Top Ten Best Baseball Players of All Time


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The Top Ten

Babe Ruth
He was a great pitcher and hitter. He changed the game and dominated like no other player. And Bonds should be number two. Who cares about steroids, almost every player does them, but that doesn't mean you are going to be great. People who think steroids are an advantage are idiots.


Played in the dead era, hit more homeruns than entire teams in a season, he is the greatest player ever, the Great BAMBINO
It's not just about the numbers. There have been many truly great players that have put up awesome numbers in various categories. But Babe Ruth literally gave rebirth to two now-legendary franchises (Red Sox and Yankees) that are to this day, almost a century later, still among the oldest, most loved, most hated, and most fanatically followed. And in doing so, he dominated baseball for more than two decades and changed the game forever. No one has ever had the impact on any sport that Ruth had on baseball.
[Newest]Words are useless to describe one of the most dominate athletes that ever lived, in any sport. He was and is BASEBALL.
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2Willie Mays
While Babe Ruth was a great player, Willie Mays is the best position player ever. He could hit, catch, throw and run with the ability no other player had. As a hitter, he had to face probably the best pitchers that baseball has ever had, nevertheless, he finished his career with 660 homers playing in the extremely huge Polo Grounds first, then in Candlestick Park, where the wind blew in from left field. Two years in the army at the peak of his career surely deprived him of the sixty or so additional home runs that he needed to top Ruth. Also, he was quietly approaching Ruth's career mark in 1955, but at some point his manager, Leo Durocher, made the decision to told Mays to hit less homers and increase his singles and doubles production as Durocher thought that Mays was most helpful to the teams as a higher average hitter. That year Willie finished the season with 51 home runs.

Ruth was a great player. But he spent most of his career at Yankee Stadium, where the right field distance was less than 300 feet. It is untrue that he pitched during the dead ball era. A live ball and a strong physique allowed Mays to hit 715 home runs, but we also have to take in consideration that the Babe played in an era of few good pitchers. In fact, Lefty Grove was one of the few star pitchers he had to face continuously, since most other pitching stars, Lefty Gomez included, were Yankee pitchers. Mays, always in top form during must of his career, had to face guys such as Koufax, Drysdale, Gibson, Robin Roberts and several other stars and/or hall of fame pitchers.

Also, May was a player gifted with an inordinate intelligence, a trait that can't be measured statistically,. According to baseball writers Mays often read the signs of coaches and managers in the dugout, or outwitted the opposition defensively and offensively to the advantage of his team.

Doubtless, Ruth was a great player. However, for all the factors I briefly discussed, Willie Mays outshines all men who have played baseball.
The only player with the talent to do everything (hit for power and average, field, rocket arm, run -- both speed and smart, and all the intangibles) all at the highest level; super smart player also.

Doing that all in a time that was very hard for black players, playing for teams in ball parks that weren't hitters parks (think of what he could have done in a hitters parks -- 800 home runes easy and higher average) and he lost a couple of prime years in the military and playing a few years in the Negro league still had statistics that virtually everyone drools at.

Not to mention things like:

- Most golden gloves for an outfielder and he played in the majors 6 years BEFORE they started giving out the award

- I believe he was the first National Leaguer to join the 30-30 club, one of a few people to ever be in the 20-20-20 and 20-20-20-20 club (and I think the first person to be all of them)

- Was named Player of the Decade in the 1960's

- If I remember 1971 correctly he had something like 14-15 home runs at the All-Start break at the age of 40 (before PEDs and before athletes really took care of themselves).

- He was rarely injured in his career and played something like 3,000 games.

I think someone told me he played in the Negro League World Series when he was a kid in high school or something like that playing against experience and highly talented black men!

