Best Basketball Players of All Time


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Michael Jordan
Best player the world has seen and will see. Just looking at him inspires you to become a basketball player. No matter what anyone says, Jordan is the best basket-baller.
Amazing how quickly people forget how good he was. Bobby Knight who coached him in the 84 Olympics once made a statement saying he is the best player to ever play any team sport. Knight might has been an ass at times, but he knew talent and if one of the few who knew Michael would be as great as he was. He also made Pippen and Rodman the players they are due to his desire to win. Paul Westfall after getting beat by Jordan was asked by reporters did you say you had to stop Michael. Westfall replied, nobody can and we never said we could, the only way stop Michael is rip his heart out. He was red in the face and left the podium. How many great players did he keep from winning a championship: Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Karl Malone and basically everyone on the Dream Team unless they played for the Bulls or when Jordan was playing baseball, Hakeem O. Who was picked a head of Jordan in the 84 draft. It was a good pick, with Jordan playing baseball he was able to win 2 championships with the Rockets. Heck I would had picked him over Jordan in 84 not knowing how great his Airness would be. To compare LeBron to Jordan doesn't even make sense. LeBron is a good passer because other defenders can stop him from going to the bucket. If Jordan wanted to score nobody who ever played the game could stop him period! If he wanted to shut any guard down in the league, consider it done. Actually Dewayne Wade is the best player in the league at this time and can take over games like Jordan, but don't have the players to finish the game off like when Jordan played. He is only 6'4, but I've seen him where defenders can't keep him from scoring either. There may never be another Jordan, buy his 3 disk collection to jog the memory!
The best player ever! Everybody will know the one who is going to surpass him. (if that day will ever come)
[Newest]He beat every team
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2Kobe Bryant
Kobe = 81 points, most by a wing player in NBA history.
It is obviously MJ, but Kobe is probably the closes thing to him we will have. People are looking for LeBron to be the next MJ, but they don't realize that's Kobe.
[Newest]Kobe Bryant is ten times better than Lebron. He could beat him hurt and with his eyes closed
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3LeBron James
Kobe is great but LeBron James fantastic he can dribble he can shoot he can do anything he would be the next Michael Jordan in the next few years because he has got amazing potential and he won back to back MVP's I mean who else can do that


Lebron James is the greatest Small Forward right now in NBA but he is the right now in NBA Larry Bird and Kobe is Magic Johnson Kobe said he's number 1 idol in NBA is Magic Johnson! Kobe wants he's jersey number is 33 but Kobe said 33 is on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar so he's jersey number now is 24
Lebron is the best he shines over Kobe in every way. I think he's better than Jordan too all he needs are the rings and enough said. People don't give Lebron his credit just as people don't Eminem his credit well we all know Eminem is the best rapper alive and Lebron is the greatest ball player ever to touch a basket ball!
[Newest]LeBron is the better then he'll be Brian
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4Magic Johnson
Seriously, you put Iverson ahead of Magic Johnson? You have lost all credibility with 98% of your audience. No one on this list exhibited the versatility, vision and capability to make others around him better than Magic!
Now Magic what a player the most unselfish in NBA history he has the highest assist average in an NBA career ever he lead the lakers to the NBA crown when he was just a rookie but yet didn't win rookie of the year he has 4 rings 3 MVP's and way way more awards he is a great player and if he didn't retire on his 12 season he would probably be at the very top at this list or at least second because he was probably the best of the era he played.


Magic could easily play point guard, shooting guard, small forward, and power forward. He once played center in 1980 nba finals and won with kareem injured in game 6. The bulls struggled when Jordan played the point because he was not good at distributing. Jordan was too small in size and did not have the strength to play small forward at his prime.

Overall Talent
While I do give Michael Jordan the edge in scoring, Magic had more all around talent. He has 100 more triple doubles than Michael Jordan did even though he retired at only 32. Magic Johnson was the best passer the game has every seen not even john stockton, jason kidd, steve nash, or chris paul can pass as good as Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson was best rebounder who played out of any guard position averaging 7.2 rebounds a game for his career.

While Jordan did win 6 rings. Magic Johnson won 5 rings in the 1980's era that was best in basketball there was celtics who had bird, mchale, and parish. Pistons who had isaih thomas, dennis rodman, joe dumars. 76ers that had moses malone and Dr.J. and Magic beat all those teams which were the only other teams to win a championship beside lakers in 1980's. The teams Jordan beat had only one top 50 player of all time or at most 2 like jazz. Magic Johnson save the NBA and he is the Greatest Player OF All Time!
[Newest]Now magic what a player the most unselfish in NBA history.
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5Larry Bird
Larry was a great shooter with few dunks unlike Jordan who had many dunks to increase his shooting percentage. Larry was also a better rebounder, free throw shooter, and passer than Jordan. Larry entered the NBA one year late, after sitting out a year in college, and missed almost another full year in his prime with a foot injury. He was not a selfish shooter but just wanted to win and would get all of his teammate involved. He averaged over 10 rebounds per game for his career - not bad for someone who couldn't jump! He was both the first AND second player ever to shoot over 50% from the field AND over 90% from the line for a season - and this from a long range shooter! He was the best ever with a ful command of the game and awareness of what was happening - always.
He was the best ever: the greatest, most creative passer ever; one of the greatest defensive rebounders, the greatest all around shooter, the greatest clutch shooter, and played great team defense. Add to all these qualities his great basketball intelligence, mental toughness, and pure skill, and you have, by far, the greatest player of all times!
Scored when ever he wanted to. Anywhere he was he was great.
[Newest]Larry bird best all time
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6Wilt Chamberlain
He averaged 50 points in a single season
Scored 100 points in a single game
Got 55 rebounds against the Celtics led by Bill Russell (2nd all time career rebounder behind chamberlain)
Had a 33 game winning streak
Of the 62 times more than 60 points have been scored by a single person in a game, 32 of those times were by Chamberlain
Blocked shots were recorded after he retired, but Harvey Pollack asked his statisticians to count Chamberlain's blocks, and they got up to 25 one night. Well above the record for most blocks in a single game.
Elgin Baylor said that Chamberlain was the only player that could dominate on both end of the court. He recalled one particular game against the bulls where he blocked every single shot for 4-5 minutes and how no one from the bulls could get a shot in.
In a sport where one game is 48 minutes for a season he averaged 48.5 minutes a game, thanks to overtime.
Bill Russell, the man who won more rings than he has fingers, said that Wilt Chamberlain was the best player he ever played against and that it wasn't even close.
He scored a lot but he was also an accurate shooter. Through more than 70 years of the national basketball association Wilt Chamberlain still holds the record for the highest season field goal percentage at 0.727.

