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Seize the Day

Seize the Day
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The song that made me fell in love with, not just A7X, but ROCK SONGS in general. Sorry guys, but I got to say I used to HATE rock at first. But thanks to this wonderfully crafted song, I received a sense of realisation as to how insightful rock songs can be. A power ballad with a unique tune, meaningful lyrics, touching music video and awesome guitar solo. How better can it get?

I love all their songs, but nothing beats how it all started. A7X FOR LIFE!
I love Afterlife, and every other song on this list, but no song can match Seize the Day.. It's such a powerful song, has a great meaning, backed up by great lyrics and even better singing, and of course an amazing guitar solo.. Easily their best song
It's So Wonderful to See This List. Know why? Because Every Song has At least one Comment. Because Every A7x Song is Just Amazing. I Love Everything But I Thought to Vote for the Song that I Listened most times. It's so Relative to me. A7X to the End...
Afterlife is great, but knowing that this song is about the Rev, it brings me near tears singing this song. I almost cry when singing this in rockband. This song was a tribute to the Rev, and it was a beautiful one. The rev IS proud.
RIP. Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan
The solo is just amazing. This song ties for best song along with betrayed. They are amazing. Love the band to bits I wish they would do a uk tour. The solo has to be the best solo ever. It is truly beautiful. If anyone think A7x is bad me they have no music taste
This is the first song from avenged that I really like... When I listen this song, it remind me to my ex... So sad.. But I really2 like this song.. I like part solo.. Synyster was so amazing... Avenged sevenfold always in my heart
I love a lot of songs, I can honestly say, this song is my favorite song ever written. It means so much to me <3 it paints the perfect picture of a hard time in my life and listening to it now gives me goosebumps
This song is a very beautiful song. Has so much meaning it it! <3 This should at least go up on top 3~~~! It's that good! Has so much meaning in it! It makes me cry every time I hear it!
This song is just so awesome! When I heard this song, oh, my soul just fly around! Not to mention, this song weight more than my burden of life, so well, it's really fits me
The guitar solo is incredible. Definitely syn's best guitar work. The vocals are in contrast to other a7x songs, mellow. This and so far away are the best songs by a7x
This song is just so beautiful. The music video has always reminded me of the video for "November Rain"... Overall, just an awe-inspiring song..


One of the most amazing A7X songs totally unique and awesome. I guess there are no comparisons of this song with those of other bands. A7X TOTALLY UNIQUE!
This song is perfect! Simply great! I believe that this is one of the 10 better songs ever made! Everyone should listen to this!
I Seize the day by listen to this song. RIP Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. May the God richly bless you. A7X foREVer
I think this is the BEST SONG they have ever made... :)
I don't know why but I like it a lot!
My first song I ever heard by Avenge Sevenfold and I love it right from the start
Definitely my favorite. The solo just about makes me cry everytime; so good


Definitely should be a top 5 song.. Synyster Gates' solo is just a masterpiece!
Good song.. But dear god is the best.. It is unique
Such an emotional song.. Just marvelous. Definitely their best work!
It's an amazing song. Gives you so many feels but it's truly amazing.
Best Solo of all time,
Listen to this and it get's better every time... Great lyrics!


One of the greatest songs ever and oh, man the guitar solo is EPIC!
C'mon!, this song rocks!, never gets old. How is it 6?


This song is so deep and the guitar solo melts me

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