Greatest Baseball Position Players In The Game Today


The Top TenXW

1Alex Rodriguez

A bat with some pop in it he's the youngest player to reach 500 HR and is batting over 300 - shoobs


2Hanley Ramirez

Very consistant, can hit a home run on demand if he wants to, can field, and one of the fastest in the game

He's batting right at 300 is top ten in HR he also will probably steal 40 bases this year - shoobs

3Albert Pujols

Whoever made this list is a moron. First of all Pujols is the best player in the game. He has won more world series games than A-Rod has
- Tivo

A constant 350 batting average this season he hits HR 18 on the year to be exact - shoobs

4Derek Jeter

He's a good defensive shortstop that provides a solid bat in the lineup plus he's awesome in the clutch - shoobs

5Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton is probably the best hitter in the game today league leader in RBI and up there in HR - shoobs

6Ichiro Suzuki

He's a great glove in the outfield a good lead off hitter batting over 300 every year in the league - shoobs

7Alfonso Soriano

He's a HR hitter but doesn't lack the ability to steal bases he was injured but he's just getting back - shoobs

8Chipper Jones

He's batting so close to 400 it'd be wrong if he didn't get a spot on my list - shoobs

9Jose Reyes

Top 5 in stolen bases has the power to hit a HR he also holds a 300 batting average - shoobs

10Ian Kinsler

Leads the league in hits is up there in batting average top ten in stolen bases - shoobs

The Contenders

11Ryan Howard
12Adam Lind
13Ryan Braun

Yeah! Go brauny! One of the best players in the mlb! Should be mvp, but matt kemp's gonna get that

14Yadier Molina

The best defensive catcher and a good hitter

15Jose AltuveV1 Comment
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