This man was unstoppable
Wilt Chamberlain was by far the most underrated player to ever play basketball. People are so quick to discredit Wilt by saying he played "lesser" quality players and would not be as dominant in this day and age. Kareem Abdul Jabar, Willis Reed, Bill Russell, Nate Thurmond, Wes Unseld were all excellent players who played in the post at the same time as Wilt, are you saying they weren't quality basketball players. He played 48.5 minutes a game in chucks, and all 82. He averaged 8 assist a game as a center in season, his records in scoring and rebounding remain untouched. Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest player to ever play on the hardwood.
Best ever you are crazy if you think Michael Jordan is better
Wilt all the way
Kareem second then bill russell
[Newest]Wilt all the way! Everyone gets excited when someone scores 50 or 60 points in a game. Try doing for an entire season...
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7Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
No one could guard the sky hook. Most points scored in a career - not even close
Kareem was THE GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME, NO QUESTION. Kobe doesn't even compare, Lebron is good but doesn't even compare to Kareem, Who had the most points of all time in the NBA (38,387), Surpassed all these people for rebounds, Had an incredible amount of assists for a point guard, and mastered the hook shot. He won just as many championships as MJ, and just as many MVPs. Also, Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA’s all-time leader in minutes played (57,446, field goals made (15,837), field goal attempts (28,307), All Star Games (18), and All Star Selections (19). He is now 10th in Field Goal Percentage (.559), 2nd in Games Played (1,560), 3rd for most Rebounds (17,440), 3rd for most Blocks (3,189) Note: Blocks were not officially counted until the 1973-74 season, 2 years after Abdul-Jabbars debut in the NBA, and 14th in PPG. He had ten 50 point games, all with the Milwaukee Bucks. His career high was 55 points on December 10, 1971 against the Boston Celtics. He was also a two time player of the year (1967, 1969), Three time NCAA Champion (1967-1969), Most Outstanding Player in NCAA Tournament (1967-1969), and Naismith College Player of the Year (1969), along with Rookie Of the Year (1970), Six-time NBA champion (1971, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987-88), NBA MVP (1971-72, 1974, 1976-77, 1980), and the first player in NBA history to play 20 seasons. Kobe Bryant or Lebron James will never be as incredible player as he his, and they will never score more points then him, even as Shooting Guards and Small Forwards.
Most points scored in the history of the NBA- He has so many blocks as well as some great assists. That is why He deserves number 1
[Newest]Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a least in the top 3
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8Bill Russell
I would simply like to say that with all due respect to the names listed here, you must remember that this is a TEAM game. If you wanted to talk about who is the best 1 on 1 player based on his individual talents and all around skills, then that is a different subject all together. The overall skill level of the game has certainly changed over the last couple of decades, but, some good, and some maybe not so good. The game was first played with much more physical play, and in most cases the player had more rules that restricted much of the modern day displays of athleticism, no doubt. But back to the main quest for who was the most dominant individual player of the game. There are only two names that stand out above all others, Statistically that should go to Wilt Chamberlain, but when you look at the ultimate goal for playing the game, it was to win a championship, and no one, not even M. J. , nor Kobe, came even close to the overall domination of the entire sport itself. Also remember that No rules were ever changed for M. J. , or Kobe, that would slow them down in there pursuit of excellence. Both Wilt & Russell did just that, they were so dominant, that the entire game was revamped in order to take away there athletic abilities, and that did not even change what Bill accomplished as a winner of the ultimate prize.

M. J. & KOBE, and all other modern day greats have had the rules enhanced in order to show case and favor there great athletic abilities, and never did they have rules which would take away there already physical advantages. So there you have it, if you are playing Golf, then stick with the man who won the most trophies, and Tennis the person who won the most titles, but when talking about a 5 man team, who else contributed more and accomplished more at every level of the game, College, 2 championships, Olympic Gold, 11 NBA championship out of 13 years playing, and the 2 years he did not win, he was injured. THIS IS A TEAM GAME, and the comparisons are right there in full view, the stats don't lie, you tell me how was it possible for someone to dominate to that level, and then there is the additional social and society issues that these black players had to endure, that were not as prevalent in the more modern era. Different times, different circumstances. A lot of hype in those modern showcases, I would never count this man out as the most dominant player who made the biggest impact at every level of this game we call basketball, Collegiate player, Professional Player, Coach, and so on, life experiences, and the continued respect of the people who surrounded him.

In RUSSELL'S AUTO-biography, he writes: It was at a Thanksgiving family setting when my Grandson had asked me a question? , Grandpa? "were ever as good as Michael Jordon? , Grandpa Russell looked down at his grandson, and said, "son, you've got that question backwards, you should be asking, "if whether or not M. J. was ever as good as your GRANDFATHER? "

And the footnote in a joking gesture bill said he was thinking of writing his grandson out of his will, lol.


As long as the Celtics had Russell, they kept winning. I remember Red Auerbach saying that the year after Russell left (1970) and the team went dowhill. Russell blocked shots and kept the ball in play. His defense won games. He played against WIlt Chamberlain and except for 1967, when WIlt's team won, the Celtics won every year and beat out WIlt. Russell has a record nobody will ever achieve again- 11 championships in 13 years. Today, the game has changed. There are more big men and we now have essentially two centers. One is the traditional center and the other is the power forward. Kevin Garnett is a Russell-type shot blocker, but he plays power forward. It is much harder today for a center to dominate a game because there are two "centers" or big men per team. Russell made the Celtics world champions 11 of 13 seasons he played. I don't believe Russell could be this dominant in today's game. He was an intellectual player and basketball is an intellectual game. He was a student of the game. In 1970 in college I asked Bill how he could continually beat Chamberlain's teams as Wilt was about 4 or 5 inches taller. My recollection is he said, "Young man, I can jump flat footed and grab the top of the backboard. " He was an incredible athlete, a fact not that many people recognize today because Bill didn't lay the glamor position of a big time scorer. Guys like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade are great players. They just could not have the impact of a big man like BIll Russell. Look at Wade. He needed Shaq to win. Look at Kobe. He needed Shaq and later Gasol. Jordan needed Cartwright and Pippen. These days one man on the team cannot make the impact Russell did in the 1950s and 1960s.


