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The Top Ten

Cliff Burton
R.I. P
I like Zombie-man and Trujillo, but no one can ever be as good as Cliff was...

Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation Take Me Home

Bass god- listen to the solo he does on 'Kill 'em All', then tell me he doesn't deserve to be here!
Calling a bassist best of the world based on a solo makes you lose all credibility.
He is easily the bast bassist in the world because he has fingers like picks! No wait... THREE PICKS! Like Kirk Hammett said.
[Newest]RIP Clifford Lee Burton
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I've been playing bass all of my live and I never stop learning new things of him
In my honest and personal opinion Michael 'flea' balzaray is the best bassist ever because of his technique and his style. Don't get me started about sound because what I have too say would be too long too read but short and simple flea has a sound no one can beat. He keeps the best beat and has the best slap. End of story
Unbelievable the things he can do with a bass guitar. Revolutionized the bass several time. Basically founded the slapping technique and with one of the best bands in the world now
[Newest]Best slap bassist ever
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3Geddy Lee
When discussing "The best 'x' of all time" lists, I think people rarely TRULY assess the bassist position in a band. The lists for best guitarist or drummer (albeit the ORDER rarely exactly the same), typically have the same names in the top 10.

But with bass guitarists, people tend to know the name of the bass guitarist of their favorite band & go
with that person. THAT'S A SHAME!
"Inspirational" is one thing (& definitely should be considered), but proficiency, skill, creativeness, & style are the real indicators to examine. Not to mention the genre of music they play may or may not grant them certain "latitudes" to show off their abilities!
But when a particular musician can portray &/or excel in ALL of these... There's your winner!

EXAMPLE: Ringo Starr... Inspirational? YES! Greatest drummer? Not EVEN close! With that said... Mike Dirnt, Cliff Burton... Inspirational? NO question! Best bassist? Come on!

Now on with my list (& in no particular order with exception of the first name! Laugh out loud! ).
Geddy Lee!
John Myung
Chris Squier
Steve Harris
Les Claypool
(& for you jazz buffs... No, I did not include Stanley Clarke! )
Um... Ok, this is confusing, first of all, Cliff Burton was a good bass player, but he wasn't that great, second of all, how is some weird dude named Tetsuya Ogawa above Geddy Lee? , and third of all, all the dudes above Geddy Lee, currently just have to play bass, Geddy Lee can sing, play keyboards, AND play bass
My opinion is Geddy Lee is the best bassist ever and he deserves to have 100% instead of 4 why do people think he is not the best.
[Newest]As a bassist, I have to place Geddy Lee at the top of my list. There are many capable bass players we admire and appreciate but for raw skill and range of playing I have to say Geddy all the way. When I first started listening to Rush (around Fly by night) I would ask people to tell me how many pieces the band had. Never got 3 as an answer until later when they were well known. From the early works like Working Man, Bastille Day, 2112, or La Villa Strangiato, through later works like Driven, Ceiling Unlimited, Ghost Rider, or Carnies, shows range, evolution, and skill like no other.

Some others on this list I like and have played many of their songs but I was still really surprised to see them in this list. Some others I expected to see higher in the ranking. It would be interesting to see a to 10 done by a bass player group where everyone knew the instrument and could appreciate the relative skill.
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4John Entwistle
Come on all you kids who vote on these lists... Look for John Entwistle on Youtube. See the magic he does. There's even a video taken from a cam fixed on the neck of his guitar just to show people what's going on. The man does things with his fingers that, well, are not supposed to be possible. Love you John, rest in peace.
Entwisle is a god, and that's as plain as that. So many good bass players, still, in what he did, he has shown mastery and virtuosity beyond understanding. That guy never needed to do antics on the stage. Calm and composed at all times, he lets his fingers talk for him. God knows how many times he had to pick up the whole rhythm section in show because Keith Moon was busy doing something else than playing.

Not present on this list, but should be: Paul McCartney, a truly under-rated bass player; Tony Levin, an amazing session bassist besides playing with King Crimson, Chris Squire, who did incredible things with his Rickenbacker and showed what amazing varieties of tones you can get from that instrument. And Jaco Pastorious, from Weather Report among others. Stanley Clarke, from Return to Forever and others. Peter Hook from New Order. And yes, Myung from DT. JPJ from LedZep. But there are too many...
The absolute best. Look at the ox bass solo. If anything it should put him at number one for sure.
[Newest]John Entwistle puts everyone to shame.
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5Steve Harris
I don't even know where to start, the technique, the speed, the fact that a bass guitarist is the frontman of the greatest band in history just makes me wonder why not everyone is voting for this man of british steel. I think cliff burton gets many sympathy votes due to his early passing, but he was NOT a better bass player, he was not a better songwriter (harris has written and co-written over 90% of maidens songs)and no one has ever had a stronger passion than steve. I hope people read this comment and consider voting and listening to one of the great men of metal.
Cliff was only decent. Steve Harris has co- written 120 songs out of the 150 Maiden songs and out of them 57 of them are solely written by Harris.
Steve Harris IS Iron Maiden. Cliff Burton was never Metallica.
Phantom of the opera licks are simply awesome, as all have noted his speed is simply stupefying. Could be wrong but it seems as if the whole band is following the tempo that he's laying down. Absolutely fantastic
[Newest]Steve Harris has the skill, the passion, and the stamina to be the greatest bassist in the world. Cliff Burton is a is a snail compared to Harris and Harris will always be better. Its also a clear choice because Harris is in Iron Maiden
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6John Paul Jones
Should in Top 5. Backbone of greatest rock band of all time. Totally understated and overlooked.
Should in top 10.
Many bass player influenced by him,
flea, geddy lee, and many more..
If every bassist on this list voted for the best then John Paul Jones and James Jamerson would be taking the cake.
[Newest]More than a bassist. Multi-instrumentalist, musical genius.
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7Georg Listing
Georg ich liebe dich!
I'm a fan of Spain and for me you are the best bass of the world.
i love the music and I made music too. Kiss for you and for gustav, bill, and tom.
we are the best!
George is a beautiful man, is the best, is a excellent person and He plays the drums and piano as a angel! I LOVE GEORGE! THE BEST...
He's too underrated, but Georg is actually a very talented bassist.
[Newest]He is the best! He should have won the 1st place!
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8Les Claypool
You can't tell me that a man who plays a 25 freat 6 string fretless bass, and TAPS most of it WHILE SINGING at such a rate most other bassists can't compete with, isn't number one
Even Metallica, after newstead quit admitted he was better then anyone they had ever seen while he auditioned for them. He wasnt given the job because he was "too good"

Les Claypool all the way
Hands down the most talented bassist to ever pick up an instrument, Entwistle is his closest competition...
[Newest]Les is insanely talented inventive and the BEST!
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9Paul McCartney
it is arguable whether Paul McCartney is the best Bass player ever. What is beyond dispute is the fact he is the Greatest of all time. Who else can claim
i) To have been around (And still gigging at the highest level) for five decades
ii) Will go down in musical history as one of the greatest composers of all time. Up there with Beethoven, Chopin, Brian Wilson, Lloyd weber et al
i) Has probably made more money than the rest put together.
iv) Has been knighted 'Sir Paul McCartney' by the Queen for services to music
v) Has met and entertained Kings, Queens, Presidents, Mandela etc (And impromptu free gigs at his local pub in England)
vi) His music will still be around in 100, or 1000 years time
vii) Is the most recognized, worldwide of any on this, or any other musical list you care to come up with. Before you argue with this, get a list of names or photographs of your top 10, 20, or 100 of top bassists and show them to the first random 10 people you meet. Check the response.
vi) In addition to this, and some memorable, original, melodic bass lines, he has inspired more people to take up bass than anyone (Including me)
Jimi Hendrix called Paul his favorite bassist of all time. More finger dexterity than any of the names mentioned here. Just listen to his performance in "Something"
I laugh when people rate guys like Cliff Burton and Flea above Mccartney. Americans especially are guilty of always picking guys with awesome mind blowing speed technique over a guy like Paul who is an innovator. Pauls' bass playing with the Beatles in the 60s has revolutionized the bass in popular music. Guys in bands even today are still mimicking one of his styles. The Beatles bassically invented Heavy Metal with Paul's song Helter Skelter. I guarantee that Flea and Cliff great players that they are technically, could never in a million years come up with a better bass for songs like Something, Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds, Nowhere man or Rain... but to name a few. Any layman can train like mad to play slap bass, or run a fret board like a madman. But no one can be taught how to instinctively add a bass line like Mccartney did for a song like Something or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Mccartney's bass sometimes is played like a counter melody to what Lennon is singing as well, which is just mind boggling. Paul is The Best of All Time.
[Newest]It's true that he was a innovator in the bass guitar, but he is not the best bassist and don't deserves to be in number 9 anyway
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10Tetsuya Ogawa
Yes, Finnaly, a site that realize the true godlike genius skil of TETSU

