Julius Erving


Dr J changed the shape of the game from way above the hoop. His dunks were creative and graceful. Julius was one of the NBA's ambassadors who carried the torch from Kareem and West to Bird, Magic and Jordan.

I don't know how Julius Erving is behind D-Wade because Wade hasn't proved himself as an elite NBA player. He only won two titles and he couldn't win without another all-star. 2006-Shaq 2012-LeBron James - redsox123456789

I agree with that but you have to remember that doc didn't get any rings until Moses came

Before Jordan there was Dr.J. equal ability to Jordan in the air and that is saying something! He scored at will and entertained the fans like few ever did. Totally dominated the paint.

Julius Irving revolutionized basketball, and outplayed many of the greats during his time. And even Michael Jordan was humble in his presence. I feel like he should be higher on the list. Way higher.

Not even in the top 10. Dirty Shame The man changed the game by revolutionizing playing above the rim. He was Michael before Michael and is well deserving of a spot in the top 5 above wade and iverson

DR J was not only one of the NBA's greatest but also one of the ABA's greatest he won the first pro ABA slam dunk contest by dunking from the free throw line - logankulas

He is better than all these people think he made basketball better and dwayne wade are you kidding, come on he should be on the top

Man dr. j is a boss he was unstoppable think about all those crazy dunks he could throw down on your head

Amazing could dunk shoot and never missed lay ups

Is rank by fox sport 3 behind Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson

He Was The First Who Dunk From The Freethrow line And he's The Creater of the SLAM DUNK

dr.J made tha 76ers what they are today.... deserve better placement in da list...

could score at will -- all who came after him tried to mimmick his greatness

The Doc was the man who started the new era of dunk

Awesome to say the least

the doctor did so much for the game its amazing

They call him the doctor because he makes the incision on the defense

Didn't even like basketball until I saw the Doc play. enough said.

His generous personality held him back from being in the top 3...

He also elevated the game for Jordan

Keep on rocking the craddle.
Beastly nickname Dr. J.

Game changer. MJ is a dr. J clone.

Style baba the dude had style

I want julius erving to be top 1

Most graceful and respectful player ever.