Top 10 Bands with the Most Disgusting and Brutal Album Covers


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1Cannibal CorpseCannibal Corpse is a American death metal band from Buffalo, New York, formed in 1988 . The band is known for their graphic album covers, explicitly violent lyrics and song titles like "I C** Blood" The group got into mainstream after performing the song "Hammer Smashed Face" in the 1994 film Ace Ventura: more.
2Cattle DecapitationCattle Decapitation is an American Deathgrind band from San Diego, California formed in 1996. Cattle Decapitation's songs protest the mistreatment and consumption of animals, the abuse of the environment and touch subjects such as misanthropy and genocide of the human race. Much of their music is based more.
4AutopsyAutopsy is a death metal band, founded in 1987 in the United States by Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler. They disbanded in 1995, but reunited in 2009.
5CarcassCarcass are a British extreme metal band from Liverpool, who formed in 1985 and disbanded in 1995. A reformation was enacted in 2007 without one of its original members, drummer Ken Owen, due to health reasons.
7DevourmentDevourment is an American brutal/slam death metal band from Dallas, Texas. Formed in 1995, the band has split up and reformed three times and Brad Fincher is the only original member.
8KatalepsyKatalepsy is a Russian slam death metal band from Moscow. They have released two split albums, one EP, two full length albums, and one demo. Katalepsy has established themselves as one of the most prominent acts in the Russian metal scene, and a popular band in the extreme metal underground.
9XXX Maniak

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11MayhemMayhem is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1984 in Oslo, regarded as one of the pioneers of the Norwegian black metal scene.

One of their covers is of a dead body.

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