He is bass, his skin are made of bass, his brain are made from bass, his heart are definitely BASS





Tetsu is the most awesome bassist,

He is skilled, the most skilled,

There's no one who dares stand before him,

He plays full of skill and harmony. he is a bass monster that can play a counter melody bass. he is the best bassist that I ever know. he is a god of bass, can anyone beat him now? I guess not.
[Newest]10 times more doomed than this 😮 → whenever I heard Tetsu's bass, especially in Finale.
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The Contenders

11Geezer Butler
God This People Need Some Knowledge. Butler is the greatest bassist of all-time. This is Geezer we are talking about should be 1. This is Geezer we are talking about should be 1. This is Geezer we are talking about should be 1
Geezer Slaps That Bass Like A Madman He Should Be #1


Butler is the greatest bassist of all-time. Listen to Sabbath's Heaven and Hell album if you want to hear how a bass is supposed to sound.


[Newest]Without geezer and Black Sabbath there would be no foundation to metal. Geezer, tony bill, ozzy, and dio you guys rock1

12Mike Dirnt
LONGVIEW bass line how the hell is Mike not at position #1 he is freaking awesome!
Mike drint the best we love him but I am surprised to see him in position 11
He is supposed be in number 1 please vote for him
Green day is known for the bassist longview, warning, and in american eulogy he sings great... Best bassist ever.
[Newest]Aha! DIRNT you are the best!
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13Jaco Pastorius
Jaco is hands-down the number one most influential, he brought the electric bass out of the box and put it in the forefront. Teen Town and Portrait of Tracy are prime examples of how bass can take over and be the leader if need be. He did for bass what Bach did for all of music: he figured the darn thing out and brought it further than anyone else has. He had incredible amounts of talent, and used 100% of it, all the time. Victor Wooten is without doubt the most innovative bass player, and most likely the best living bassist. Victor started playing bass when he was 3 or 4 years old, so he has that skill literally built into his brain. I would say Steven Bailey is up there too, along with Sheehan, Clarke, and Geddy. Also, someone needs to keep an eye on Jaco's son Felix, he might be a force to be reckoned with in the future...
Jaco would be first if people understood that jaco was the influence for every single bassist on this page
25? Green Day at 11? I guess that's what happens when anybody can vote :/ Jaco is and extremely well bass player and incredibly unique style
[Newest]Jaco moved bass play so further. definitely in top ten!
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14Mike Starr
Mike was one of the kindest people in the world. He was the most distinguished and talented bassists of the 90's and his impact upon Grunge as well as Hard Rock will always be his legacy!
The Best Bass player in the world... May his sweet soul rest in peace...
Amazingly talented bassist. The music world, and his fans miss him always. Rest in peace.
[Newest]One of the most passionate bassist I've ever seen on stage.

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15Johnny Christ
If Johnny Christ is not moved up souly for his impeccable slap bass performance in the multiple bass solos in the song Afterlife then I will be very disappointed not to mention the millions of other great bass lines he has played like Beast and the Harlot Bat Country and Save Me. He is if not the very best a very close 2nd on the list of best bass players period. From his great jazz metal fusion playing style to his iconic stage performances he his the full package if every band's perfect bass player. He is an inspiration for metal bassists everywhere and even far after his time his name will be remembered.
Save Me, Almost Easy, Nightmare. Enough said, for he's no 3. Number 1 Cliff Burton no 2 Flea.
A7x have amazing songs, but without the bass sound from johnny the songs are incomplete. GO A7X best band ever all the members are amazing musicians.
[Newest]He should be at least in top 10
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16Chris Wolstenholme
Mikey way is a good bassist, from one of my fave bands, My Chemical Romance is in my top 3 bands, but hysteria, the groove, futurism, hyper music... The list goes on. Muse is in my top 1


Just listen, to Futurism, Hysteria, The Groove, etc, and you'll KNOW, why Chris has to be in the top ten.
He always tries his very hardest to get the bass line sounding the BEST it can, and the songs wouldn't be the same without it!
There's no one that writes bass-lines like he does, from really complicated to really simple, using a withe range of effects to get unique sounds and always making sure a song does not feel empty
[Newest]Just listen to Hysteria, than you'll know why I voted for him :3
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Come on reita just come through to the top and be the best Japanese bassist first and then best bassist of the world!
He's one of the best there is out there. He in a band that is very dear to me. His abilities are outstanding. There's no doubt that he's one of the best out there ^-^
The best bassist in the world?
It's Reita alright.
You'll regret for not voting him.
So click that "VOTE"
[Newest]Reita is the best!
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18John Deacon
Grossly underrated. His bass parts are like little stories, yet he never gets in anyone's way. With all the guitars and vocals going on, he finds the spaces and plays basically what he wants. He's loose, fluid, and quite busy at times, but I can't find one song where he stepped on the vocal or guitar parts.
With John's bass the music flows and is full of hidden intricacies. You need to listen to understand the pure detail and appreciate how he supports and develops each song without diistracting from the work of the rest of Queen
He is the underrated member of that band. He just quietly went about his business doing the greatest thing of the time. He would still be right up there if he was still active.
[Newest]So underrated. Intricate bass lines. Love it when he goes jazz/blues.
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19Victor Wooten
I can't believe that most of the people on this survey have no appreciation or understanding that Victor Wooten should be at the top--not far down on this list. The others who voted for Wooten and left comments--I thank you. The only thing I might add is that Vic is super good guy, humble and a great speaker--I had the opp to meet him at a clinic at the House of Guitars in Rochester NY. There is more to bass playing than heavy metal--Vic has command over many venues and he never stops advancing.
Most people think that just because you can play fast you're a great player. Such is many of the examples above. But to have a high understanding of a would be simple instrument as Victor Wooten is a great feat.
I'm a die hard fan of Metallica Cliff Burton is the best bassist Metallica Have had, but he never demonstrate the versatility that Victor Wooten has.
Victor Wooten is by far better than everyone in front of him on this list. I love Avenged Sevenfold but there is no conceivable way that he should be in top 100 let alone above a man like Victor Wooten. I have seen both A7X live as well as Bela Fleck, and outside of maybe Synyster Gates, who actually is a jazz guitarist by trade, none of the A7X crew can hold up against the sheer skill and talent of the men in Bela Fleck. Metallica is also great, but Cliff Burton is no where near the bass player of Vic Wooten.
[Newest]19 Bassists above Wooten based on anything other than popularity is ludicrous.
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20Duff McKagan
My favorite bassists but not the top, a lot of it is his band, but he's still awesome, go on youtube and type in slash solo, click on the one on him live in Tokyo and it starts off with a duff awesome bass solo them to a bass line
Maybe the perfect bass tune.. Not the best technical level but definitely he has an awesome sense of bass playing and generally melody.. One of the main factors of the guns n' roses commercial and not even succes... If he's not the best bass player he's for sure one of the best bass line composer.. A bass line can't be noticed often from a not musician, duff is one of the bassists that have achieved the attention of all kind listeners with his special tone and his melodies.. You can recognise him.. In first place he's a musician and then a player
ohhhhhhh. c mon duff should be in the top 5. in his songs you can actually hear the bass. hottest bassist by the way ;)
[Newest]My fave bass player ever

21John Ro Myung
Technically PERFECT! He's the best, no doubt about it... I'm surprised they put him in 23rd position. Why is metal always be number one?
It's surprising why the LORD of technical bass playing has a really low vote. He deserves to be on the TOP! Guys we need to open up our ears and listen to every note he nails.
Not every bassist actually firmly nails their notes right at this speed. Listen up peeps
[Newest]John Myung no THE JOHN RO MYUNG at 20th?! Johnny Christ better than the King of Bass? Wow! That is ludicrous!
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22Roger Waters
Him, john entwistle and john paul jones should be on the top 5 with cliff burton!