Most opinions that I read about come from people who use stats. They simply are very misleading. And how does one define "best" basketball player? Is it the one with the best overall skills? Russell was not too good at dribbling or shooting.

But in a team game, I think it makes more sense to talk about how "valuable" a player is. In other words, what would occur if the team lost that player? How easy would it be to replace that player's skills with someone else?

If we look at it that way, then russell is a clear first. No one is even close. Russell was the Boston Celtic fast break, possibly the most dominating aspect that basketball has ever seen.

Russell got the rebound, turned, made his outlet pass, and the ball was near half-court by the time russell hit the ground. No wonder he was not scoring many points. Chamberlain, on the other hand, rebounded, shook his body, then handed off to his guard (hal greer most of the time).

When chamberlain got the ball, the rest of his team could take a nap, for all that it mattered. Wilt was gonna shoot, score or miss.

When russell blocked a shot, it almost always "miraculously" ended up in the hands of a celtic. Chamberlain's blocks went out of bounds. According to stats, each had a blocked shot. But in no way did they have equal effects.

With russell on defense, he intimidated shooters, because his body could get to places that no one else could. There is no stat at all for that.

One of the two years that russell did not win - he got hurt in the playoffs.

The celtics did not have the best individual talented players. But they had the most valuable player, and one that made everyone else better.

This is why the russell celtics were so dominant. I think russell's abilities were so unique that it might take 100 years to see another russell.
[Newest]Best Defense of player of all time
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9Shaquille O'Neal
He gave the NBA a lot more image and he has a lot of NBA Championships he is an important part of the Greatest NBA players of all time


Can't see any better center other than O'neal. I think people are just being stupid by voting for lebron instead of oneal oneal should have been in top 5
Shaq has it all - Now that he is retired, his stats will be known more and he will jump up to #1. No reason for LeBron or Kobe to be higher than the Shaq!
[Newest]He can dunk like mad!
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10Oscar Robertson
Um honestly don't jump on me MJ fans but he is the greatest Player to ever step foot on the hardwood he has over 180 career Triple-Doubles That wouldn't be impressive if it was a double double with an assists and points but he rebounded as well and he was 6'5 who else can do that well there are a few that can do that lie LeBron, D-Wade and maybe Jason Kidd but the Big 0 should be the best or at least top 3 only trailing to SHAQ Wilt and maybe MJ but he is the best all round player ever there's no doubt about that he averaged a triple double for an entire season enough said
You guys do realize that he is the only player 2 average 27 points, 6 boards, and 6 assists a game for more than 3 strait seasons an HE DID IT 8 YEARS IN A ROW. If that's not being a complete player I don't know what is.
The Big O was exactly that.
[Newest]He was an all star every year when was in the NBA

The Contenders

11Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson compares with 3 different players when you talk about individual offensive achievements. Or there are 3 players who compare with him. Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, LeBron James. Go look up stats in games, seasons, and playoffs most importantly. Iverson and LeBron only players with at least 40 points 15 assists and 5 steals in a game. Most 50 point games in the playoffs: Michael Jordan (8) Wilt Chamberlain (4) Allen Iverson (3). And Iverson played much fewer games because he had no talent around him. Allen Iverson is 2nd in playoff Points Per Game in NBA History at 29.73. Only Michael Jordan averaged more with 33+ per game. Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan only players to be Top 10 in Scoring and Steals All-Time. Only 2 Players in NBA history have scored at LEAST 50 Points twice in the same Playoff Series: Michael Jordan 1988 Playoffs vs. The Cleveland Cavaliers with 50 & 55 points AND Allen Iverson 2001 Playoffs vs. The Toronto Raptors with 52 & 54 points. Only TWO players in NBA history have lead the NBA in scoring and steals more than once: Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson. Allen Iverson ranks 6th All-Time in Points per Game just below 27.0 PPG. Allen Iverson broke Wilt Chamberlains Rookie Record of three straight 40 point games..he did it 4 times scoring 50 points as a rookie against Cleveland in 1996-97 season. Two-time All-Star MVP. In the 2004-2005 NBA Season Iverson was robbed of the MVP when he averaged 30.7 points (1st), 7.9 assists (5th), 2.4 steals (2nd), 42.3 minutes per game (2nd to LeBron with 42.4) He then averaged 30 points and 10 assists per game in the NBA Playoffs where he became one of 4 players in NBA history, to record at least 35 points and 15 assists in a playoff games, shared by Oscar Robertson and Jerry West. He had 4 consecutive years where he was Top 10 in PPG and Assists Per Game. The only player in that decade to record more than one straight season was LeBron James. He put together probably one of the 5 best seasons in NBA history in 2001, winning league MVP, leading the league in scoring and steals and carrying the 76ers to within 3 games of an NBA title with no teammate averaging more than 15 points. He and Michael Jordan shared the two highest usage rates in NBA history.. (measures how much your offense is built around one player)
When you look at his achievements, he is without a doubt a Top 10 player of all-time and the best pound-for-pound player in NBA history. He is one of the 5-6 best all-around offensive players in NBA history, along with Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, and LeBron James. This is my opinion of course, but if you look at his numbers, they do apply. And if you were from Philly and got to watch him play every night for 10 years, there was no question who the best perimeter player was after Jordan and before LeBron. The player closest to Michael Jordan in true talent and overall dominance as a scoring guard is 6'0 Allen Iverson, not Kobe Bryant. Iverson rivals Jordan more closely than any other guard in NBA history and actually had the rules changed when Stern put in the zone following The Answer's historic 2001 MVP season. Kobe Bryant cannot touch Iverson in points, assists, steals, minutes and most importantly, Iverson was the much better player starting and finishing their first 10 seasons when they both were rookies in 1996-97. Oh yeah, Iverson won the Rookie of the Year too. Quite simply, fans have been brainwashed by the media and David Stern, who didn't want Iverson's hip hop culture, individualist influence and negative view towards authority to swallow the NBA whole, the way his incomparable talent already had. Kobe Bryant was simply not the athlete, nor contain the basic greatness and 'IT' factor that Allen Iverson terrified opposing players with. Iverson, Jordan, Wilt, Shaq, Magic, were freaks of nature that dominated the NBA the way no one else could. As Larry Brown put it, paraphrasing 'It's like watching the little league games where there's one big kid who is just too good for everyone else'. Iverson was that player, but he did it at 6'0. He was the best. Don't listen to ESPN or analysts who want to market CP3 or Kobe or Durant. Iverson is a Top 10 player ever. End of story. That's the Answer to this question.
The dude's only 6'1" if he stands on the New York telephone book: he IS the GREATEST scorer of all time; arguably the greatest all around player, as well.
Six more inches and A.I. would have flew past Jordan... Key Statement: he did it amidst great opposition.
[Newest]Allen iverson should be not made this list
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12Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant is amazing. As a player and as a person. He dominates and scores more points then Lebron and Kobe. In the summer he's the one who calls up his teammates to go up to the gym and shoot. Great leader. And the reason he wears the #35 jersey is because his HS coach was murdered at the age of 35. Humble.
the best to play basketball period better than derrick rose he is not the mvp durant should of got that award
Up to Top 10... he got the most points in 2010-2011. Yao Ming only played just a tiny bit of games but ahead of Kevin Durant. Are you kidding me?! Dude, he's an all arounder!
[Newest]5 times scoring champ. Terrific shooter great scorer & amazing player almost likely closer to Jordan

