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21 Heard On the Radio Heard On the Radio

What kind of list is it without Heard It on the Radio, the most underrated (albeit best-viewed) Austin & Ally song being top 1?!

This is good, I wonder why it is not in top 3

This is supposed to be in the top 5

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22 Steal Your Heart Steal Your Heart

This song shoukd be wayy higher. It's the best song in the turn it up album, behind only you can come to me

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23 Better Together Better Together
24 You Don't See Me

I like this song... I wish it would have been included in at least 1 Disney album because its much more better than u wish u were me

25 Melody Diner Song
26 Who U R Who U R
27 Ally's Goodbye
28 Glee Club Mashup Glee Club Mashup

I love this mash-up. It combines all of the best Austin and Ally songs and I liked it when each of the characters had their solos. I especially enjoyed Trish and Dez's parts, as they don't get to sing very often. I think Austin and Ally did a great job too though, as always.

This is like from my favorite episode

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29 Na, Na, Na Na, Na, Na

Hey, this song is wonderful, perfect for summer

30 Upside Down Upside Down V 1 Comment
31 Take It from the Top Take It from the Top V 1 Comment
32 Chasin' the Beat of My Heart Chasin' the Beat of My Heart
33 I Got That Rock 'n Roll
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