Roger waters made some of the most memorable bass lines ever. So in that case he is better than john paul jones, but not as good as john entwistle. He just sounds better on bass than anyone else because he digs into your soul. Just listen to Money, Time, Childhood's End, Comfortably Numb, Another Brick In the Wall, Echoes, and Let There Be More Light. He is SO unique.
Money, another brick in the wall, comfortably numb. Yeah, roger waters is one of the best, under cliff burton and steve harris


[Newest]Roger Waters in no way had the most technical bass riffs this is true. But he truly showed little can be more. Definitely should be in top ten this is just absurd.

23Tommy Joe Ratliff
He Is The Best. Don't Get Me Wrong, I Love Pete Wentz And Mikey Way, But SHOW TOMMY SOME RESPECT. The Man Is Already A Legend, He Should Be WAY Higher Than This. At Least 12. (Should Be Higher Than That Though. ) Even If Lower He Should Be what WAY WAY Higher Than Gene Simmons. That's Crap. I Love John Deacon And Both Cliff And Robert Are Great, But I Still Love Tommy The Most.
Tommy brought bass playing closer to me. He has a special way to play bass and it's fascinating me every time I see him playing bass (or now guitar) and headbang to it - simply special. That man deserves to be heard and seen.
Undoubtedly Tommy Joe the best bass player in the world! I realized it when the tour Adam Lambert took my mind completely)
[Newest]He is the best guitarist in the world!
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Everyone should learn from this man. Reita of the Gazette is great too but Toshiya is amazing. he has such a unique style and the whole of dir en grey just keep getting better
The best bassist in the list, even though, I would say Jun Onose, from Luna Sea, would beat everyone in the list. So yeah, J is missing
Toshiya is just wonderful!... His playing is awesome... He is the best bassist to ever walk on earth... And to crown it all he's from the best band in the world DIR EN GREY... Why is Cliff Burton 1st?... Why does Metallica get 1st preference all the time?... Toshiya is the best... He beats everyone in this list
[Newest]Great, good and best bassist ever.. Yess...

25Chris Squire
If you saw Squire live in concert you would realize that he needs to be much higher up on this list. I would have to think at worst he would be in the class of the top 20 bassists, but I guess when you play in a Progressive Rock band, you cannot stack up to the likes of a P-Nut or a Mikey Way. I like Journey, but come on... Valory is no Squire.
So underrated!
His solos are great (the fish, silent wings) but don't just listen to those - his basslines and incredible use of scales in songs like heart of the sunrise and roundabout are amazing!


Listen to Heart Of The Sunrise. Shows how a bassist should be part of a band, not an exhibitionist! (Although he has his moments - watch out for his triple neck on the video of Awaken). There are parts where the bass is the lead instrument and parts where it adds to the melody and harmony. And what a sound from that Rickenbacker! Chris's musicianship is illustrated by his syncopation, ability to cut through or blend in, as neccessary, the notes he chooses and the way he plays them. Also check out the bass lines in Siberian Khatru. So much to explore and learn from.
[Newest]Not known well enough

26Robert Trujillo
Robert is WAY better than most of the people on this list. In my opinion only Cliff can beat him. He is the most skilled of all of metallica's members these days, but no one seems to realize that (C'mon, Lars isn't that good at all, he just gets the job done, but everyone seems to love him). C'mon, this guy can fingerpick fight fire with fire at LIVE speed! That is something most of the guys in this list can't say. And, come on, Tokio Hotel? Seriously, thats the biggest crap out there, by far. Be smart people, and if you don't understand anything of music, get out!
He deserves to be number two. As good as he is nobody can replace Cliff Burton.


Whats is wrong with the world!
Number 30 seriously!
He is way better than most of the people before him on the list.
He is the only one who doesn't struggle in playing with Metallica.
He just seems to be perfect in playing any song.
[Newest]He's underrated because he's a replacement for cliff.

27Jack Bruce
The Greatest! Should be #1. He was innovative, particularly when paired with Clapton their 3 piece banded sounded like 4 or 5 pieces. He was one of the few rock bassists playing "lead bass" at the time, borrowing from jazz greats. He should be closely followed by McCartney and Squire!
Jack is the master. His incredible playing and ground-breaking sounds have influenced many of the other bass players listed here. His constant growth and change and adaptation to new ideas is apparent in everything he plays. His song writing and collaborations are always unique, powerful, and intriguing. And he's still playing in many different venues and bands. Spectrum Road, his tribute band to Tony Williams, has won best jazz album of 2012 from many publications. The 'old soul' of the bass.
Although Entwistle is #1 ^^ Chris Squire is #2, I just had to vote for Jack Bruce, as I was so disappointed by the people before him. He's probably the most talented musician alive, as he is not only one of the greatest bassists, but also one of the greatest singers in rock. I still don't know how someone could sing so well ^^ play bass like that at the same time. Listen to "Spoonful" ^^ you'll know what I'm saying.
[Newest]So underrated. I don't like his music, but he's still talented.

28Billy Sheehan
This list is crazy. He should at least be in the top 5. Looks like bands that are popular even though have good but not virtuoso bass players (guns roses, Kiss, Cheap trick, Journey, etc. ) seemed to be listed high based off of people just liking those bands. Billy along with John Ro Myung, Mark King and stanley clarke deserve to all be pushed up to the top ten. Also I didn't see him on the list bu Stu Hamm also should be on the top of
This list. Don't believe me? Do some youtube searches of some of these guys in action and you will no doubt change you mind.
Why is he not top ten? Compare his solos to anyone else and he will beat anybody.
For me billy sheehan is the best bassist ever...
No one can beat billy in terms of bass.. Nice hand speed and technique. Nice one billy sheehan
[Newest]He's better than Cliff Burton. He deserves the top spot, followed by Steve Harris and John Myung.
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29Nikki Sixx
On top of his work as an amazing bassist, he's also the main songwriter for Motley Crue. He is the twisted mind of the Crue and should be respected accordingly. For those that turn up their noses at "80's hair bands" please remember this. The most played song of 2008 was "Life is Beautiful" by Sixx:A. M. Now, where do you think they got part of the band's name? That would be from their hair band veteran bassist.
Nikki is the best bass guitarist ever, hands down! And I don't know of anyone who can out-play Nikki on the bass guitar. He's very dedicated, and anyone who can survive what he has, and be in two bands that kick ass, plus do everything else he does, deserves to be in the #1 spot! This man has been giving everything he's got for over 30 years! Come on people! Nikki deserves much more than to be 39th on this list! Let's help put him in the #1 spot!
What the hell? How is Nikki only number 39?
I'm sorry, but this is just not right. Nikki is AMAZING as a bassist, I'd kill to be able to play like him. And looking up the list, I mean, My Chem is my favourite band ever, but there is no way Mikey is a better bassist than Nikki.
Move Nikki UP!