By far the greatest all around baseball player in the history of the game and that is what this list is all about.
To me, Mays was the best player to ever to put on a uniform. One fundamental mistake fans make is that they look solely at career stats and fail to look at context. Career stats only tell part of the story. Mays was clearly a better player than Aaron. Peers of both Aaron and Mays almost universally say that Mays was the better player. And actually Clemente was a better player than Aaron. Mays was a much better fielder and base runner than Aaron. Their hitting prowess is comparable. However, Willie had the disadvantage of 1) playing in the Polo Grounds; 2) playing at windy Candlestick Park; 3) being drafted for military service, interupting his career. If Mays had played his career in Milwaukee's County Stadium and in Atlanta and Aaron had played where Willie played most of their career hitting stats would be reversed (ie. Mays would have 755 HRs and Aaron would have 660 HRs).
[Newest]I'd say he's #1 all time!
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3Hank Aaron
Without a doubt hank aaron. Is one of the greatest
He held the home run title for many years untill it was broken
But he is still a monster who deserves to be embraced
Hank araon is op
Because he is quick with his speed and agility to run fast and doesn't give up.
[Newest]Henry Aaron did it the right way both on and off the field. Played baseball( as did Ernie Banks) with the most focused ease I have ever seen. A true champion.

4Ted Williams
Greatest hitter all time last one to hit.400, 500 hr club best clutch hitter ever better than bonds(roids), Pujols (career is not over)hank played forever at least top 5
I'm sorry, but Albert Pujols does not belong higher on this list than Ted Williams. He hit.406! Williams could put the ball wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Coming from a Yankee fan, even I have to admit that Ted was the greatest ever.
Ted Williams was not only the best hitter ever he was also a very great runner and agile fielder he is the best hitter in all of baseball however that does not mean he is the best player and that is the most debatable question ever.

5Ty Cobb
Cobb is second to no one, let alone 3rd! Cobb only batted under.300 once and that was his first season! He stole home when he was 42 years old, Aaron was great but has become overrated in hindsight. Ruth was great but began the downfall of baseball being tactical, beginning of the crowd pleaser brand of ball/instead of talented base hit & steal players. Ty Cobb was and is the greatest... PERIOD.
Cobb is #1 on my list followed shortly by The Mick. Cobb played with aggression which I love in a ball player because you can't be a nice guy playing baseball it just doesn't work out
Why is ty cobb so low? Huh? Most people say the greatest ever are these slow home run hitters who can't field and have low avg. Ty cobb can field, check, can hit for avg., check, can field, check, and his homeruns are pretty high for his time. All in all I'm saying that he should be no.2 at least. I think he's number 1 by far but that's just me.
Ty holds all the records except a few. If you leave his personal life out of the conservation and just judge him based on his stats he is easily hands down the best there ever was. None of us are perfect with our behaviors. there are plenty of big leaguers out there today who are much worse and I mean black and white and whatever. So back off of Ty and judge him on his playing ability.
[Newest]Best player to ever play. The best Detroit Tiger player of all times.
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6Lou Gehrig
the most consistently great hitter in the history of the game, up until he could no longer play due to ALS. Most respectful and selfless player ever
The iron horse was unbelievable amazing a really great carrier
One of the all time greats.

Will someone please look at Gehrig's 14 FULL consecutive seasons (25-38) and compare them to the BEST 14 seasons of any player keeping in mind that these years were basically his career contributions. The production of this player is staggering!
[Newest]Consistent, the Omar Bradley of baseball. Not flashy just a great all around player.

7Mickey Mantle
If it were not for injuries and his self destruction who knows what the record books would hold.. More raw power than anyone from both sides of the plate.. No one was faster home to first. I really believe that if Mantle were healthy he could have hit 800 home runs.. Bonds has no place on any list..
Hands down the best team player of all time as well a team mate, as far a player no one was ever better. The Mick was and all around player, hit, hit with power, outstanding fielding record, speed best ever from home to first, great base stealer 80% of time stole the base. Just in the 1963 if he had not broke is foot in Baltimore he would have easy another 30 home runs that year. All time WS records that still stand.
The Mick was one of the fastest players during his time. He invented tape measure home runs by himself! He was constantly playing in pain. Everybody looked up too and respected him. If he didn't get injured he could of beat Roger Maris in the Home run race. Mickey was the silent hero of Don Larsens perfect game in 1956. He also won the triple crown in 1956. The best switch hitter there ever was. Mickey was the ultimate team player and carried the team on his back. The best thing about him is that he didn't use or need steroids to be such an amazing player. 7.
[Newest]Unquestionably, one of the all time greats. In my opinion, top ten. He rare blend of speed and power will be never be equaled. The great #7
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8Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson should be way ahead of Barry bonds
He should have played longer then I would maybe put him up higher
First baseball player to break the color barrier. Thanks Branch Ricky. Only player to have his number retired on ALL teams.
I think he should be higher up b/c bak then, who actually was brave enough to be black and in the mlb, and bsides how many other people above him in the list have stole home? let me know if fatboy ruth did lol
[Newest]A true gentleman and one of the most consistent players of all time.