13Dwyane Wade
Wade? How could he not be in top 10? His shots are almost perfect.
Dwyane Wade bar none is one of the 3 best basketball players on the planet today. His averages right now may not stun you, but when this guy retires and you look back on his career, there's no doubt he'll be considered one of the greatest of all time. He's a champion, an all-star and has had many MVP worthy seasons even though he hasn't won the award yet. In my opinion, by the time he gets in to the hall of fame, he'll be one of the top 15, maybe top 10 players of all time. If top 15, probably only behind Jordan, Magic, Russell, Bird, Wilt, Kareem, Big O, Kobe, Duncan, Shaq, Olajuwon, Mailman, Jerry West and LeBron.
Dwayne wade is the best basketball player sorry lebron but he's good
[Newest]He is much better the shaq
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14Tim Duncan
Are you kidding me?! 18? Tim Duncan is in the Top Ten at the very least. I sense a bit of Spurs hating on this list. The guy is a perennial All-Star, League MVP Winner, Finals MVP Winner, Rookie of the Year all NBA etc... And possesses the traits that all true champions have, the ability to modify his game over time as needed. Duncans entry into the league was marked with moves and grace the likes of which hadn't ever been seen at the Power Forward position and will from here on out be the standard by which other Power Forwards will be judged. As he got older he continued to find ways to remain relevant, even if he was no longer dominant. His basketball IQ is through the roof and his mere presence on the floor makes his team better while simultaneously frustrating his opponents and making them worse. I'm not sure why you have so many players ahead of Tim that have not won as many championships if they even won one at all. I'm sorry, but this Hall of Fame player deserves to be way higher on this list than he is. Not bad for a kid from a tiny little island with 50,000 people on it and no real basketball program.
The best defender ever, the best power forward ever, the best passing power forward ever and the greatest player ever.
Remember when he was on his way to a quad double he was just two blocks short.
Remember his fundamental style offense and defense.
Remember his four championship rings.
Remember his back to back MVP awards.
Remember those 20 something thousand points.
No one has even come close to Timmy D's career he is a first ballot hall of FAMER ( who ever wrote this list put him bellow LeBron, Kobe, Steve Nash and Derrick Rose I mean who the hell put Rose in the top 15 I mean he will when it's all said and done don't get me wrong but he will never be better than Tim DUNCAN.
Because the Spurs play together so well that no one stands out like a Dwayne Wade or Kobe Bryant who have the ball a lot of the time in any game. The Spurs share the ball and everyone has a chance of making a basketball. That is why Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are often overlooked.
[Newest]He's remarkable on the bright side of things, to say the least, I guess

15Hakeem Olajuwon
Watch The Dream's dream shake vs. David Robinson. That is all you gotta see to realize that he was the most phenomenal player of any generation. All time blocks leader. Two rings. That's 2 more than nash, tmac, stockton, malone, james, and ai. Did it single handedly. Only had drexler half the season in 95. The Dream did it all. Double-double, triple-double, quadruple-double, you name it.
Watch the games that this man played Jordon, Shaq, Duncan, Robinson; he schooled them. Because he wasn't in one of the popular teams, he wasn't watched. You have no idea how good this player was. (white, 60 year-old lady that watched basketball because of him)
Hakeem Olujawon the leagues greatest shot blocker of all time he has over 3800 blocked shots in his career now Olujawon is my favorite player of all time he lead the league in all time blocks is one of the greatest centers of all time not only could he block shots but he was ninth place in all time points scored with just over 26,000 points scored in his long eighteen year career



[Newest]I like his name.