[Newest]Nikki it's a model of the Hollywood scene of the 80, s he only has good looks, but he is just a plain bassist don put stupid things like these, don be ignorant ¡
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30David Ellefson
Put him up, man!
His solos live are the best!
Please listen to Symphony of Destruction, Trust, Peace sells, Hangar 18.
What the hell he should be at least in top 5 bass guitarists
I am sure you will change your opinion by listening to the song peace sells... But whose buying
[Newest]One of the bass genius.

31Justin Chancellor
Laugh out loud Justin at #30... I have always listened to the detail in music... two years back I heard tool for the first time. And it was really annoying at first because I was new to metal, but NOW... I don't believe that their is a single Musician or band who has worked so beautifully ever... The Bass and the drums in tool are just too much... You know when You are really really inside music like living in it... in the beats there is a silent beat that is parallel to the music and that Pattern of that music is extremely beautiful. and they have actually achieved those patterns in their music.. And Justin gets a #30


Oh my God! The best, the most creative and the unique quality of rare breed of talent is standing alone at 29! I can't believe that in the lamest ever joke. There's no match TOOL and there's no match of Justin. He is the alien bassist of extra ordinary philosophy and bass grooves. HE IS THE BEST and should be there at the number one position. I do understand why is he so much behind because of the looser listeners who has no sense of music and will never be able to comprehend the logic and philosophy of TOOL.
ok I'm getting really tired of looking at these retarded lists, because how in the world is this amazing bassist behind some of these losers... listen to some of these bands and try to hear the bass.. well can you hear it? look up the tabs it probably looks like 1111111 222222 555555 333333 some of these people don't take bass to its true potential like chancelor does, and he defiantely deserves #1


[Newest]Tool's members definitely deserve more praise than some of the other bands out there. Not because they are better at writing music, but because they are creative too. Schism and Forty Six & Two have bass riffs that pretty much define their songs.
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Not only is Lemmy a ' God! He is the most genuine Rocker there is. His style is Rythme Bass with a Punch in the face. He is completely part of all of the songs that Motorhead make and to top it off he has influenced everyone in the metal scene. This still living legend needs to be way up there I mean come on! Johnny Christ From "Avenged Sevenfold" is Number 7! I'm sorry but he does not even belong... it should be Cliff Burton, Geddy Lee, Flea, Steve Harris, John Entwistle, Les Claypool, and Lemmy KILL-MASTER! Speed, Sex, Whiskey and Rock N' Roll!
Why the hell is Lemmy not #1, he's an amazing bassist. Listen to the Ace of Spades and say he doesn't belong in the top ten
What! Not even in the top 30! Lemmy should be number 4 after Cliff Burton, Steve Harris, and John Entwislte!


[Newest]The leader of one of the best metal bands ever

33Mark Hoppus
Mark's bass lines are creative and original. His style of playing is very raw, which makes him the kind of bassist that can be respected because of the fact that he plays like its from the heart, not from a dollar sign in his eyes. On stage, he likes to jump around while playing, which is both amusing and entertaining. And, despite the fact that he uses a jazz bass guitar he still shreds as a rock bassist.
Mark's bass lines aren't creative, he's just playing the tones that the guitar follows, only in a few songs he plays something different.
Few people realize just how revolutionary Hoppus's style is. Nobody composes like he does. I would argue that the intro to "Carousel" is the greatest bass solo ever written. The speed at which he plays at live shows is incredible. He often carries songs with two-string chords, which is almost unheard of. Say what you will about him being a sell-out and a popstar, but there is no denying his abilities.
Mark Hoppus can play alongside all these other guys, he just keeps it simple in his music. As he stated in an interview: "when it comes to the music we play, I feel that simpler is better. Why is Hoppus below the Tokio Hotel guy? Hell, for that matter: why in God's name is the Tokio Hotel guy at number three?! Hoppus should be higher.
[Newest]Better then mike dirnt

34Jason Newsted
Personally I think Jason is one the best bass players ever, he just didn't get chance to show that in Metallica or Flotsam etc. Also in my opinion he is better than Cliff Burton as a "Metallica" bass player. Not take anything away from cliff his solos are amazing but his actual bass lines sounded a little sloppy for example listen to the isolated bass track for ride the lightning and compare that to say the isolated track for Wherever I may roam and you'll see what I mean. GOD BLESS JASON!
Remember his spooky performance in fade to black 1991 in moscow can't forge that
and he also knows how to make one heck of a show
[Newest]What he should be no 2 after cliff. Well jason isn't just a good bassist but his sound is also awesome. And there is no way that rob is above james. what!

35James Jamerson
Yep... The (arguably) best bass player ever and the INDISPUTABLE most influential one is stuck at 55 while somebody from something called "Avenged Sevenfold" is cracking the top 20. Jamerson just about invented R&B bass... He played on more number one hits than ANY OTHER PERSON IN HISTORY (except for possibly Benny Benjamin... But I doubt that because Papa Zita died in '69). And yes, Babbitt (RIP) deserves some love here too (as does Duck Dunn... Also RIP). Vic, Marcus, Flea, Bootsy, Chucky Rainey, Willy Weeks, and probably even that guy from Green Day all bow the knee to the almighty Igor, Diego Diegerson (whether they admit that or not). All I can say is that this voting block is a media-savvy generation that likes what it likes (fast, technically amazing virtuosity) but simply doesn't know the history behind the bass guitar. Jamerson was like a modern day Thespis (the first actor to step from the chorus in ancient Greece) and ALL of us will forever stand in his shadow.
James Jamerson was the most melodic and innovated musician I've heard. I had the priviledge of meeting one of his sons and all of his cousins in Charleston, SC in Sept. '03 (incidentally my wife's first husband was Jamerson's 1st cousin so I got to go to my idol's childhood home). Should be listed way above #54, preferably #1 for he invented melody on the electric bass. Tna'Y2K1
A shame he is no higher, but it appears your audience must be too young to appreciate performers from the 60s-70s. Jamerson's bass side kick at Motown, Bob Babbitt, should be in the top 100 and he's not listed at all. Another shame. Bob's solo in Scorpio in the late 60s was ahead of its time & long considered the best rock bass solo ever.
[Newest]All time greatest session musician - back problems kept him from limelight - but he was the Jimi Hendrix of bass.

36Alex Webster
Webster can keep up with the rest of the band, and his bass has an amazing great presence, especially in Barnes-era (a.k.a. BETTER) Cannibal Corpse. Check out the solo before the opening to HAMMER SMASHED FACE! m/
HOW Is tom araya, the stupid of limp bizkit, and many more of this stupid list better than webster try to play any song of the tomb of the mutilated album
Now, get someone to try and play the bass solo in 'Addicted to Vaginal Skin'!
[Newest]How could people vote for tokio hotel bassist (don't know his name and don't even want to know it) instead of alex webster?

37Tim Commerford
Tim Commerfield never ceases to stun fans using unique and creative basslines. From effects to technique, he has it all, even when he was in Audioslave. Heavily influenced by the man, Flea, he definitely deserves to be the top ten protege of the best, voted by none other than yourselves.
Like what has already been said he is an amazing bassist that you can actually hear, if you don't think so listen to anything by them like bulls on parade, one of the most powerful bass lines I have ever heard
C'mon, when he plays "Wake Up" of RATM... the bass line is just mind blowing


[Newest]His sound is easily accessible, yet unique. So groovy and powerful..

38Krist Novoselic
Awesome bassist! Should be at least in the top ten!


