Top Ten Best Baseball Players of All Time


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121Rod Carew

Is everyone insane? This guy was a hitting machine. Tony G before Tony G.

One of the great pure hitters of all time. He's a top 50 player easily.

This guy is way higher than many people on this list

115! That is a joke top 50 easy. Did a toddler make this list?

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122Jim Palmer

How is the best rookie of the year of2000

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123Ryan ZimmermanV1 Comment
124Frank Thomas

He was one of the best hitters ever! He stepped it up against the best pitchers, too!

A total beast. The big hurt was disciplined, powerful(521 hr), and a nightmare for pitchers his entire career. Top five first baseman ever. This list is blowing my mind.

The best hitter never to do P.E.D.S. he didn't need to. He was huge in every way. His first eight year rank among the best ever!

125Ernie Banks

I agree. He is easy top 25 or thirty and a much better player than jeter.

I am a huge Cubbie fan. Ernie Banks is the best ever. He's Mr. Cub. He shall go down in history as the best ever. Come on guys, he should already be on this list!

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126Kirby Puckett

Top 60 easy. Was taken from his family and fans far to soon. I think he would have had as many hits as the great wade Boggs.

Kirby Puckett is a great baseball player he played well he should at least be at 50 or below

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127Whitey Ford

Still not sure how you made this list, you apparently don't know baseball. Give me a break

Why do you have WHITY FORD below #100 he should be in the top 20at least

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128Jon Lester

Should at least be in he top 100. he has had at least one shut out

129Brandon Crawford

Great fielder and hitter!

130Joc PedersonV2 Comments
131Evan Longoria

The rays were terrible until Longoria joined them

Baseball player one of the best when he retires he is going to be the best vote for hall of fame

Hof for sure, makes his team better instantly and awesome numbers. Top 70 for sure.

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132Alex GordonAlexander Jonathan Gordon is an American professional baseball left fielder for the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball.

Alex Gordon dives a lot,he helps the royals a lot by doing that. He is also a great hitter!

133Joey Terdoslavich

He is just too good!

134Willie RandolphV1 Comment
135Jason Varitek
136Ivan Rodriguez

Greatest ranger of all time a great catcher and I'm a braves fan

137Joe McGinnity

Pitcher: Won both ends of doubleheaders 3 times in one month August 1903, considered the most impossible sports record to beat. - johndumas

138Mike Buddie
139Curtis Granderson

Still awesome at his age, beautiful swing, and amazing numbers. Got to be much higher

A beast that's all I've got to say

140Nick Hundley
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