16Julius Erving
Earned an NBA championship ring, won an NBA MVP award, went to 11 NBA all star games and took home the all star MVP twice... And that doesn't even count the two ABA titles, two ABA MVP awards and 6 ABA all star games. Dr. J was the dominant player of his era and completely changed the way the game is played today.
Dr J was Dr Dunk. His move over Kareem was monumental... Remember the under the basket hang time it was forever... Or his famous dunk from the free through line... Now there is history!
Doc is the Best thing to happened to the game since the BALL! Erving won only 1 title in the NBA, but all fail to remember that he led a garbage team in 80 and 82 to finals to loss in 6 against the 7 all star Lakers and the sixers had no one, but the Doc! Also greatest flyer, dunker and hang timer Ever! Class act.
[Newest]He sucks right now he should not even be on this list

17Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose is amazing, he is the player who get the attention of the crowd from his unbelievable moves and no one can stop him inside the court. The best point guard I've ever seen. Derrick Rose is the best.
[Newest]D rose may get injured but when he is on the court he is unstoppable and I hate when people say he sucks he doesn't I mean look he has broke nba history he is the best in my opinion

18Dirk Nowitzki
He's got the skills, basketball height and knows how to use his body parts for offense and defense! Why is this guy underrated? After they win the 2011 finals, everybody will know the real Dirk! Go Dirk!
Even Magic Johnson is saying, on ESPN, that he is probably one of top ten best players in NBA History, perhaps even in the top five!
Dirk is 7'0 and is a beast. He can shoot, drive to the hole and does the greatest post moves ever! Although a lot of times compared to larry bird he is better and should ranked higher
[Newest]Best shooter in the history of the game.
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19Pistol Pete Maravich
Nobody can realistically challenge his creativity, well-honed talent and flair which was WAY ahead of it's time. If he were playing in today's game, he'd still accomplish the things that he did in his day. Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of Pete was his athleticism. Great combination of speed, jumping ability, height and quickness.
Best player to ever play the game. The other nba players hated Pete for his money. He made 400, 000.00 per year and other guys made 40 thousand. No one mentions he could light up a crowd like a match to gasoline. Who else could do that. How about being another player and everyone is coming to see this guy the Pistol? Tough to swallow. God made this man special and he did it all missing a ventrical out of his heart. HATERS only says this guy was not the best. There is not one guy in the NBA right now that could beat him 1 on 1. Would never happen. If you think so ask Walt Frazier (the best nba defender) why he hung 68 points in his face? Walt was trying to switch defenders and his teamates refused. Walt is one of the best defenders to play the game. How fitting. Hate if you will, no one will ever be the complete basketball player he was. Now he plays for GOD. How many will get that?
Averaged 44 points per game three years in a row at LSU!

He gave his life to the game! Way ahead of his time.
[Newest]Pistol Pete is the greatest. He could dribble better than Michael Jordan, pass better than magic Johnson, and shoot better than Larry Bird.

20Jerry West
Greatest player- NBA symbol- admired by all NBA greats and only 6' 2" - "Mr. Clutch" -at a time they called traveling, three seconds in the key, and no three point lines. When basketball was real basketball!
Any list without Jerry West in the top 10 is stupid. This list must have been made by 15 year olds because most of the all time greats are not here. Vince Carter as number 19. No West. You're kidding...right!
If Jerry West had been blessed with the three point line he would be among the top five without question. The NBA should use their computer systems to check West's shots made for a year and give him an extra point for every three pointer he made. No question, Jerry West would be right there with Michael Jordan as the greatest player ever. Even without the three point shot, West holds the scoring record for a series. Move Jerry to second at the least.

21Charles Barkley
This whole thread was made by people who do not know crap about Basketball! Charles Barkley is the player with the highest Basketball IQ of all times. A 6'6 forward who ranks in the all time's leaders on rebounds and points! WTF and you have Yao, Pau Gasol, Carmelo Anthony, Rondo, Dwight Howard, McGrady, and many more above Charles LOL! Oh Lord this is sad!
Charles is really undervalued because he had such a big mouth. In terms of his ability, he is closer to top 10 than number 36. He was as good as Kevin Durant, not as good a defender as LeBron, but better in the post and a better overall shooter than James. He is a guy that people don't remember well enough.
The round mound should be way up, he changed the game allowing shorter players to dominate in big man positions. Come
[Newest]Charles is the big lil guy ever

22Chris Paul
Chris paul is one of the best point guards. But then again everyone has their opinion who cares who's better at this or that just have your best b-ball player and like it
Chris Paul is an amazing player and should be up in the top 20! He doesn't deserve to be down here! He scores points and assists with style! He deserves better.
He should definitaly be higher than rondo he has the drives but can shoot plus gets Moore assists with worse teammates
[Newest]He is the best point guard in the league right now

23Scottie Pippen
He was the big support for michael jordan. He was such a all around player and one of the best defensive players bulls ever had. When michael was not around he led the team for almost all category.
2nd best after michael jordan, people don't realise that for many of the bulls games jordan needed pippen!
Was essential to MJ being the dominating force that he was.
[Newest]I think he should be #3

24Ray Allen
Greatest 3pt shooter and history, good playmaker, very special. He hasn't been with a good team, now that he is with the Celtics it just boosts his career,
What of the all time best shooters in the game and has one of th fastest releases I have ever seen
I recken that ray allen should be number 11 just in front dwane wade because I've seen them play eash other ray allen scored 49 out of 83
but dwane wade only scored 32 out of 76.
[Newest]He was the best one I think I would like him second best

25Kyrie Irving
Best ball handeler in the nba
Kyrie Irving a future nba mvp and future allstar mvp and well as an nba champion.
Have you seen this guy he's the future he's going to be the greatest of all time.
[Newest]Beast best ever top ten awesome sweet uncle drew

26Patrick Ewing
Whoever said that Adonal Foyle was the most talented center of all time must be smokin somethin. And whoever said Jerome James is the greatest center of all time is even dumber. Ewing is top 50 or so and don't even vote for Foyle or James there average players.


How can you forget patrick ewing he is one of the best centers of that time and to not put him there is just crazy.
Love him: great under the hoop

27Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook should be number one of the year
Russell Westbrook is way better than you guys think he is he's a good shooter, dribbler and he is just a fantastic player he can he can Dunk in traffic he can shoot threes like never before so what you guys going to say now this season he shot over 95% of his field goals and he shot over Dwight Howard and Tim Duncan those are really tall guy and shot a three over Roy Haber who is 7 feet 2 inches so what are you going to say know😊 ha
[Newest]Westbrook all star mvp

28Steve Nash
Nash is a beast what can he not do this year he is doing everything when he first got drafted by the suns they made a huge mistake now look at if he would have played so many years there would be number 1 named Steve Nash
He is so good he could make every shot but instead he passes it to other people and he gets no credit for after this year 4 assists titles in a row
[Newest]Screw this list. Karl Malone #200. Tracy McGrady and Steve Nash behind Matt Bonner. Ridiculous.

29Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce should be higher than a lot of people here because of his absolutely dominant mid-range shooting and what he can do in clutch time. He led a Celtics team with no talent to the playoffs multiple times but was screwed over by the media because he's not Kobe ( a ballhog) or LeBron. The Truth also has respect from pretty much every player and coach in the NBA. Yeah, Kobe's a great player but people don't respect him like Pierce. Another thing about him is his toughness. Nobody in the game today played hurt like number 34 did. He got stabbed in the face and, a month later, led his Celts to a key victory over the Pistons. Pierce cracked 4 teeth against Nash's Suns, slipped in a mouthpiece and returned to win the game. The next day, he went through 7 hours of surgery. The day after that, he made the game-winning shot against Charlotte. Pierce also stayed loyal to his team (unlike Melo, Howard, Carter, LeBron and Ray Allen) and made a special bond with his tema and the fans like nobody else could replicate (of course, in the game today.). He is a leader who remains unappreciated by the media and the public because Pierce's game was more than numbers. That's why he should be in the top 20.


Pierce has led Celtics to greatness multiple times
Paul Pierce was always the top prospect, and he has lead the Celtics to greatness
[Newest]Paul Pierce is an amazing basketball player. He is really good at threes.

30Bob Cousy
Sd be way further up the list why is earl boykins ahead of him is it because hes short (sympathy)
revolutionized passing, led league in assists for 8 straight years
[Newest]Thank you pak you

31Elgin Baylor
How does Elgin Baylor not get on this list. Highest season scoring average in history, highest point total in an NBA finals game, one of the true greats to ever play the game.


Wow and you put Allen Only Practice Iverson above Elgin Baylor. I demand a recount and we send the results to Iverson in the minor league.
He could shoot off balance and I believe with his eyes closed

32Isiah Thomas
Isiah Thomas is nice Point Guard also like chris paul or Jason Kid but chris paul is the number 1 Fans of Isiah Thomas Thomas gets a lot of crap for destroying the New York Knicks and it�s a valid point. He and James Dolan combined is what pushed me over the edge to no longer being a Knicks fan, but that�s besides the point. As a basketball player, Zeke was amazing and one of my favorite players of all-time. He led the Bad Boys to two NBA titles, and despite his size, was the biggest player for those title teams.
Come on, we are talking about what he did on the court not after he retired. One of the best point guards ever.
Isiah was a great player and he deserves mor than to be number 94. Isiah was one of the greatest players of his time and was better than half of the people on this list before him. Also he is my number one and he earned his way there so whoever made this list should think where they put people next time because it makes a difference.
[Newest]Should be way higher than this,

33John Havlicek
Hondo won, what, 9 championships? And he is rated 60? Come on. He was the driving force of many of the Celtics championships. He should be in the top 10!
What? That's right, baby.



Learned how to be a play maker through HONDO'S

NASH has the makings of the same thing... That is tne same
Selflessness. TEAM PLAYERS are rare... Sounds strange however;
The league is littered with loads of individual talent... Darn few make it all
Come together ans actually lead a team to team coordination.

HONDO Number 17 not only was and remains the best...
BUT his loyalty ranks at the top also...
One career... One team John Hondo, Havlicek
Gets my vote play maker... Spiritual leader before the phrase was coined
And an over all good guy... Yupper #17 is sorely missed

Old guy who see's a lot

34Tony Parker
3-times NBA Champion and Finals MVP ans he's far behind players like Sabonis, Stojakovic or Vince Carter? It's a joke!
Fast, fearless, nice guy too
I like tony parker.. The way he move.

35Drazen Petrovic
My idol, my hero, a guy who won (or was runner up) everything in Europe and with national teams, best European basketball player of all time, I can't say that he is better than MJ but, he is in top 10, against dream team in 92 Olympic games he scored more than MJ, he was underrated in Portland, but great in Nets, and with career average of 17 points, Draz is magnificent, he scored 112 in one single game, he led his team ibenka to win a title in teen years, all in all, great man and player, our hero, drazen petrovic
Best european Player of all time, I don't care what people say about him in the comparison to Nowitzki, the fact is Drazen opened the gate to the NBA for european and international players. He invented a new style of basketball, a few experts saw him as the best player of the world during his Career in europe. RIP
The best... Search in youtube espn once brothers... It's worth it... You will be moved... You will cry
[Newest]If Drazen was still alive he would be the best basketball player ever

36Moses Malone
Moses was better than shaq ever will be! Moses didn't need to be over weight to get his rebounds the man used talent. He's the reason the sixers won it in 83!
Moses was better than so many on this list. Who rebounded better. Great scorer top 10. It amaze me how you distant Moses. The first straight out of High School

37Clyde Drexler
Ten time All-Star. Took College teams to Final four twice. Took NBA teams to Finals three times winning once. Played on the original Dream Team. Very athletic scorer who could hit the three and play good defense well. Best rebounding guard of his era. Dunked on the highest rim in history.
They call him "Clyde the Glide" for a reason
Clyde the glide! One of the best shooting guards to ever play the game. Probably 3rd behind MJ and Kobe.

38Shawn Kemp
Best in game dunked of all time! Hands down well next to vince and d wilkens
The best dunker and good fighter in 90's. He created one of the best duo (with gary payton)in nba ever.

39Dominique Wilkins
Dominique wilkins was a great basketball player he should not be in 51 place he should be in the top 3 players of all time
Dominique should definitely be top 5. Michael Jordan said he was the only one ever that impressed him. I mean most likely Stephen Curry won't make the Hall of Fame, and he's rated ahead of him. Only because he plays now
Dominique Wilkins is a slam dunk champion like michacl Jordan nobody in
The nba could stop. He's on my top three list of best players of old time. Laugh out loud!
[Newest]I remember little spud webb

40Paul George
Paul George can do anything

LeBron ain't got nothing on him. Boo
Paul George is the next MVP! He has a nice 360 dunk. And he led the team to the playoffs. !
Paul George = best player ever
I'm not saying this because the Pacers are my favorite team
[Newest]You guys need to got to a doctor dude

41Bernard King
Greatest basketball player of all time. The guy couldn't be stopped. Magic Johnson was scared of him. His magical dunks wowed crowds all over the world.
Bernard King should be at least in the top 20?