He's Krist... Obviously. Listen to sliver, and the whole In Utero album it's fantastic!
Krist should be higher on the list than he is. I'm not saying number 1, but he deserves more credit than he gets. He had some awesome basslines that sounded great with Kurt's guitar playing. Krist keep great rhythm and threw in some nice fills in between lines. He is very talented and is often overlooked in my opinion. If you don't know much about Nirvana and Krist's bass playing, then listen to Lounge Act, Love Buzz, Stay Away, Lithium, and The Man Who Sold the World.
[Newest]So underrated, He is such a great bassist.
More comments about Krist Novoselic

39Eero Heinonen
He's so great! he should be in the top ten at less, omg I can belive he is in the 31 he deserves the first place Eero I love you! and I love The Rasmus
He is so different, so great! He has so much passion! What does he do At 21? You're kidding us? Eero, Lauri, Pauli and Aki, The Rasmus of course, must be at the first place of all lists!
he's so great and also good person...


40Reginald Fieldy Arvizu
Seriously? Only 32nd? What is wrong with you people?! And to think that he little brat from Tokyo hotel is in the top10? I just can't believe it. fieldy is amazing and the passion that he puts in playing bass is just epic
Fieldy should be in the top three if not the best. My top 5 are 1. Fieldy (Korn), 2. Paul Gray (Slipknot), 3. Shavo Odajian (System of a Down), 4. Sam Rivers (Limp Bizkit), 5. Justin Chancellor (Tool)
Fieldy has one of the most unique and definitive styles of any bassist out there. Let's be honest, if Fieldy left KoRn there would really be no KoRn because his style is one of the most defining features of koRn's music. How many bassists above him can you say that about? Not as many as this list would suggest, in my opinion.
[Newest]An inspiration to all bassist. Not the best but certainly one of the greats. Deserves to be in at least the top 20.

41Ross Valory
I think ross is one of the best bass player... He's awesome. The sound of his bass lines Are not the common... He makes many techniques that give their sound on bass much power! Is simply one of the best
Ross uses simple fluid bass lines that really carry the harmony of all of Journey's timeless songs. I love the way his tone on all on most of there tracks as well. Very solid player!

42Timothy Kelleher
Tim's awed the 30 Seconds To Mars fans since he joined as their touring bassist. He's super talented and more people should also check out his own band My Darling Murder - they are going places!
His energy is amazing. It's almost unbelievable. It was a pleasure to be so close to him when I was front row at one of their concerts. He's the best!
He's the best doing what he loves, and he makes 30 Seconds to Mars better every single day
[Newest]Tim is my lovely bassist! He's a great man too! So like to watch at the concerts how he play and sing with Jared Aw!

43Bill Wyman
I have played bass for 40 years and I am OK but I can tell you Bill Wyman is far and above 90% of the people on this list. ---This man is pushing 80 and he still rocks out on the road most nights!
The greatest rock n' roll band ever's bassist on #92? Guys, you make me laugh...
im ashamed of all you Rolling Stones fans..Bill diserves more credit then this


[Newest]The bassist with the unique style, impossible to mimic!

44Paul Gray
R.I. P Paul
The Pig would still be grinding maggots with his Ibanez PGB1L if he was alive. No one's forgotten the metal band that marks itself as one of the greatest. Paul Gray was also awarded for one of the best services to the Metal music industry. He's responsible for the boom behind those powerful, cut-throat songs. Get real, bitches. Admit it, you'd rather grow up with Slipknot than a milk bottle.
Listen to Bitchslap by Slipknot. Epic bass in that


Paul was a very underrated bassist, just look at any of their heavy stuff and you can see why he should make the top 40 at least!


[Newest]Just listen to Duality

That's what you call a epic baseline!

P-nut is a master of the bass and has made his own slap technique and a master bass palm muter. You people dont know or understand the instrument. i meen whoever voted for tetsuya owgawa and mike dirnt truly dont know anything about the bass, p-nut definatley has to be in the top ten
wow he is so underrated. He can lay down some slap bass, a hard rock riff, a relaxing reggae bass line, and he brings the FUNK! P-Nut can lay down any style, just like 311 can lay down any style of music. Pick up any 311 song and you'll see why
P-nut is nasty. Even if you don't like 311 you have to at least respect his skills. Maybe he shouldn't be in the top 20, but seriously, hes behind Pete Wentz who absolutely sucks at bass and pisses me off hes even in the top 100.
[Newest]"Coda" gets me every time. His slap bass fill in "Come Original" is downright sick as well. "What Was I Thinking, " and "Don't Dwell" intros are dope; I could go on. Underrated.

46Dee Dee Ramone
Seriously, Dee Dee might not beat these other guys in technique, but would crush them with simple conditioning. I doubt Geddy Lee has the testostrone it takes to play a Ramones show.



All kidding aside, this guy truly represented what bass could be in the up and coming new wave and alternative movement.
Dee dee : one of the most influential bass players ever! Without dee dee the most of the others in this list (after 1974! ) maybe they never made it to be musicians! Apo & bee bee ramone
[Newest]Was not great, but he had that real punk element. He was one of the few men who could actually handle all of the chaos that he did.

47Andy Rourke
Seriously the most underrated bassist ever. Whoever says they're a Smiths fan without appreciating Andy Rourke isn't truly a Smiths fan. Andy Rourke is so good, but hardly ever gets any credit for making The Smiths as amazing as they are.
Played better lead lines than Johnny Marr and complemented Mike Joyce's drumming brilliantly - like any decent rhythm section should. Every song is full of memorable riffs that are just right, not too complex and not just base root note strumming.
Definitely one of the most underrated bassists in all of music. I've often heard that the drums and bass playing in The Smiths is poor and only Marr is worth anything, completely and utterly untrue.

Note that I voted with my heart and not my head, James Jamerson should be much, much higher, top five really. Andy Rourke in the top 30, for sure.

48Tom Araya
He could be higher if his bass were more audible, I can't even talk and play my bass, tom sings (yells) and plays very fast lines. Tom might not be stanley clarke, but I doubt stanley can do what tom does.
The only reason why Tom isn't in the top 10 is because of his genre. There are too many people that consider themselves metal heads because they listen to Metallica, and don't recognize a true (original) thrash metal band, and the best bassist in metal
how isn't this guy in the top ten in raining blood this guy plays the same solo as the guitar do you know how hard that is as a bassist
[Newest]Haha araya a good bass player haha makes me laugh

49Phoenix Farrell
Have You Ever Seen Phoenix Performing Live? No? Well YOU SHOULD! Phoenix is just transcendence on bass. He is the Best Bassist in My opinion, Well, Second Best Actually, Falling just short of Sting.
Phoenix is good!
Must have been in top 10..
Never mind.. Many great artists are there!

Every Bassist rock! Even him!
Phoenix is seriously a great bassist... He deserved to be in the first 10... He's not only amazing in the studio but if you see him live then you'll be convinced that he must be in the top ten...

50Mikey Way
Mikey Way is the best bassist ever! Best bass players go 2 the best Bands... If you don't get it it's My Chemical Romance.. Best Band EVER!
Woo go Mikey! Best bassist in the world for the best band in the world! Everyone vote him up for Mikey's sake he needs a confidence boost! He's got such a sexy speaking voice he should use it more often!
Proud Member Of the MCRmy Xxx
Mikey is definitely one of the best bass players in the world. One of my inspirations to pick up a bass actually. He should be rated higher!
[Newest]He is the most amazing bass player ever!

51Shavo Odajian
My Top 5:
1. Shavo Odajian (System of a down)
2. Cliff Burton (Metallica)
3. Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu (Korn)
4. Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne)
5. Paul Gray (Slipknot)
Excuse me, but why is he at 28 while that dude from Tokio Hotel is at 3? Shavo's a whole lot better. And he's got a kick-ass beard. System is without a doubt, the best!
Come on. Listen to some SOAD. I've never seen any guy playing bass with a plectrum. He plays slowly to
give a space to Daron's guitar. He
is music video director, occasionally he can sing too. This guy is awesome man! Listen to the small solo at the starting
of "psycho"


[Newest]He is great in the beginning of Psycho Look it up!

