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81The Cranberries

This band made a fantastic music in the 90's. Come on, vote for The Cranberries!

Hits - "Zombie", "Ode to My Family", "Linger", "Dreams", "Promises", "Salvation", "Animal Instinct", "Ridiculous Thoughts", "Free to Decide", "Just My Imagination", "When You're Gone"

Not the best, but far too low on the list... Zombie is a better hit than half the bands in the top 100 have

96? Come on... Should be top 10, no doubt about it.

82Counting CrowsCounting Crows is an American rock band from Berkeley, California, formed in 1991. The band consists of Adam Duritz, David Bryson, Charlie Gillingham, Dan Vickrey, David Immerglück, Jim Bogios and Millard Powers.
83SublimeSublime was an American ska punk band from Long Beach, California, formed in 1988. The band's line-up, unchanged until their breakup, consisted of Bradley Nowell, Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh.

When considering great albums I think about the few you can play from beginning to end without skipping track. "Sublime" (1996) is one of them. Top 5 in the mid-late 90's

They only had 3 hit singles, but they were probably one of the top 4 bands of the 90s along with Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Blind Melon

Did they have a bad song? Best band in the 90s

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84U2U2 are an Irish rock band from Dublin. Formed in 1976, the group consists of Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. U2's early sound was rooted in post-punk but eventually grew to incorporate influences from many genres of popular music. Throughout the group's musical pursuits, they have more.

Are you joking. One (pardon the pun) of the best and influencial groups of the 90s. Achtung Baby, Zooropa...Pop(come on, it's not that bad) were albums which are timeless classics made in the 90s

85R.E.M.R.E.M. was an American rock band from Athens, Georgia, formed in 1980 by lead singer Michael Stipe, lead guitarist Peter Buck, bassist/backing vocalist Mike Mills, and drummer Bill Berry.

R.E.M are a great band who don't get the recognition they deserve. They have released many brilliant albums like "Murmur" and "Out of Time."

86Massive AttackMassive Attack are an electronic music duo from Bristol, England, who use distorted, psychedelic, dynamic atmospheres as a definitive style of their music. They are noted as one of the most influential acts in electronic music to date, whose musical style was claimed to be far ahead of its time, and more.V1 Comment
87The Stone RosesV1 Comment
88Savage Garden

They're amazing I love their song truly madly deeply

90AaliyahAaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16th 1979 and died August 25th 2001. She was a dancer, an actress and an R&B singer. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, raised in Detroit, Michigan and died at Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. more.

I love you rip princess/baby girl

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91MotörheadMotörhead were an English heavy metal band formed in June 1975 by bassist, singer, and songwriter Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister, who was the sole constant member; guitarist and songwriter Larry Wallis; and drummer Lucas Fox. The band's harsh vocals and fast paced tempos helped inspire speed metal and more.

The indie-rock band to rule them all. From Slanted and Enchanted to Terror Twilight, each of pavements 5 albums is a masterpiece. Lyrically complex, musically innovative, they are unquestionably the best band of the 90's.

Great band. They are really quite mis-understood though. People sometimes don't give them a chance. But, those are also the people who have never heard of (or don't like because they also never gave a chance) sonic youth, Dinosaur Jr, Yo La Tengo, MBV and Built to Spill.

93311311 is an American rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. The band was formed in 1988 by vocalist and guitarist Nick Hexum, lead guitarist Jim Watson, bassist Aaron "P-Nut" Wills.

Loved that piccolo snare sound

94Mary J. BligeV1 Comment
95New Kids On the BlockNew Kids on the Block is an American boy band from Boston, Massachusetts. The band currently consists of brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood.

Best boy band ever! In 1990-1991 nobody was above them, not even MJ or Madonna. They were the idols of millions of teenagers around the world and there is a reason for that: they were that good. Jordan's voice is simply from another galaxy. They still got the right stuff!

Hit the pinnacle of their carreer in 1990 with step by step, catchy tunes and nice lyrics.

96Dr. DreAndre Romelle Young, better known by his stage name Dr. Dre, is an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and current CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics.
97Toni BraxtonToni Michele Braxton was October 7th 1967 in Severn, Maryland the oldest of six siblings.She has sold 67 million records worldwide. She is been named the ''Queen of R&B'' and has one of the most distinctive voices of the late 20th century.

Come on guys, Toni Braxton is one of the greatest artists from the 90's. Musical critics and many experts can easily prove my statement. Her amazing vocal is not just recognizable, it's unique!

Hits - "Un-Break My Heart", "You're making' Me High", "Breathe Again", "Another Sad Love Song", "You Mean the World to Me", "Let It Flow", "How Could an Angel Break My Heart", "I Don't Want To", "You're making' Me High"

98Sex PistolsThe Sex Pistols were an English punk rock band formed in London in 1975. Although they initially lasted just two and a half years and produced only four singles and one studio album, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, they are considered one of the most influential acts in the history more.

Sex pistols released their only album in the 70s why are they on this list?

99HoleHole was an American alternative rock band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 1989 by singer and guitarist Courtney Love and lead guitarist Eric Erlandson.
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