42Peja Stojakovic
One of the best 5 shooters in NBA history. Pity that people in USA don't have a clue about Game. Good enough for the top shooter in NBA doesn't make him top 20 Yugoslav player.
Legendary player, best 3 point shooter ever
One of the greatest shooters of all time, fast and clever, with a lot of solutions, with great apearences in NBA and Europe (Serbia and Greece in PAOK). He motivated the fans with his pasion and a memorable 3 point bit the buzzer winning shoot in the semifinals Greece vs osfp

43Jason Kidd
Should be in the top 10. Look at the players he's had around him and then look at his stats. The only player ever to have scored 15,000 points, 10,000 assists and 7,000 rebounds in his career. 107 triple doubles currently. Has played more play-off games than any other player that hasn't won a championship. Undefeated with the USA team, when he didn't play they didn't get gold at the olympics.

Then he was in his prime one of the best defenders in the league, and still pretty decent at it now. Plus is excellent at running the fast break, and half court offences. Oscar Robertson was playing in a different era than him, and yet he's still competitive with stats.

In my opinion the most under-rated player in the NBA.
I thnik he is in his prime one of the best defenders in the league
Look at the teams before and after he came (Mavs, Suns, Nets and return to the Mavs and win a championship).. Even at the age of 38 he can really play..
[Newest]Jesus, this list is so wrong. Kidd is one of the greatest guards, or even the greatest player to ever play! I mean it. Look at his numbers: over 100 triple doubles, 2nd all time in steals and assists, also the guard with the most rebounds. He makes smart plays and has improved his shooting like no one else. He is also the only NBA player with 18,000 points, 11000 assists, 7000 rebounds, and 2200 steals. This guy is a beast. He also got a ring.

44Kevin Love
Kevin Love doesn't deserve top 10 or even 20 but, he is way better then half these guys on the list. You have majorly under rated him, he can shoot he is great in the paint. He does lack Defensive abilities but come on 1/4 of the guys above don't start or are even welly known.
Kevin love is amazing. He is near top in scoring and rebounds. His outlet passes are amazing. His 31 31 game. His progress is not slowing and he surely will become one of the all time greats. Also note his 3-point contest victory and beating out dwight howard for an all star starting spot.
He has a while but he will be the best white basketball player of all time
[Newest]I think he is just amazing

45Ervin Johnson

46Amare Stodumire
He is beast. He is one of New Yorks best players. He averages good points per game. He is also a good slam dunker.
He is a beast what can't he do
He has good slam dunking skills.


47Richard Hamilton

48Robert Jaworski
One of the best player the philippines have produce.
Best there ever was or will be.
Best ever player in the Philippines

49James Worthy
He played with 2 of the most talented ever and still made his presence known on the court.
James Worthy was one of the best players to ever play in the NBA, as well as college. He should definitely be way higher up on the list.
Worthy is the most underrated player of all time. He is on my all-time first team, meaning he is in the top 12 all time. He was a "revolutionary" player, as he was able to play either forward position, and showed more speed and agility of any player 6'9" or over, ever. He was also an excellent defensive player.

50Gary Payton
Amazing player, sheer joy watching him play...
Best defensive player to play the game. Ever.
Gary payton was one of the best point gaurds in the NBA he was scared of nobody won defensive player of the year FOR A POINT GUARD unstoppable when he was taking down the lane hands down.

51Bob Pettit
One of the best.. Great team player.
Awesome pump fakes and crossovers from this knight in basketball armors!
-Celine, 13

52Penny Hardaway
Cause he can shot the jumper
Best player opponent of Michael Jordan
Number one endorser of Nike

53Toni Kukoč
He is just the best!
He played at any position.
The magician. Won 3 Euroleague titles in a row wit Yugoplastika Split, than did the same with Bulls. Won many madals with national team.

I just enjoy watching him

54Reggie Miller
Great shooter from deep range and great in the clutch.
I remembered that He set the record for most 3pt shots made. Great shooter and should have deserved a championship.
Man I thought Reggie miller was going to be in like the top thirty he could beat Stephan curry anytime
[Newest]Reggie Miller should be in the 30s

55Gilbert Arenas
Agent zero deserves to be a little higher rated than this!
The best little man in the NBA, soon to overcome A.I. and if he grew 5 inches would dominate Lebron. Calls his own shots!

56Baron Davis
Baron davis was amazing dude
he scored so many points and was so strong

57Bill Walton
Should be top 10. Look at his mvp awards. 1st round draft pick

58Kevin McHale
I think Kevin McHale was a complete team player and did what ever necessary to help his team win games and he did it within the rules of game in the time period that he played. He was also a very nice gentleman.
Seriously!?!? The most unstoppable post moves the world has ever seen and I can't believe he is ranked 52nd... How can guys like Baron Davis, Toni Kukoc, D-Wade be better than this guy? He lead the Celtics win multiple championships along with Bird and Parish how can you put him in 52nd... I tell you one more time! The most unstoppable post moves in NBA history. Better than Olajuwon's post moves or even Tim Duncan's post moves... Not the greatest but boy 52nd is too low for him...
Kevin McHale was unstoppable around the basket...this ranking is absurd...McHale would beat Scottie Pippen in a 1-on 1 game 9 out of 10 times.

59Shaquille Johnson
Shaquille Johnson was a dominant force on the court, his presence in the paint was undeniably the best of all time. That along with his incredible synergy with Kobe Brown make him a serious contender for the number one spot.
Who? This list is the dumbest thing I've ever seen! 1
Needs to be so much higher

60Jermaine O'Neal

61Karl Malone
The second highest scorer of all time he topped Michael Jordan! That's an amazing feet!
The least you could do is put this guy in top ten!
Most people don't realize this, but check his stats. Ridiculous!
[Newest]He should not be 58! He is one of the best!

62Joakim Noah
He is an amazing mid range shooter and a great hook shooter as well. The time he blocked Lebron was the best or when he stole the ball against Paul Pierce and dunked yeah. There is plenty more I could list but he's the man.
The defensive player of the year in the nab and collage.
2nd best player on Bulls behind derrick rose

63Deron Williams
Amazing scorer and passer. Also playing through bone spurs.