52Pete Wentz
Pete is the bassist with the best style yeah...!
Fall Out Boy Rocks...!
Not the huge bassline solo kinda guy but he is a good bassist and an even better lyricist
This man is beautifully talented and perfect in my opinion. Yes he's gone through problems but its been tremendously helped with Bronx and Saint. Okay yes, so maybe I haven't heard every bassist but I still think he's a perfect bassist. He even inspired to start playing.
[Newest]Coolest member in fall out boy, fall out boy is great!

53Mark King
MK is Absolutely amazing - he should be number 1 - Flea before Mark King - Victor before MK too! Bloody insane! Mk = number 1!
Best Slap bass player in the world, second Larry graham, Third louis Johnson
You guys know nothing! Mark king owns the Slap, Flea would say the same! Top ten is ridiculous!
[Newest]An amazing bassist who also sings while playing. Top 10 easy!

54Dave Pheonix Farrell
Not even top 100, come on he is an amazing bass player and is way better than anyone on this list.


He's the best, none can hera him play because of chester's screaming. He should be in the top ten
He's terrific
have you ever heard waiting for the end?
[Newest]He is the best

55Glenn Hughes
This guy is the king¡

56Heath (X Japan)
Heath - San is great bassist with an awesome style. His solos are amazing and not only, that he is a great bassist, also he's a fantastic singer. For me Heath - San is one of the best bass - player in the world. He's really the best to replace Taiji - San and I'm very glad, that he's with X now but also hope, to hear some more solo - works from him.
He's good.. Watch their videos and notice how his bass sound, very skilled and awesome..
While I think Taiji is a much better bassist, Heath does have his own flair in the mix. Just my thoughts, though I may be a bi bias.

57Ryan Martinie
How in the world is Shavo sitting at 30 and Ryan Martini at 42. That's pathetic! Yet again, another poll becomes a popularity contest. Shavo couldn't change Ryan's strings, much less be a considered a better bass player. I like System, but Shavo is a mediocre bass player at best. I've never struggled for even a minute to play one of his bass lines for a cover in my band and when they play live, his timing is awful. Ryan, on the other hand, is a beast live and it's an achievement to be able to play his basslines.
Seriously, Ryan is most definitely number one, turn on any Mudvayne song (ANY! ) and listen to the bass. It blows minds. I've been playing bass for about 12 years now and I still find it difficult to nail some of his lines. Only other bassists I'd even consider being better then him are Les Claypool and Fieldy and that's a pretty big stretch even to consider them.
dude u just cant beat ryan martinie, awsum bassist, great riffs, not to mention hes incredibly fast, listen to this guy live, probably one of the best there is, the only 2 guys i will say are a little better are les claypool and victor wooten, other than that im done


[Newest]One of the most audible and awesome bass players, and definitely the best in the nu metal scene.

Sting deserves a better place. some of the names here are nothing but bass guitar holders and they are mansioned only becouse of the name of the band they play in
Sting rules!!! IMHO - he`s number one!!! Love him and his unique play technic.


He is the best.The best and the most talented bassist of all time


[Newest]Genius songwriter puts him at the top!

59Matt Freeman
If this was actually judged on ability then Freeman would be way higher up, but unfortunately he has even been outvoted by Mikey Way who's been voted up by the fan girls not because he was good but purely because he's in My Chemical Romance. Well, used to be at least, good riddance. I'm not saying that Matt is the best bassist ever but his ability to write pure gold on the bass and his work in even Operation Ivy has been severely overlooked. Also, what's this about flea having good technique? Have you seen that guy play, his ability is reasonable but damn does he have poor slap technique.
of course one of the best bassist. people just don't realize it because he plays a genre that people don't generally listen to at large. if you ever see maxwell murder live you'll know by listening to him play and the peolpes reactions. seriously, the PUNK mosh pits stopped and everyone got on each others shoulders to watch. great bassist if I ever saw one


Freeman's work with Operation Ivy and Rancid (especially on their eponymous debut) cemented his reputation as one of the best bass guitarists (and THE best punk rock bass guitarist) of all time. Listen to Rats in the Hallway and Rejected; his lead bass lines on those songs will blow you away. Bottom line: Extremely underrated.
[Newest]He deserves to be way higher up. I mean he's below Mark Hoppus for Pete's sake! Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Mark but he even says himself that he's not very good.

60Adam Clayton
Seriously, whether or not you are a U2 fan, listen to their early material. Adam had zero experience with the bass. And look what he came up with. Riffs such as New Year's Day, the entire Achtung Baby record, Wire, Seconds, and The Ocean just to name a few. His early bass playing is what forced The Edge to think outside of the box and come up with impossibly clever riffs and chord progressions. The Edge has even admitted to it!
Please he is the best he should be at the top of this list and he is the best of all you should hear obe of U2 songs his bass is like the the soul of those songs and with the edge larry mullen and bono are like fire on stage
He is my favorite bassist and that is bias. He is pretty good especially during new years day. He is a driving force. He is someone that helps hold the band together. That in itself is a great musician. He isn't the greatest though so no #1 spots yet but he is good.
[Newest]60? Seriously? Have you ever listened to New Year's Day and Wire? He should be in the top 10!

61Rudy Sarzo
Look up some of his bass solos in "Godzilla" from 2007-present with Blue Oyster Cult
Rudy is amazing and should be at the top of the list!
The knock on Rudy is that he stepped in and filled in or replaced people. So friggen what. The man traded arpeggios with Yngwie when he played bass for Yngwie on the Attack Tour. How many others on this list were chosen by Yngwie? He played with the great Ronnie James Dio for several years and put his own spin on songs from Rainbow, Sabbath, and DIO. Just saw him with Geoff Tate's Queensryche and he kicked living ass. How many others on this list were chosen by the great RJD? Ozzy with Randy, Whitesnake with Vai and Vandenberg, Quiet Riot with Carlos, BOC with Buck Darma. This may should certainly be ranked higher than anyone in Fall Out Boy any of the other half assed bands listed here.
[Newest]How is Rudy #59?!?! Makes this whole list a joke.

62Brad Walst
He accomplishes what a band's bassist is supposed to accomplish: give it a good beat. He does it well. Three Days Grace's bassist provides to slow, low (even for a bass) beat that will knock your socks off if you can hear it over Barry Stcok's obnoxious guitar chords.
One of the most underrated bass players of the 21st century.

63Cliff Williams
Not as well known as Cliff Burton or Flea but his Rhythm partnership with Malcolm Young is incredible! they're what keep AC/DC's music so solid


not necessarily a GOOD bassist, which cliff williams is, but he's incredible fast at bass, just listen to let there be rock


he's an awesome bass player!, in my opinion his rhythm is really awesome!
[Newest]Less is more! And Cliff feels what he plays! Rock On!

64Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony should NOT be 54th! Who is in charge of this list? Michael Anthony is a great bassist, and after he was fired from Van Halen in 2006, he went to work for Sammy... That's gonna be a great tour.
A great bassist. WHY IS HE ONLY 181!? He deserves to be at least in Top 50, have you listened to Panama's bass line? IT'S AWESOME!


Its Pathetic That No One Has Said Michael Anthony Yet!

Not Only Is Mike A Good Bass Player But He is also a great performer and background vocalist

65Mani (The Stone Roses)
Are you lot on bubbles? Mani is one of the best bassists of our generation man! All you 4string thumpers should be ashamed. Up Mani, Up the Roses. City til I die! Matt 77p-bassxx

66Tom Petersson
Very underrated, but at least Bass Player knows and understands. They put him on the cover of July '07. You HAVE to rate to be on the cover.
This man plays with so much rhythm. Remember music is about what sounds best not who can play the fastest or craziest
Not only can he play, but he can also sing too. He's a better player and is always in command of his instrument.


