Artists You'd Like to Perform In the 2012 Grammy Awards


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Tokio Hotel
I love tokio hotel. It would be great to see them performing at such a great event. The performance is gonna be an epic. God I wanna see them perform at the grammys. Please make my wish come true
Tokio hotel is the best band in the world by far (: they've helped me so much since I was 7, and I really wish they would appear at the grammy's in 2012, they are an incredible band and they inspire me so much to keep on dreaming and never giving up on anything, they're songs mean the world to me and so do they (: alien for life.
I love tokio hotel and it would be great to see them. I think bill and everyone else in this band are incredible. I love them very much. It'd be great
[Newest]I want to see tokio hotel perform at the grammys... They are just awesome.

2Kelly Clarkson
Kelly is famous for her brilliant LIVE performances. It would be great to see her on Grammy 2012


Not only Queen of Pop but Queen of Shows, Madge always gives a decent live performance


Beyoncé is not on the list while she is making the Grammys and I love the Queen Of Pop!
Why is Beyoncé not here! Dayum!

4Jennifer Lopez

5Adam Lambert
He is amazing and should have the audience he deserves. He is the most talented and gifted singer to come along in a very long time. I really don't understand why he isn't asked to appear on the award shows, I hope it's still not because of something he did years ago on the AMA's. The music industry should be embracing his talent! The industry should also be proud of the way he carries himself, the money he raises for charity, and his thoughtfulness towards his peers. He is unreal on the live stage and would make a great addition to the grammy awards! Also, he is VERY easy on the eyes!
Adam Lambert is the one, no question about it! He is my absolute favourite singer of all time! Here are the resons why:

-Adam is an amazing performer. The range, power and enthralling beauty of his voice, the unrestrained emotion and sincerity with which he sings, his commanding stage presence, his artistry and flair and his ability to captivate an audience... Need I say more?

-This may have nothing to do with why he should perform at the Grammys, but I'd like to mention Adam's personal qualities. He is a beautiful person inside and out. So gentlemanly, funny, kind, caring, sweet, honest, clever, loving, charitable and charismatic. He is pretty close to the perfect of a human being.

Adam should perform at the Grammys and receive an award while he's at it. Duh!
In my view, it is a shame not to have Adam Lambert perform at live shows. To have a talent of this magnitude on the music scene today and not to expose it to as wide an audience as possible is just unthinkable to me. People deserve to hear great music performed by great singers as Adam Lambert
[Newest]Hope adam lambert will get a grammy nomination for trespassing

6Super Junior
Every day Super Junior is doing their best. They have been very successful with their music and dancing for a long time. All of the members support, care, and have great friendship for each other. You can hear/feel the emotion and power in their songs. This is why I love Super Junior. Please ELF's, have more votes for our hardworking and beloved Super Junior! Fighting!
God bless you all...
Always for Super Junior. SJ oppadeul, FIGHTING..!

7Red Hot Chili Peppers

8Britney Spears
She doesn't have great voice but she is very beautiful woman and awesome dancer with cool shows


Would Love 2 SEE shakira dancin on GRAMMY night... Well hwever she is the best singer too!

10Nelly Furtado

The Contenders

11Michael Buble

12Linkin Park

13Taylor Swift
She has the most amazing voice in the world and her songs are beautiful, SHE WOULD BE PERFECT! Please please vote for taylor swift, she so deserves it!

14Katy Perry
I vote for Katy Perry, because she is really amazing women, and she have great voice! Will be cool, if she will sing "The One That Got Away" in this perorm!
Katy is stunning and has an immense talent base which no other artist can match. She's amazing!
She would put on an amazing over the top performance which would entertain everyone.

1530 Seconds To Mars
They have to play! It would make them much more fun and the audience will be pumped afterwards! Please!
Already the grammy's are boring, you throw in 30 Seconds To Mars then boredom CURED. COME ON people...


17Big Bang
Come on please vote for them! They are awesome! Google them or something.
Please vote for them! They're AWESOME! Very talented and inspiring boys!
Come on, we need more k-pop in this world!


19The Killers
Imagine this: The Grammys you are about to find out who the chosen singer will be and then Mr. Brightside comes blasting out of the speakers and you know that the grammys have chosen well


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