Best Bangladeshi Musicians

Most Talented Bangladeshi Musicians. Musicians who can play multiple instruments and are good at them.
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1Sumon (Bassbaba) - Aurthohin, Warfaze

He can play bass, vocals, guitar, keyboards. Currently on top of "Best Slap Bassists" list. Plays bass solos in many of his songs - zxm

2Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal - Warfaze, Aurthohin

He can only play guitar. But he's very good at it. He played hard rock, heavy metal, speed metal, thrash metal, prog rock etc genres of rock. - zxm

3Kazi Sajjadul Asheqeen Shaju - Artcell

Drummer of prog rock/metal band Artcell. Known for his fast drum beats and solos. - zxm

4Raef al hasan Rafa - Aurthohin, Solo

Was drummer of Aurthohin, then started to play guitar, vocals, keyboards, bass etc etc. But I like his skills for drums and vocals. - zxm

5Ershad Zaman - Artcell

Known for his fast prog rock/metal solos and lead guitar. Also great at song-writing and backing vocals - zxm

6Ayub Bachchu - LRB, Souls

Known for his guitar solos and vocals. Personally I don't like his songs. But was nominated several times for best Bangladeshi Guitarist - zxm

7Shayan Chowdhury Arnob

Known for his song-writing skills and singing - zxm

8Mainul Islam - Rockstrata

He is a rhythm guitarist. Started heavy metal riffs. - zxm

9Fuad Al Muqtadir

He was in warfaze. Featured guitar and keyboards in two albums. But he is a good composer and keyboardist - zxm

10Zohad Reza Chowdhury - Nemesis

Only a vocalist. But can sing both in English and Bengali. And has powerful vocals. Though for his genre "Alternative Rock". He doesn't use it much. - zxm

The Contenders

11Jon Kabir - Black, Indalo

Very good singer. however he has got good rhythm guitar skills. But not as best other guitarists here - zxm

12Oni Hasan - WarfazeOni Hasan (born 1 August 1985) is a renown celebrity, guitarist and composer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is best known as the lead guitarist and composer of the famous Bangladeshi heavy metal, hard rock band Warfaze from late 2006 to January 2015. Oni hasan was also the lead guitarist/composer of a popular more.

Spread different genres of metal. Good for playing metal riffs and solos - zxm

13Mizan Rahman Mizan - Warfaze

Was in Warfaze for more than 10 years. Don't know why he left. But he has good vocals. Especially for powerful voice. He can scream too. But doesn't use it much - zxm

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1. Sumon (Bassbaba) - Aurthohin, Warfaze
2. Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal - Warfaze, Aurthohin
3. Kazi Sajjadul Asheqeen Shaju - Artcell



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