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221 Murdoc Niccals

.. No one remember Gorillaz. It's sad and it's shame. Murdoc is awesome

He used a bass owned by the devil himself...El Diablo,how cool is that.

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222 John Vesely John Vesely
223 Tomomi Ogawa
224 Holger Czukay

Underrated! He plays hypnotic, repetitive beats that are so damn psychadelic!

His playing is hypnotizing, and is the perfect pairing to Jaki Liebezeit's primal beats. Repetition has never been so interesting as it is with Can, and Czukay plays as big a part in that as the other members.

225 Evan Brewer

Best bassist ever. He totally destroys all competition with his mind-blowing technical riffs and unique, experimental style. Check out his album called "alone. " EVERY sound on the album comes from a bass. Your mouth will stay open when you hear its entirety, guaranteed.

226 Tom Wolk

RIP, Tom T Bone Wolk--you were a fantastic sideman to Hall & Oates

227 Jim Lea

He played lead bass, keyboards and violin for one of the top three UK bands ever. He co-wrote 17 consecutive Top 20 songs. Including 6 Number Ones. Yes I said LEAD BASS, now go check out a SLADE song and turn up the low end and rock out the BASS!

Vastly underrated player and songwriter, the mans a legend, the bands the most underrated ever. Keep on rocking!

Fantastic bassist from my first favourite band Slade

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228 Dick Lövgren
229 Calum Hood Calum Hood

He's from the Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer. He's so funny and cute and know how to play bass really good :-) by the way he's in a relationship with his dog Ketchup :-)

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230 Chuck Rummans

Very under rated he is always on the Christian top five writers but I have always loved his bass playing

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231 Mike Kerr

His sound is so good that they don't need a guitarist. Royal blood is one of the best bands of the 2010s

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232 Shavo Odadjian Shavo Odadjian Shavo Odajian is an Armenian-American bassist, musician, and composer for the Armenian-American band System of a Down.
233 Jennifer Maidman

One of the most versatile and evocative bassists on the planet.

Wonderous sounds, just think of Sylvian's Taking the Veil. Currently working on a solo album in Woodstock with David Torn and others, Jennifer is in great demand in the studio and touring all over the globe. She is next in France with Murray Head and band. Jennifer always has time for her fans is a great inspiration to other musicians. She plays many instruments and I'm lucky to have seen her live back in 88 with Sylvian, Torn, Jansen, Barbieri and Isham. One of the most beautiful, warm and moving fretless sounds you will ever hear.
Penelope, Chester

Love Jennifers bass playing guitar playing drumming keyboarding singing..saw her pick up a trumpet once and it ended up on the recording! A joy to work with..Px

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234 Barry Adamson

Some fantastic moody basslines with Magazine, also done some great work with Pete Shelley.

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235 Peter Baltes
236 Majick Mark
237 Robert Sledge

Since he was playing in a band with a piano player, he had to cover the role of bass and guitar all in one. Great riffs, great use of distortion, and great supporting bass lines

238 Mick Quinn
239 Graham Maby

GRAHAM should be WAY up the list. He's also credited with They might be giants, and Natalie Merchant. Listen to Joe Jackson's "i'm the man" Linkin Park... This guys is SICK!

Superb bassist, Friday is an excellent example, his bass on Natural Wild shows he can knock out the dub stuff as well, brilliant.

Joe Jackson's bass player.
Carries the melody on most of Joe's early work.

240 Klaus Voormann

I say all The Beatles needed was Klaus, their Hamburg exi! He was brilliant as a bassit, but even brilliant still at his artwork, which he did for Revolver and Ringo Starr's Ringo Heck, he is best remembered on You're So Vain

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