9Honus Wagner
The only players who should be above Wagner are Ruth and Gehrig. For Pujols to be above him is sacrilege, this list is a joke.

WAGNER: One of the greatest hitters of all time, on of the greatest fielding SS of all time, could pitch a few quality innings if needed. A true gentleman, an extremely positive presence in the clubhouse.
Wagner is better than most of the other players rated above him (like pujols, mantle and Gehrig) He was a great shortstop and those giant hands of his let him scoop up those balls like crazy.
Honus wagner should be better than some of the players rated above them. He was a great shortstop and those giant hand let him scoop up those balls like crazy!
[Newest]He is one of the best short stops ever

10Walter Johnson
The greatest pitcher ever, and remember pitching is 90% of the game. Don't get starstruck by the Babe's homers or Ty's hits. Johnson did more for his team than any other player. For an entire decade (1910-1919) he won 265 games, which was 34% of all the games won by the Senators. He won 417 total games as a Senator. No pitcher or ball player was more valuable to their team.
Walter Johnson was a well mannered guy
How is Walter the first pitcher on this list there is a major award named after cy that goes to the best player for that year or not named after Walter they are both great though a should both be in the top 10 just cy over Walter

The Contenders

11Stan Musial
The most balanced hitter of all time should not be stuck at number 13. The guy had the exact same amount of hits on the road as he did at home in his career. That is the definition of balance when it is used in this sense. A 24 time All Star (there were two years, the first two of his career, where he was elected twice because back at that point in baseball history there was a spring all star game and a fall all star game. This changed after his second year), a WW2 veteran (during his playing career), a congressional Medal of Honor recipient, and one of the nicest and most down to earth ball players that you could've met: this man deserves to be higher on this list.
My great grandpa Ray new Stan the man and I will never forget about that read the book Stan the man they were good friends my answer is not biased because of that though Stan Musial is the best look at his stats best contact hitter ever 24 time all star numbers don't lie jackie your great but how are you higher than Musial just because you're the first black player and where is Roberto Clemente he is my number two
The most consistent hitter in his era is only no. 20!
Your joking, this guy is a bloody legend and should be at least no 5. He might not be as good as babe ruth but he is definitely the best cardinal in history!
[Newest]Not only a smart, consistent ball player but a great business man and ambassador for the game!

12Pete Rose
Who cares if he gambled at least he was a tough ball player and was not afraid to get his shoes dirty like the players now who are traded to different teams every couple of years. He deserves to be in the hall of fame not like cal Rippen jr who nobody even knows about or gives a hoot about. I know a lot about baseball and my statement is very true. I am not saying Pete rose should be first place but at least give 3 place or something like that.
Even though he did not make the hall of fame he gambled as a manager. Don't listen to those people. He's, a hall of famer on my list. Same thing happend to shoeless joe jackson.
You can argue that someone is great at playing a position, but Pete Rose was so good he was an 17 time All-Star at 5 positions, still holds 5 MLB records 29 years after his last season as a player. One of the few who truly lived up to his hype as a young player all through his career.
[Newest]Athletically, a good ball player, no doubt. But he threw it all out the window, when he decided to place himself above the rules and bet on the game that had been so good to him.

