Oscar Robertson

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Best all around player of all time. Averaged a triple double in one season and nearly a triple double for his entire career. He could play any position and in every one of those positions he could be an 5 time allstar.

Oscar Is the only player in nba history to average a triple double. His career averages are insane. Top rebounding for a point guard and about 9 assists to go with 20+ points.

Ridiculous, how soon they forget.
Pure movement, did everything,
Completely in control at all time.
Jordan got all of those championships. (With Pippin)
There can only be one number one, Oscar.

Oscar Robertson was one of the greatest he could past, shoot, rebound, and he can make assists he made his teammates better and he number 21 really guys

Robertson averaged a triple double that's insane so many people don't even know who he is but he was considered the best before Jordan came around

Oscar should be at least top 3. The things that he could do, and the numbers he put up are certainly more deserving than this

He is one the top ten greatest players. To be behind Steve Nash, LeBron James, even D Wade, Dirk and the others is a total JOKE!

Big O only averaged a triple double for his career. Iverson is not even top 50 in my book. Ever hear of Jerry West? Geez!

He should be at first because Michael Jordan and robertson are the best player in the world that ever I have seen

Apparently this is not a basketball site, with Robertson and Jabbar not on the top 10. Enough said.

He has mad hops. I'm not saying that because of the picture, I'm saying it because I've watch recordings.

only reason he isnt talked about is because he wasn't flashy, he just got it done.

I'm doing a report on you by gavin

Most complete player ever other then Lebron James and just is all around good

He averaged a triple-double for God sake! No one has ever done that.

The best ever he has more then 150 triple doubles best ever or at least top 3 please

The REAL best ever player. It's all in the record folks!

He was an all star every year when was in the NBA

Did it all with little help from his teammates.

So much triple doubles in a season! #41

Kevin Durant is better then Oscar Robertson

I believe that Oscar Robertson should have been about 5 overall. He was one of the first best PG's in the game of basketball.

Oscar Robertson is awesome he averaged a triple Double for a whole season he had
181 triple Doubles in his career.

Average s triple double for a whole season? You had to see him in action to really appreciate his greatness. The "Big O" deserves a lot more recognition than he gets.

He is better than all except MJ, the best all around PG in history, this man was something very special he would be #2