67Paul Simonon
Listen to the bass parts of London Calling and SISOSIG and you'll c y he is so great
Paul Simonon - great bass lines at London Calling, Police and Thieves, The Magnificent Seven.

68Gene Simmons
He's an awesome bass player. He sings. He's a prolific song writer. And he plays guitar, as we know he's written some songs on the bass and some on guitar. And even if he doesn't win this non scientific poll as the best bass player, he is unquestionably one of the most influential bass players.
why is one of the greatest bassists ever to live
this far down?
Gene is a unique character and an imense bass player!
Despite his fire breathing, blood spitting and flying,
I don't think I ever heard him make a mistake!
totally underated!
Gene rocks! An amazing showman dedicated to entertaining his fans... I can't believe he's this far down the list.
[Newest]I can't believe he is #68! He rocks and rolls all night!

69Noel Redding
wow, no one added this guy. being the original bassist for the greatest guitar player to ever walk this earth, he wasn't recognized. he's one of the greatest


Noel, was the bass player for the Experience, Mitch (Mitchell), was the drummer and Jimi (Hendrix), was the guitarist, singer and writer.
That's it!, good, bad. Or in-different, that still is it!
Why would he be so far down the list, doesn't make any sense. Has anyone ever paid attention to this guy or did Jimi steal the show so well he looked alone up there?
[Newest]Listen again next time you play a track, bass playing at the back bone

He always giving a fan service like molest and licking his bass in a sexy way... His rhythm is perfectly absorb with the music... A genius composer. Can play a 5 string bass. He is the SEXIEST BASSIST EVER...
High skill, unique rhythm, fast learning.. He create the music, create the melody, create the love
His skill as a bassist is one of the best I've ever heard. His talent as a composer is top notch.
[Newest]He has created nice, unique and interesting bass line. And that's what make Alice Nine's songs shine more. I never get tired listening to his bass line and his performance on the stage. Moreover, he's also one of the main composer of Alice Nine's songs, which makes him more awesome.
More comments about Saga

71Marco Hietala
Marco Hietala is the most amazing bass player and singer I ever heard, so I don't understand why is he here, cause I can say he's better than for example Georg from TH...

72Sam Rivers
Sam is way better than Dave Farrell. It's unfortunate nobody gives him the credit he deserves just because a lot of people hate Limp Bizkit.
sam is the best I don't now why he is 84 on this list he should be in the top 10.
Just because everybody hates fred that does not mean that he should be hated to he is defenetly the best

he's never ever going to get recognized just because he plays bass for limp bizkit. he's probably the most under-rated bass player. really fast finger work.
[Newest]Sam is way better than most of the people above him on this list. How the hell is he being beaten by Nikki Sixx?

73Marcus Miller
Wow, I cannot believe Marcus was not in the top 10. He is simply amazing... what is more amazing I have yet to see Stanley Clark listed. There are many great bassist listed... that are part of a band... listed here, but as far as being a creative musician. One who can live without another guitarist well there are many bassists not mentioned. And Stanley Clark, Jaco and Marcus are all top 10 material.
simply the greatest bassist in these moment playing, with a lot of groove to give to the others bassist!
A mester!
Simply the best there is! Not only is he a great player but he is a great composer. He has written for the best, most notably David Sanborn. Just because he chooses not to draw attention to himself shouldn't drop him this far down the list. There are a lot of high people out there!
[Newest]Best in the world!

74Stanley Clarke
Most of the voters are definitely voting for the band. Most of the best bassists are way down on the list. My guess is most guys and gals wouldn't even know who Stanley Clark is, and have ever heard any of his albums. You won't find him on itunes. I'm quit sure they're all good bassists, but Clark really is one of the best...
WTF number 43, it seems this list is going by the band, not the bassist themselves. This is like putting Jordan this low for a listing of the best basketball players, it's crazy.


This list is Hilarious! Obviously people with no idea about the skills of music and especially bass guitar are voting here. It is a sacrilege not to see Stanley Clarke along with Jaco Pastorius in the top 5 together.
[Newest]Stanley Clarke not in the top ten? I guess sheer musicianship and technique is not high on the selection criteria for this list! Get real

75Tal Wilkenfeld
She's only 21 but has already toured with Chick Corea and Jeff Beck. Made a big showing at Clapton's Crossroads Guitar fest 2007. Give her a few more years and she'll rocket up this list
This girl is really generous player, woking hard to make the rest of the band sound good. A great soloist, she really sparks off of Jeff Beck and he sounds better with her around. I think that she is up there with Les Claypool for talent. All she needs now is the experience.
Really nice tone, and female bass player are really rare, she is one of my favorites

76Steve DiGiorgio
One of the only metal bassists who plays a fretless bass, he has a great unique tone and feel to his play you never hear in metal usually, plus he's fast and technical and does everything from thrash metal to jazz fushion. Godly!
Hey, a new challenge for you dumbasses! Just write this mans name on YouTube, watch one of his videos, then vote for someone else! I dare you! I double dare you madafakasss!

77Larry Graham
79! That's disgraceful! He invented slap bass! He practically invented modern-day bass playing! Half the people on this list wouldn't be here if it wasn't for this guy! Graham Central Station is the greatest bass album ever! This guy is the second-best bassist ever after Entwistle!
No doubt, Larry Graham is one of the very best if not the best modern bass guitarist on the list. His innovative talent lead to some of the best music ever and inspired many bass guitarists to copy his style.
without a doubt he belongs in the top 5 if not the number one spot. Chilli peppers remade 'If you want me to stay' and fRies played the exact bass line as Graham did for Sly and the family stone. That's respect.
[Newest]People need to learn the history of bass!

78Roger Glover
Come on man! Maybe not the best, but way back here! His unique style and killer bass riffs that put bassists like paul mcartney to shame! The leads in Highway Star are some of the best i have seen
Glover rules! His bass playing is astounding and his work with DP as well as the Black Country Communion is outstanding.
In my opinion the best bassist in the best band (Deep Purple) of his generation
[Newest]Good player. Excellent composer.

79Jeordie White A.K.A Twiggy Ramirez
He is the best bassist ever but bing rank 88 is not enough for this man. He's being a vocal in Goon Moon is awesome. Also he's a girl when he wears a girl clothes. But I think this is popularity contest.
Jeordie is obviously my favorite bassist ever... He is multi-talented. He can sing, play guitar, write amazing songs, and again, play the bass better than I've heard before. He defiantly deserves to be WAY UP THERE ^^^ Love you Jeordie, and don't you dare let those amazing fingers rest!
He is a great bassist with alot of musicl talent, he has played in many great bands and he was part of the musical genius behind Marilyn Manson and other awesome bands
[Newest]Great job with manson and perfect circle one of the best bass players

80Charles Mingus
There are like 3 names on here that are worthy of tuning Mingus' bass.
Oh god please help the rest figure the best! Mingus would really have given 69 a thought if he wd have left playing bass after 2 yrs of playing!

81John Taylor
I'm young enough to like some of these more pop punk bassists, though, the guy that put Pete wentz on here needs to re-educated. John Taylor has a great sound- he's been playing his unique style for years, he's from my hometown and he plays a signature peavey, my favorite gear. Mark hoppus is the reason I play bass. But I'm probably more gifted than him. The bassists of today just sit back, play some root notes and enjoy the lifestyle, go JT!
All you have to do is close your eyes and carefully listen to the awesome bass lines on RIO and most recently "All you need is now" to know that John Taylor puts the FUNKINESS in Duran.
John Taylor is GREAT! A lot of people say listen to the old DD stuff. I say listen the the Power Station stuff, especially the riffs on Get It On (Bang A Gong) and the solo on Some Like It Hot. Simply awesome!
[Newest]Woefully underrated because of the band he was in. No doubt about it, he was the best musician of the bunch and is WAY better than many of the people rated much higher on this list. Seriously, Nikki Sixx and Gene Simmons? Get a grip.