13Joe DiMaggio
14 years 11 world series 10 world championships. Had more home runs than strikeouts.
Hits hit streak record will take many years till its broken he was one of the greatest.
He set outstanding records and made pitchers sweat a lot. He Should be at the top of this list.
[Newest]Absolutely, positively top10! Are you crazy? A ring for every finger plus!

14Barry Bonds
Couldn't have done it without the roids. He doesn't deserve to be on this list.
He had enough success before using and enhancement drug. He belongs here


Hand eye coordination is not the issue. Every Major league player must have that to get in. When you are stronger in the late innings due to steroids you hit with power when those who don't use them are physically tired and unable to get that punch on the bat. By the way there is no way to measurement for hand eye coordination just because you say it's the best is junk science. Hand eye coordination is smoke and mirrors. He cheated should never be on any list.
I saw him play in spring training once toward end of his career with no steroids. (He had been under scrutiny for a while by then. ) He still hit three home runs with such precision and ease it was mind-boggling. He was the best baseball player I have ever seen and possibly the best who ever lived. Just my opinion.
[Newest]His nuts are so big

15Ken Griffey Jr.
I grew up idolizing Jr by far the greatest player I have ever witnessed play the sweetest swing I have ever seen plus all the gold gloves and I know everyone says IF it wasn't for his injuries with the reds he would have destroyed the record there isn't a true baseball fan or previous MLB player that deep down in there heart knows for a fact that that is absolutely positively the truth he would have shattered the record Face it THE KID aka Jr was the best
I played with Junior as a kid and it was all natural. He was born to play ball. If not for the injuries we would all be talking about him before Willie, Hank and Mickey! Admit it. He could do it all. And his average only dropped a bit late in his career when the lower body and leg injuries took over. Junior and Thome are the only two this generation to crack 600 Homers steroid free. I know Pujols will do it but that only makes 3 in the last how many years?
In my opinion Jr. was one of the greatest pure athletes... Amazing at all aspects of the game...5 tool player... Respected by many of the games top tier players... Like Jeter he had an amazing presence off the field as well... Prettiest swing in baseball history; fluid, powerful, razor sharp... Unbelievably resilient... A kid favorite (which in my opinion makes a huge difference)... One of the most prolific hitters of all time... I could go on for days but you get the idea.
[Newest]Pure class, should be rated higher. Can't wait for his induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame!

16Albert Pujols
Pujols is not the only modern player to not use steroids. Why isn't Junior on this list. I'd take him over Bonds and Pujols. His glove was amazing and still the prettiest swing ever in baseball
Even Lou Gehrig did not match the consistency of performance that Albert Pujols has demonstrated over his first 10 years in MLB. Albert has not benefitted from having the level of players around him that Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig had. In his early years, Albert had Mcquire, Rollins and Edmonds. Currently he has Holliday, Ramus and Ludwick. These do not match up with the players Ruth and Gehrig had on thier teams,
He should be at least higher than Bonds... Pujols is one of the only good modern players not on roids.


[Newest]He is an amazing player and he deserves to be in the top ten.

17Derek Jeter
Best yank to play the game and best all time hitter as a shortstop shoot he might be the best shortstop ever
Complete ballplayer on and off the field
He has already reched 3000 and is climbing his. Way to the top
[Newest]Best Shortstop ever and maybe even the best player ever.

18Nolan Ryan
Best pitcher ever
Nolan Ryan holds or has held every major pitching and strikeout record on the books.
Had a fast ball that would "knock your pecker" in your watch pocket as Texans might tell you. Most admirably a solid competitor!

19Cy Young
Too low. He dominated in his era, Should be in the top twenty
Too low should be in top 3, ever heard of the Cy young award?
Cy Young has a record that will never be equaled in modern times. The game has changed and the majors uses too many pitchers with fresh arms for any one pitcher to dominate.

[Newest]He's the best pitcher ever

20Greg Maddux
I think Cy Young invented this award for Maddux. He certainly won his share. Pitched like David Copperfield, now you see it, now you don't. Great competitor.
Man won over 350 games in modern day era. 4 time cy young winner.
He was a beast

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