Top Ballon d'Or Cotenders of 2012

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Lionel Messi
According to me Messi deserves this year ballon dor due to his outstanding performances in all competitions.. Its very difficult to score five goals in a champions's league match... He is the best player of our generation and truly deserves this title
Broken a 39 yr old record in Europe and setting 2 other records in the process with 50 La Liga goals in 1 season and 73 in all competitions. Also the 1st player in history to receive the player of the yr award on 3 consecutive occasion. He deserve it
Messi should win Ballon dor cup
messi I love you
best of luck
you will surely win this cup
you have the support of your fans and they love you
[Newest]Messi is simply the best

2Cristiano Ronaldo
Last time ronaldo dominated messi in number of goals at that time it was a record... Even though messi is given ballondor.. Who cares about records... Main thing is messi helped in winning laliga... Converse is true for this year... May be messi have records and helped in 4 titles. They are just 22 matches he scored 23 goals... Especially in champions league he scored 5 goals from one match against weak team... In remaining big matches where is he? He did nothing... His 50 goals in laliga overshadowed his mistakes in out side of liga.. But in laliga ronaldo did well than messi. And key to success. And also only sake of this Portugal his national team reached semis... Its only facts about last year statistics. Nothing else... If you have doubts... Go and check last year statistics... Don't say.. Messi is best... Ronaldo... Not... Performance is based on their team mates... When the same ronaldo is playing for man utd... He struggled to score goal... Soon after he came to madrid.. He is roaring giving tight competition to messi... If messi is out of barca... Everyone knows... Hw much is capable of... As messi got xavi, inesta, and david villa... Where ronaldo got huguin, romas and benzema... Where the former three is very good at tick-taka style passing... Then it should be easy for messi.. Don't show assists number.. They are capable to pass to no mans land(opposite team players)... What abt his supremacy in Argentinian strong team... Where ronaldo is dealing single handedly with weak team... Thanks to ronaldo, who improves his nation to 3rd rank.
The best ever player for few more decates.. This year he dominated in all the competes between him and messi.. So as usual my hero ronaldo must win the ballon d'or.. Cheers up and vote for my hero.. Cristiano ronaldo always best
Cristiano ronaldo is much better than messi. He scored 63 goals, messi may have scored more rut he has 2 of the best passers in the game assisting him. Ronaldo is a much more rounded player.
[Newest]Took the la liga away from barca... Superb

3Andrea Pirlo
Brought Juventus to the title and Italy to the title game. One need consider achievements beyond goal scoring; poaching and positioning is pointless without a passer. Pirlo. Punto.
Pirlo may not be a goal scorer like cristiano or messi but he is one of the most if not the best creative player in the world. Hiasses are like magic abd his free kicks are deadlier than any other player. He can defend and attack. He is already a world champion and in the euro we saw what he cab really do
Pirlo world best pleymaker

4Frank Lampard
Probably one of the finest careers of the modern era, coming to an end. Even though we all know it's highly improbable that he'll win this award, I hope everyone understands the contribution that Lampard made to the game. Has more goals AND assists than Xavi, Xabi, Gerrard and Iniesta. Not to defame the other players, who are also players of the same class and caliber. But this is a tribute to my favourite player - Frank Lampard Jr.

5Andrés Iniesta

6Mesut Ozil
Perfect short passes, good vision and contribute all into the game

7Iker Casillas
He has made it count on numerous occasion, not only making the best, near-impossible saves of all goalkeepers, but also providing both his teams with inspiration and making his country proud.

8David Silva

9Xavi Hernandez

10Xabier Alonso
Great energy, good vision, has the perfect long pass and creates goals

The Contenders

11Radamel Falcao García
Excuse me Falcao has scored more goals than Ronaldo this season, he should get in the top five let alone the top 10. If anyone hasn't heard of this player watch Atletico Madrid play he scores in nearly every match.

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