Tiger Woods


Michael vick number 10!? You are a complete IDIOT for that one. No rings. No awards. 2 years behind bars. COOL! Ato boldon? Get out of here. Wayne Gretzky? Good, bump him behind woods. Golf is the toughest game... Ever. Tiger has damn near perfected it. Enough SAID.

Words can't describe what he has done for golf. Out of any athlete to ever live, none has ever had such a great impact on their sport as tiger has. He may not be known as the greatest athlete ever because golf is not the most athletic sport, but if you were looking at the best players of each respective sport and compared them to each other, Tiger would be on the top there.

He's the only athlete on this list that can and will actually be able to change the world as we know it. He has transcended his sport and is completely and utterly dominant within it. He has basically already broken every record in golf and he has yet to reach his prime in golfing terms. No athlete on this list is even close (sorry MJ)

I think tiger is the greatest ever
I m from south sahara africa and knows nothing about golf
But because of tiger I start to follow the sport
And has made the sport popular around the world unlike basketball that is already known
So tiger is the greatest

Best athlete the world have ever seen, fiercest competitor the world have ever seen and the most driven the world has ever seen. The guy is incredible and he WILL be back, don't write Tiger Woods off ever he will make you look silly.

Has been the greatest golfer at all points in his life, junior golf, amateur/college, and professional

Tiger has won 13 majors, 62 tour events and was the youngest ever to reach 50 tournament wins. Tiger Woods recently was clocked at 4. 16 in the 40 meter.

note: last statement not entirely based on factual evidence.

No one has ever dominated a sport so completely over a ten year period than Tiger. He still has more in his tank so maybe you folks will move him up after a few more years despite his three year slump.

Not even close. To be honest, golf isn't even a sport. It's a hobby, sure. But there really isn't much physical activity in it. We're discussing ATHLETES here.


Won on a broken leg... He excels in an individual sport unlike swimming or basketball or baseball. He's the best athlete. The others are just the best on a good team.

Golf should not even be a sport what is tiger woods even doing in the top 10 any other athlete could take up tiger woods spot

Tiger Woods is a legend. We'll be telling our grandkids we were watching when he won his 19th major. Hell we might tell them we were watching when he won his 25th. The man is that good.

Tiger is dominating in a sport that he may very well play until he is 80. By then, he will have dominated a sport for 7 decades, who else can say that?

Its insane that tiger isn't in the top ten. He has done more for his sport than any of the other athletes in the top ten did.

Aside for Gretzky, Tiger Woods has been more dominant in golf than any other player in any sport ever has before.

How can he not be in the top ten! He is the only reason people watch golf. He is just dominant!

Golf is the hardest sport and he has dominated! He has placed first in tournaments with 100+ pros over 70 times!

Tiger Woods beat the world with one working knee to win the US Open. Enough Said.

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Tiger should we at leat number 3 - best golfer of all time.

Tiger will be the greatest athlete ever when he retires.

Go Tiger. Why? Because if he wanted to be a wide receiver in the NFL, he could. - TrueKO

he is the best i mean how could you not like him? - spendogdatsyuk

Sweet name and great golfer