Best Baseball Players of 2013


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The Top Ten

Miguel Cabera
Trout is not even in the same universe as Miggy, check the stats. Are you kidding, Trout has a lot of talent but better then Cabbie? Oh and by the way go to MLB. Com and see rankings of 3rd baseman in the majors...
Miguel is the best player ever

2Chris Davis

3Max Scherzer

4Adrian Beltre

5Mike Trout
Are you kidding! He can hit and play spectacular defense. He is better than Miguel. Miguel has never had an amazing infield play
He made 24 home runs and he is super good
He should be number 1 or 2

6Clayton Kershaw

7Yu Darvish

8Paul Goldschmidt

9Pedro Alvarez

10Alfonso Soriano

The Contenders

11Yadier Molina

12Felix Hernandez

13Carlos Gonzalez

14Mariano Rivera

15Bryce Harper

16Derek Jeter

17J.J. Hardy

18Evan Longoria

19David Ortiz

20Carlos Beltran

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