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LeBron James


The man is lebron james! Been to the finals by himself with a bum ass cavaliers team! Every time kobe won a ring he had a squad! As a matter of fact the first three rings were shaq because the year after he left in 06 shaq won a ring with the HEAT. What did kobe do that year? Hit 81 points against the raptors? Come on man! The young boy couldn't even make the playoffs. Kobe has never been without a big man, he a hoe always waiting for some big men to save his ass just like bynum, gasol, and odom rescued his dumbass. Not mention all kobe has is that mid range jumper. Lebron is all 5 basketball positions in 1! He could block the biggest centers like he stuffed kevin garnett last years playoffs, he could guard the fastest point guard like he guarded derrick rose in last years playoffs. The man is just an all around athlete. He is gonna be number 1 just give him time!

1- Michael Jordan (for now)
2-Lebron James
3-Kevin Durant (if he keeps it up)
4- Kobe bryant
Lebron is the best all around player in basketball today, and could become the best of all time if he continues to play at the high level he now does. Let me list some stats against Jordan, Lebron- 7.1 rpg MJ- 6.2 rbg Lbj- 5 apg MJ-5.3 LBJ-.9 BPG MJ-.83 LBJ-33% 3pt MJ-32.7% 3pt. Thought each of these margins are very close Lebron leads in each. He's a better passer, rebounder, and I might even say a more efficient scorer. 2 common arguments against lebron are his 0 rings or they (ignorantly) state he chokes in big situations. So by judging him on his rings are you saying Lamar Odom is better then Lebron? What about Shannon Brown? No the argument is who is the best basketball player. For the second argument, go look at his 4th quarter stats and see he does not choke, he is a great closer. When all is said and done, Lebron will have topped Jordan and undoubtedly Kobe and will be The best and greatest player ever to play the game of basketball.
It's a shame people put Kobe over LeBron. It's also wrong that people compare LeBron to Jordan. Take Magic Johnson's Game, add a bit more strength to it and you got LeBron. Rings are important, but not an argument to say who is the best player of all time. If I had to pick between Jordan and LeBron, I couldn't even decide which one is better. In the end of important games Jordan got that killer instinct but he cannot create as many finishing opportunities like LeBron can do. LeBron proved against San Antonio that he can be a closer and that he is definitely clutch. I think if he would be 2 years younger he could reach that Jordan-clutch-level. But LeBron has an unbelievable overview and basketball-IQ so he can create so many options at every time of the game and he can also shoot the ball very well.
So I cannot pick between these 2 great players, I would put em both on Position 1. On 2, there is Olajuwon and Magic. (But Kobe is definitely not under the top 5 of all time)
no one in the NBA can beat lebron james he's amazing kobe is good but lebrons better he's bigger faster and he will pass the ball to team mates instead of just shooting the whole game like kobe does lebron is a team player and my favorite basketbal player of all time give him a couple more years and he's going to be better the MJ lebron has 20 triple double and kobe has 16 and kobe has played hundreds of more games then lebron has like jerry west said (Even though it's hard for me to be objective, because I brought Kobe to Los Angeles, I do think LeBron has surpassed Kobe as a player.
" -- Jerry West
now thats all I gotta say about that
James is truly a great player not even 28 and already scored 18,000 so like we did with chamberlain lets look at some of his achievements youngest person to win back to back MVP, youngest NBA All-Star MVP, youngest person to score 10,000 points, best player in the NBA now, NBA scoring champion, rookie of the year I could go on and on but let me just make this clear the reason LeBrons on this list and Kobe's not I because LeBron is the king and it's not that I have no respect for Kobe it's just that he is extremely over rated as soon as people see that the better things will be better in the NBA!
Look at his most recent year, MVP, Championship, and a gold medal, only LeBron, His Royal Airness, and Bill are the only players to do that, they should be in the top three together. LeBron has the fades, the shots, the dunks, flashy passing, rebounds like a freak, pulls off insane steals, and can guard any position with no problem, defensive player candidate? So close to having a historical year, averaged over 27 points this season. In '04 is around the time where USA basketball had a downfall (retirement of so many legends within 4 years the retirement of the Chicago big three) now look at the team now, two Olympic medals... Thanks to LeBron forcing USA basketball to rise from the ashes, five more championships, then people will say he's better than Jordan
LeBron James may not be the best right now but he should be at least number 2 currently. By the end of his career he has the potential to be The Greatest Of All Time. He is improving his game every off season. And it is very noticeable during the season. For example the off season after he won his first ring he improved on his jump shot. Last season he was pretty good from beyond the arc, not great but pretty good. And that means you have to respect his shot from beyond the arc which will open other opportunities for him to make other plays or it will allow his teammates to get open for the score.
Lebron is one of NBA’s all time best. A player that represents his team Cavaliers very well. I mean this guy is awesome all around from not only his point average but as well as the assists that he produces in his games. A great player. LeBron isn’t had his very best yet, and that is hard to believe because he is completely awesome he is going to go places that no player has gone before.
Amazing talent, I like how he passes the ball instead of just shooting it.

Rarely misses the shot, I like Kobe, but it would be boring to play in one team just because he doesn't pass the ball so often...

Amazing talent, not so old as well, lets see how everything turns out in future...