64Oscar Schmidt
The most underrated player all time, just because he didn't played in the nba. Almost 50k points in his career
Best sniper ever! Beated the US into their home!
No other player in history has his numbers.

65David Thompson
He is the best college basketball player who ever lived. He invented the alley-oop. The only reason this guy isn't in the top 5 is because he played for the ABA more than he played in the NBA, he is from the early seventies, and he was more of a college player than a pro player. Michael Jordan says that this guy was his idol. He could jump so high he tripped over some guys shoulder. In college it was said that he could touch the top of the backboard. People said that he could but a quarter on the the top of the backboard then change it out for a nickel and two dimes.
He was absolutely unstoppable in his first five to six years in the league. Very underrated as a defensive player and was very unselfish. David Thompson was as good as any of the top players in the history of basketball
If you never saw this guy dunk a ball then you've seen nothing. He is simply awesome. One of the highlight players of the 70's. The people who can lack to his level are a short list. Jabbar, Chamberlain, Barry, and West.


[Newest]He is the best player of all time please put him in at least the top 50 PLEASE!

66George Gervin
Are you kidding. Michael at 1 is the only thing right. Ice man is worth top 20. Better than him: MJ, Kobe, then tied with pistol Pete. I've man was great at scoring and took on the also low ranted Dr. J in the famous dunk contest.

67Earl Boykins
Nobody got more heart than this guy. Simply the GOAT. He's faster than AI, shoots better than Kobe, and has more heart than Duncan. He's a beast.


68Larry Johnson
This guy was great, and should be much higher than joakim noah
He is pretty goos

69Marc Gasol

70Jerry Lucas
Jerry Lucas was easily the most underrated player on this list. For several seasons he was right there with Chamberlain and Russell as a rebounder and scorer. One of the very best ever centers to ever play the game. Possibly the best ever college player and high school player. How soon people forget!

71Robert Horry
"Big Shot Bob" is not only known for his clutch shots but also his aggressive playing... not to mention he has 6 rings

72Ivory Latta
The best girl basketball player from college. Got drafted to Detroit!

73Esteban Batista

74Alonzo Mourning
One of the BEST shot blockers EVER and he had a surgery and is still one of the best Centers in the Game
Zo. A true warrior. A player with the heart of a champion. Deserves to be a hall of famer and one of the most intimidating center of his career.

75Danny Granger
I love the pacer fans I think Danny granger is way better than wade he sucks I hate the heat Danny Grainger could beat all the heat players but LeBron James I hate LeBron James is the king of flops paul George could beat LeBron James any time
Paul George is BOSS!

76Chris Mullin
Obviously someone is smoking the tree if Mully is not top 50 of all time. Shawn Kemp? Chris bosh. Are you kidding me

77Earl Manigault
Why is Earl number 82 on this list he would destroy Jordan he could shoot well, pass well, block exceptionally, he also averaged 31 points and 13 rebounds he dunked on Wilt and blocked him, and he destroyed Dr. J in a one on One he should be #3 behind Wilt CHamberlain and Raymond Lewis

78Neil Johnston
He is really good you should put him in like 10th place

79Dimitris Diamantidis
The best defender all time ever!
One of the best point guards with all general attributes all oves the world
For sure the best basketball player in Europe

80Rick Barry
118 ABA and NBA 40 point game. Only person to lead the ABA, NBA and NCAA in scoring. I saw Rick Berry score 55 points and saw him before he blew out his knee. He was amazing.

81Donald Earl Slick Watts
the first nba player to choose the bald look. revolutionized the headband

82Adonal Foyle
The most talented center ever.
Hot and Dangerous he is so GOOD in bed!

83Jerome James
Jerome James is one of the greats in our game, kind of like the impact Allen Iverson had on Point Guards and Shooting Guards
Jerome James was amazing in his prime, even a few years ago he was incredible!
Jerome can really shoot and he is one of the greatest of all time

84Eric Snow

85Shawn Marion
He is so fast and athletic a weired shot but makes it

86Billy Cunningham

87Brandon Jennings
so underrated! Future star of the Milwaukee Bucks. Should be chosen by the All-Stars


He should be #35 on the list

88Wilson Chandler

89Dejan Bodiroga
He won everything in world of basketball

90Bevo Francis
Look him up, one of the greatest scorers of all time
He averaged 50 points in college an scored 113
Points in a game he is truly the greatest
My Vote Is Grant Vaccarabo, He Is The Greatest Of All Time By So Far, He Scored 9000 points in a game as a freshman in 1st grade. Ian on the other hand scored about 5points in a whole year. He Sucks Pretty Bad, What A Loser.

91Spud Webb
5"6 men calm on he should be the top 40 best dunker for a small guy whoever made. This they don't know basketball
Great tiny but dunks a lot
Is definitely not 93 your crazy
[Newest]He should be at least in the top 15! Come on man!

92Fadi El Khatib
Lebanese Basketball star and great scorer refused to go to the NBA to stay in Lebanon with his family. He also won 4 times the Asian Championship for clubs
He should be last
Fadi can wipe and kiss Nate Robinsons ass!

93Nate Robinson
One of the best little guys in the NBA. Can really score and can dunk really well at 5 feet 9 inches.

94Milos Teodosic
The guy who is one of the best ballers in europe. He got 3 MVP titles in the last 4 years.

95Linas Kleiza
The guy how are the best in the world with his tallent his team winning big titles

96Dennis Rodman
Rodman could change any game he played in by just out hustling and just being himself would always throw the other teams out of there game plans because of foul trouble and frustration. Rodman made a impact just like barkley did and you eather like them or you don't. Rodman by far he should be on the list.
The Worm was the best rebounder ever and not to mention his shut down defense
The menace. Top rebounder.
[Newest]Dennis should be in top 30 to be honest

97Roger Brown

98Manute Bol
Bol is so much better Bevo Francis, he should be in top 50
HE WAS 7 7 could dunk while standing as e some player

99Shawn Bradley
Michael Jordan IS THE BEST

100Dru Joyce
All top 100 players are great but Dru Joyce is under rated

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