Blinded In Chains


So underrated! This song really showcased all of the musicians. Vocals from M. Shadows and The Rev are amazing. Synyster Gates's intro is awesome. I'm sure Zacky and Johnny worked hard too. FoREVer

This is so underrated. Easily one of the best but people just don't bother as it isn't one of the main songs people think of when they think of A7X. JUST LISTEN TO IT, IT WILL BE WORTH IT

First heard this song in NFS Most Wanted. Excellent song, and also my personal favourite from the band. CERTAINLY better than Nightmare and Afterlife. - jimmy12lee

I could not believe my eyes when I saw that this masterpiece wasn't in the top 5, much less number one! This is definitely right up there with Afterlife and Nightmare!

My All time favourite from these guys, I first heard it from Need for Speed Most Wanted (The 2005
One as the 2012 one is crap) and you gotta love those duelling guitars in the intro and the chorus, they just sound massive listen to this song and if you don't like
It something is wrong with you.

This song is amazing man. When I play need for speed most wanted I always hear this song.
What a disappointment this song isn't in top 10

Such a Good Song.. Should be in top ten! Such good lead guitar makes me headbang, this song rocks

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Yeah I just love this song.. Especially the synth at the last part, oh my god! Gets you to another world.. must be in top ten!

What this song should be 3-5 it's better that nightmare a lot just listen to it one time and you will love it (4real)

Wow. Listen to this once and you'll know what I feel

Dude this song has the essence of an epic rock song it should be in the top tens at least

Simply amazing. Totally motivating for workouts, always cheers me up!

Disappointing to see it so down the list- deserves a top 10 spot at least!

The best song I've ever heard! Very underrated then

its between this, afterlife, and almost easy - moose4life19

This is their best song. Sadly underrated.

This is my current favorite by them. - moose4life19

Simply their best song

Their drummer is legendary I have never heard so awesome drumming in my entire life it should be on the top five "ba dum ts"

One of their best songs for sure, and is also used in the NFS Most Wanted game. Need I say more...