If he doesn't wins the champion ship, he doesn't counts as bad player, everyone has their Ups and Downs
This guy Lebron is hands down top 5 all around player in NBA history. His shooting is very consistent now, defense, passing, speed, strength, jumping ability, and basketball IQ... This guy obviously is about team and not racing to score the most point as fast as he can... Yet still is a good post move away from ending his career with over 40, 000 points and in less than 19 seasons... Unlike Kareem you was all about scoring and took like 30 seasons to score 38, 000 laugh out loud.
Well I believe lebron actually made it to the playoff finals, although they lost at least they got past the second round, where as oh wait who got beat lakers and em don't they have kobe bryant thought he could control a whole game by himself well apparently not, so come on guys vote the better player LeBron
Lebron is the best he can do almost all kind of shootings like dunk (360), 3 point, fantastic dribbling skills, and his monster blocks all is in him that's why I vote for lebron than kobe, but before I voted for kobe when I was still eight but since saw james he became my #1idol. Look he burnt his cleverlands jersey#23 just to change it into #6 miami heat wow what a great player he will beat maybe a few years after lebron would take the place of jordan. That's all hope you like it
Man king lebron james is the best basketball player right now and all time! Why? Because he's one of the greats all around players, has OUTSTANDING TRIPLE DOUBLES IN THE RECORD BOOK, has won 3 mvps and is going to get lots of champion ships and lots more. Sure people said that he should of stayed at clevelend but he's got better help chris bosh and dwayne wade and he's un stopable. The other players there good but they will never be as good as king lebron james! Oh he didn't have to go to college. Go king lebron james klbj!
What LeBron James can do on the basketball court is outright jaw-dropping. He is the most athletic player of all time, he is a fantastic passer, dribbles with ease, and most importantly, makes everyone around him better. He made it to the championship with the second best player on the team being Larry Hughes. Now that he has his first ring, the sky is the limit for LeBron.
LeBron has carried his team much better than kobe has and should be placed in the top three! Kobe has a better team to back him up than LeBron does and still LeBron gets his team to the Conference finals year after year and Kobe can't even make the semi's.
LeBron is amazing from any spot on the court. He's not the next MJ, he's LeBron James making the game he loves his own. No one has ever done it the way he has. He's an outstanding person & basketball player. He goes above and beyond to help his team, to play tohis capability which has no limits. No matter what, he's faced adversity with his head high and that's something to be proud of always. LeBron James is #GOAT!
lebron james is one of the best players of all time because he does everything that an nba player should do he passes he can score he's really fast and most importantly he plays very good defense these are some reasons why I think lebron james is one of the best players of all time
In an era where we have the most physically fit and capable of ball players I find that Lebron has been able to dominate the game. He is the most well rounded basketball player of all time. I would definitely put him above Kobe and most likely Jordan. The argument is always going to be about the rings so I hope that he gets his just so this argument can be put to rest farther down the road.
I think LeBron James is good at basketball h should stay on the miami heat he is my favorite player I am doing an project on him and I want 3 pairs of his shoes for free I liked when he tweeted about my really best friend dajae coleman he can dribble he can shoot he can do anything he should be number 3 instead of 6 give 6 to bosh they should never lose to the weak BULLS I use lebron when I play 2k12 or 2k13 when I went to ohio I went to celevland and saw his old house that was fun and I seen the school lebron was suppose to go to but went to a privet school lebron should come and vistit evanston illnis and I want to be in the WNBA I think lebron is very cool and should to the 3 point contest thedunking contest and he should send me the galxs 3 or 4. Thanks for saying a qauiot about dajae coleman he is really cool that is my cousin and I really miss him he is also your favorite player too and he was really wanting to get to meet you like I do. Pray for the loos of our loving friend and family member dajae coleman and say a qoiot for his girlfriend too Lulu Brown and his mom tiffany rice dad richard coleman sister brother cousin our hole family thank you lebron james love ya and win the playoffs and the ship love gabrielle henley inbox me on facebook send me a request at Gabrielle Henley it hasa picture of mewit my eyes closed bye
We all should respect lebron not only for the game he plays but also for the hard work he did in his life, because he was a single parent child, and was not so sound like mj @ his childhood, he was not as privileged as mj was, n this is the only reason I like him for, may be he had many haters but I know he got more no. Of fans, who always respect him n like him for the game he plays n the person he is. May god bless lebron.
He's beast! Some might say he's a traitor, but I believe he did what isn't wrong. LeBron James is what the NBA really needs, he could shoot, drive, dunk and do whatever he wants. He could be as quick as a point guard, as strong as a forward and as durable as a center. There is nothing he could not accomplish, LeBron James could potentially be the best basketball player of all time.
For all those lebron haters lebron is only played 4 or 5 seasons and most of them were without any help michael didn, t win not one chapionship until scottie pippen came along so give lebron a chance that was his first season with help and anyway kobe has only won one championship since lebron came in I respect kobe and his team and scoring 81 points in a game that's good but lebron is just the better man and clevland burning jerseys wasn, t called for
You didn, t own him you could, t make him stay
LeBron James is a master, for such a small dude he is a gift. He is so much better than Kobe Bryant and Jordan. He is on my favorite team the Miami Heat, he won back to back MVP's that is almost impossible. He is a star and will continue to grow. He is the best of the best like Christiano Ronaldo with Football he is the best when it comes to Basket Ball.
Number 3 no way lebron james totally wins against kobe bryant lebron james should be number 2 I mean michael jordan still is number 1 because man he's gust awesome and gust made for basketball. Go lebron james.
Lebron is probably the GOAT of all basketball history. I mean, DAMN. He is the chosen one. He has the tattoo Witness on his legs. He is the number one captain of USA!!!! this man is a beast!! a beast i tell u!

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