singers you should have ARAB VOTERS :)!
I like to call him the 'Arab King', one of the finest poets and his voice is... Unbelievably and incredibly beautiful.
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39Fadl Shaker
He is the best knows how to sing and has a great voice
Definitely the best in my opinion...
The best I heard

40Marwan Khoury
He has a very nice voice and he sings out of his heart also because he writes some of his lyrics
So romantic! Love his songs there are all great! And he is the compositor of the songs

41Hisham Abbas

42Haitham Shomali
The Best Palestinian Singer! HAITHAM SHOMALI!
A great singer a true artist who plays most of the instruments writes all of his songs compose and distribute them
He is the most talented singer!
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43Ahmed Gamal

44Ragheb Alama
Ragheb Is and always has been number one singer in the arabic world, he is smart, innovative, he knows what to choose and what suits him, and he proved through out his 30 years of success that since day one he was a super star and since his first song which we all remember it and repeat it until know, and the future is going to show how much these songs are going to live.
Please Juries tell me who of the top singers you have chosen have more than 30 years old of success and still alive?
I am not an Arab, and I don't listen to arabic songs much, but Ragheb is someone special. He is perfect. I think there is something wrong that his not in the top 3 or at least top 10.
Same level as Amr diab if not more. I wonder how you guys did not include initially amongst other missing names such as Georges wassouf, assi el hellani and others
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46Ehab Tawfik
The Top Singer In The Arab World
The King Of Feeling ♥ Ehab ♥ Tawfiq
The most brilliant star
I did start to apreciate the arabic singing since I heard a song of Ehab Tawfik.
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47Umm Kulthum
She should be #1 singer of all time
No one like umm kulthum
Oum Kaltoum is like the Mother of all Arab singers.. Some people could kill if they saw this list.
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48Tamer Ashour
Your voice very nice.

49Mohamed Mounir

منيـِ‘ــًـر "آ يوجـِ‘ــًـد "كـ منآفـِ‘ــًـس

50Samira Said
Samira said is the best

51Mohammed Assaf

52Ahmed Samir


54Moustafa Amar
He has the best videos in the arab world.
A warm, romantic voice.
He also arranges, composes some of his music.
A respectable person and an actor with 12 leading roles as well.
Incredible talent since childhood, deserves to be in the top 10. Just watch any music video he made. Flawless.
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55Talal Maddah
Great and awesome singer, poet and sensitivity. Definitely in Top 20! RIP Talal..

56Carmen Salaman
One arab idol (number 1) amazing what a star not that much of a singer but I class her as one because one day she will be well done
She is the best
She is a lot better thaan dounia and she is the real idol

57Dounia Batma
A really good singer. She came second in Arab idol.
Amazing voice great singer
Douna iş batter than carman

58George Wassouf
Listening to the 1984 Mearoba Festival Lebanon on youtube at the moment, makes me wonder about this list...
Best of the bests
Best singer worldwide, I love him and wish him the best. That is the type of singer every country should have, best singer, no doubt. You put Elissa, number 1, and asala number 11, you guys don't know what music. Asala shouldn't even be on the list. She is not a singer, she is a TRAITOR. Dare she enters Syria, and we will bring the end to her.
The list should be something like this FAIROUZ the legend and queen of the arabic world, not Elissa, than George wassouf, Kathem el saher shouldn't be 5, and Najwa Karam need to be before Nancy Ajram, not after her. You guys suck.

59Nawal Al Zoghbi
She is always been the number one singer in Lebanon as well as the arab world...
I love your lips your nose your voice
Beautiful girl ma fiya shi 3adi
More comments about Nawal Al Zoghbi

60Charbel Bakhos

61Maher Zain
Wonderful singer! Both in arabic and English
His songs have inspired many Muslims to regain their faith in Europe.


63Kiffaya Al Kalba

64Ali Baher

65Latifa Arfaoui
Je vote pour latifa bent bledi elle m'érite

66Diana Haddad
Best singer with all love

67Rabeh Sager
He's one of the best saudi singers,
His songs are very touching and emotional.

68Mohamed Nour

69Sabah Fakhri


71Hedi Jouini

72Soufia Sadek

73Khaled Saleem

74Hay Douzi
Douzi Is the best singer for me

75Amal Hijazi

76Hussein Al Deek
Excellent songs and stage presence is outstanding
For his song "El Denya Zhgiri" a very lovely and soft... Please vote for him.

77Parwas Hussien
Your real idol and your best in arab world every body who song in arab world you better than him but arab is not your language I love you your fan 4rom Africa Nigeria

78Farah Yousef

79Baba Jackson

80Haitham Nabil

81Massar Egbari
An alexandrian band which was founded in late 2005, the lead singer is hany eldaqaq with ahmed havez

82Saber ElRobaîi

83Lotfi Bouchnak

84Wadih Mrad
He is an amazing singer. His music is very inspiring!

85Mourad Bouriki
Best voice in the world

86Mo'ein Sharif
Best song ever: as'ab kelma.. Give it a try


Like seriously have you not heard his voice? Daymm he is fine! #inta-hayati, inta-habibi

89Bradiya Al Sayyed
I am from Venezuela and when I was watching T.V. art from lebanon and listened top ten in this program but I don't understand arabic but music is universal language I want the Bradiya's song Aal Dayà. Please vote for her

90Joe Ashkar

91Lala Myriama

92Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik, is not an "Arab" singer, he's mother is British (that has nothing to do with Arabs), his father is from Pakistan (that's not an Arab country), he wasn't born in an Arab country, and he doesn't live in an Arab country, so why is he on the list?
Zayn malik is the best singer and the hostest in the world I love you zayn so much
Laugh out loud you dumb people zayn Malik is british PakistanI singer not an arab you begs

93Hala Al Turk
Best singer age 11 she is so amazing
She is so amazing I love you

94Dima Bashar
She is so amazing age 13

Wow I really love you

96Lian Bazlamit
Lian Bzlamit was born on December 4, 1991, artist and singer his Palestine from the city of Hebron in the West Bank and was born in the city of Ramallah 9 studying psychology in Jordan participated in Star Academy 8 and got the sixth place is a student in psychology, loves to sing and dance, along with horseback riding, swimming, and aspires to finish her education in the study of psychology, gaining a degree in higher studies, also achieved wide acclaim at the level of Arab singing and art. Do not remember anything from her childhood, but it remained in the memory of one negative and bad in her mind, namely her parents' divorce, while regret the loss of some friends because of some problems surface... Like to travel a lot, especially to Brazil and Spain, two countries Alastoaúaan who loves nature and climate, she Is a student of Psychology at the University of Jordan, identities of dancing, singing, traveling, riding horses.
Person enjoys the confidence and the same great sense of humor and a big heart,
Her voice is very distinctive and be... Autiful Eachdk away when you hear.
Description of its words: I am a Palestinian blood, soul Jordanian, Arab workers.

97Amina Annabi

98Amina Fakhet
She has amazing voice

True angelic voice that takes me to another world...
Wonderful voice. Beautiful face. An Angel.

100Wa Douzi

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