82John Campbell
I think according to his performance his rank should be in top 10.
He is the bassist of Lamb Of God... Enough said

83Bootsy Collins
Cliff Burton is an absolute joke compared to Bootsy Collins. I get that metal is more popular than funk ever was, so fans of metal will vote him as the best. But to anyone who listens to various genres, and not just metal or other forms of rock, the proposition that Burton (and Flea) are more skillful and musically innovative than Bootsy Collins or Larry Graham is truly vapid.
You gotta be kidding me that Bootsy is ranked this low. Go back over the past 40 years and just listen to what this guy contributed to the entire phenomenom of FUNK.
Bootsy definitely needs to be higher up, the guy pretty much influenced every funk bassist after him.
[Newest]The Jimi Hendrix of bass.

84Gary Thain
I think Gary Thain would have been more appreciated and known if he didn't die at such a young age.
Gary is in my top 10
Excellent with every band he was in. Turned the corner with Heep.
Such an underrated bass player! His style was amazing!

85Steve Fossen
Listen to "Crazy on You"... great bass line!


86Dennis Dunaway
Dennis is a bass player on a bar with Cliff Burton and John Entwistle. He doesn't simply plunk and pluck the root note, rather Dennis roamed and danced and waltzed in and around the rhythm. I liken his work in Alice Cooper when he was paired with Neal Smith, as being as creative and as dynamic as the match between John Entwistle and Keith Moon. Dennis was able to take bass playing to a new level. Plus, he just looked cool doing the Dennis strut while performing... He played cool and he looked cool. That's a great combo.
The original bass player for rock legend Alice Cooper, this guy was responsible for many of the early Alice songs. Listen to his bass playing on stuff like "Dead Babies." He also put out a solo album a few years ago called "Bones From the Yard" that is unbelievable. Very underrated.

Founding member of the Hall of Fame inducted Alice Cooper group. Innovative bass lines and a stage presence that vaulted the rock bass player out of the shadows to the front of the stage. His writing contributions (incl. Black Juju) provided much of the eerie lyrical and musical underpinnings of the development of the Alice Cooper character and sardonic stage show. Along with drummer Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway is one half of the most dramatic "bottom end" in rock... Ever.
[Newest]He's really play the base, not only pumping base chords. He knows how to explore the fretboard as it should be treated with curiosity, harmony & love for the music. Enough said.

87Juan Croucier
The former Ratt bassist was essential to the early Ratt sound.

88D'arcy Wretzky
One of the best girl bassists out there. Just listen to Gish and Mellon'll see.
Ahhh! I looove her, I was so gonna add her if she wasn't! yaaaay!

89Oteil Burbridge
Oteil is one of the top two greatest, current bassists. Victor Wooten says he's the best. His work with Aquarium Rescue Unit is way ridiculous! I'd invite anyone on the list to try and do what he does on some of those songs and in some of those jams. Free form Jazz isn't for everyone taste-wise, but that is extremely complicated stuff. What's more, his lines compliment everything he plays on. Like any good bassist he definitely knows his place in a group. He can do some ridiculous things during a bass solo, but during a verse you might not notice him at all because he knows just what to play to support the overall melody. Favorite bassist by far!
Obviously people know too little about Oteil and the Brothers. He is so good on so many levels. Definitely a top 25 guy.


Listen to the bass guitar on Tedeschi Trucks Band's live album and then you'll know why he should be up at the top.

90Frank Bello
just listen to the riffs he pulls off in Caught In A Mosh. nuff said
he's awesome. got his own fender signature model and everything
Just listen to persistence of time
[Newest]Why the hell is he so far from top?!

91John Cooper
John Cooper is awesome! He can sing while playing bass, and he's a great singer AND bassist! Go John! You rock!
Also a great lead singer

92Jeff Ament
this guy is the reason i play bass if youve ever seen 'Animal' or 'spin the black circle' live you'll understand.
Listen to the bass lines on Jeremy and Present Tense.
Jeff Ament plays with taste and style over flash and gimmicks. His talent is a huge part of the Pearl Jam sound. Just listen to his song "Lowlight".
[Newest]This guy's bass line is the reason I play bass...

93Mike Inez
One of THE BEST heavy metal bass players out there, Mike has played in Alice in Chains, Black Label Society and the Blizzard of Ozz (Ozzy Osbourne's backing band).
He's played with Slash's Snakepit and recorded with them for their 1995 release "It's Five o Clock Somewhere". He also joined the revamped backing band for Heart, and toured with them in 2002 and 2003.
Listen a little bitter, what the hell have i, and anyother in a live show. Listen The record no more thears of ozzy and anyothers works in the band heart

94Taiji Sawada
He is way way better than Heath... Why is Heath on the higher rank than Taiji? Taiji is the master of tapping, slapping, picking, everything about bass. This is a shame
He's very talented, yet still un-credited.


He has the better balance of feel and technicality against most of the bassists hear. Taps, slaps, and does just about everything with a bass or sometimes an acoustic

95Ben Shepherd
Just listen to 4th of July and hear how dark and powerful it is at the beginning to set the mood for the rest of the song. That's how you use the bass to set the mood for a song. Then on The Day I Tried To Live Ben shows once again how he can just make the bass make you feel the song right down in to your soul.

I know these lists are mostly about how popular the bands as a whole are, so then the bassist gets picked just for being a part of them.

Ben Shepherd shows on his own how much better Soundgarden became once he joined them. That's why regardless of where he ends up on this list or if people ever will remember him years from now. To me he has shown how the bass was meant to be played and make you feel the pounding vibe deep down inside.
Not only a great bass player, with thunderous bass lines (just see Somewhere, Jesus Christ Pose and Slaves & Bulldozers, to name a few) but also a great singer and, specially songwriter, who added tons of weight to the already heavy Soundgarden. Often overlooked, people ought listen carefully to this bass player in order to know what they are missing.
Ben is one of those bass players whose heavy bass riffs really blow you out of the water and make you wonder what the hell just happened! He adds an element of mystique to the Soundgarden songs that transports you to another realm. He's also a uniquely talented songwriter, who deserves a lot more recognition for his musical contributions.
[Newest]Wow. what! Listen to Jesus Christ Pose just incredible.
More comments about Ben Shepherd

96Martín Méndez
There's no comment here so I'm commenting


97Hugh McDonald
I think Hugh deserves a far better ranking on this list. A very humble guitar genius is Hugh. He deserves more votes.
He may not be an offical replacemet of Alec John Such, but he is still amazing. The work on Livin' On a Prayer and Keep the Faith... Pure Genius

98Tom Hamilton
Listen To Sweet Emotion
it Has A Awesome Bass Riff
I adore this man... he's one of the main reasons I've ever picked up a bass

99Dougie Poynter
No Dougie Poynter in the best bassists section? How is that possible?! Come on! Dougie is one of the most talented bassist for his age and has an incredible presence on stage, jumping all the time, like a restless little monkey! He's cute, that's true, but he's still an amazing performer/bassist!
Brilliant bassist and he should definitely be in the top ten. People underestimate him because he is from McFly, but they don't realize how talented each member is and they deserve more credit


I McFly and Dougie is just... HE'S KING OF THE JUNGLE FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Vote, I can't believe I had to add him on here! VOTE!
[Newest]The is a great bassist

100Phil Lesh
A utterly gifted bassist who held the dead together delivering phil bombs across the large expanse of crowds. This is a bass player ever who is clearly noticeable throughout any given song delivering beautiful and critical combinations of notes to complement the genius of garcia.
Melody, lead, harmony, improv, rock, blues, jazz, funk, bluegrass, Phil does it all with great chops and style and always very tasty. More than just a bass player... A true musician. Phil is definitely a great and most obviously overlooked on this list.
If you've never heard his sonic boom in a Dead (or any other band he's played in) you've never actually had goose bumps from a bass player.

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