Best Bath & Body Works Fragrances

The top ten most popular scents from Bath & Body Works.

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1Warm Vanilla Sugar

Very warm and soothing. I use it when I'm down, and during the holiday season. It is great to stick on or in your backpack and purse around Christmas time! I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

It smells so amazing. I love it. I could wear this in every single season just because it smells so so good and attractive!

I'm going to be honest. I hated it in the store (I guess my nose was tired of smelling everything). Now that I realize this is what it smells like as I got home, I enjoy the scent a lot. I'm still rooting for my lovely PINK CHIFFON though, but this is one of my favorites. Definitely pick this one up, especially all you new guys who don't know what to choose. This is a very cozy scent, great for the cold winter days that you are dry as the Sahara desert 🌵. 😒😍 You will not deny it. 🙏

It just smells like winter!

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2Twilight Woods

So I was at the bath and body works store and I was smelling all the different fragrance mists because I feel that they are not as strong as perfume, they're more faint and I just had an urge to try it. I smelt Twilight Woods for the first time and from that moment, I was just so in love. AND A BAD TYPE OF LOVE. I live in China and they don't have a BBW store in China (WHICH THEY SHOULD) so I need to find it online because I AM SLOWLY RUNNING OUT. I need to get more. JUST MORE. It's so addicting and it's never too strong, it's just right. A great smell. The first time I bought it, I could not stop spraying it on myself. I DEFINITELY suggest this. Although I have don't have the shower gel or lotion, I bet they smell just as amazing as the fragrance mist :) What's so great about this scent is that I can wear it with different scented lotion, shampoo and deodorant and it never gives me a headache. SERIOUSLY, BUY IT.

I have the complete set!

The smell reminds me of when I went to visit my dad. He bought it for me and I wore it all the days I was with him:) it also smells yummy

Its such a soothing and feminine scent.. I am totally addicted to it

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3Japanese Cherry Blossom

So yummy! It is floral and sexy and slightly musky all at the same time! It's perfect for nighttime, but I also wear it in the day.

This smells amazing. I have a travel size in my locker at school, every time I bring it out I get about 10 girls asking for some, its only october and I'm half way through the bottle! Just can't get enough!

Love this! I have it in the body mist. It feels a little mysterious and musky, while still being floral.

I love it. my boyfriend bought it for me and I loved it. It's very attracting and it's great for any occasion! So AWESOME!

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4Vanilla Bean Noel

My friend has this scent in the spray, and I LOVE IT! This scent to me smells the least like chemicals. You just smell pure vanilla, and it's so delightful! I can't stop borrowing her spray haha

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this smell. My sister got it as a hand soap (it was given as a gift) and I would wash my hands in her bathroom CONSTANTLY! 😁 I LOVE THIS SMELL!

! I found it at Christmas time and fell in love with the smell! After Christmas I was looking for substitute but vanilla bean noel is irreplaceable!

This is my favorite scent I love it!

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5Winter Candy Apple

At school there would be some people who just smelled really amazing and I wanted to ask them what they used for perfume but I thought it would be too awkward. I went to Bath and Body Works the other day and was just trying all the scents when I found this one! Smells amazing!

I'm literally saving the last bit of this lotion because I thought they didn't make this no more. And again, another fragrance I suggest buying and emptying the bottle, I had the mist and have the lotion. I will be restocking up on this plenty. Like buying 3-4 of these just to make sure I have more than enough this time. Better safe than sorry

Winter candy apple is an amazing scent! I have the whole set. It is very different than a lot of the scents at bath and body works. And I never get tired of the scent. It is my favorite scent from bath and body works!

This has to be my favorite Christmas scent! Love love love it!

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6Sweet Pea


It's such a fruity flirty scent and every time I wear it I get comments. It seems like when I wear it, I feel confident and approachable just because its a flirtatious smell. I have gotten so many compliments on it. I'm in love with it.

Its cute smell, I wear it everyday and I get compliments because of the smell that totally awesome. My friends loves it too, I think this one really best scent ever! I've fragrance mist, pocbac, and body lotion with this smell. Sweet pea forever

I recently just bought this and I'm in absolute love with it! Definitely one of my favorite

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7Pink Chiffon

Loved it since the first time I tried at the store. I got the shower gel and it really makes you fell in love with it, you get out of the shower and the sweet scent stays on your skin. Not to soft, not to strong: perfect!

This product smells so fruity! It smells like what it says... PINK!

The hint of Pink scent really lights the scent up. Wonderful!

I liked this more on other people than myself, just because It was too " girly " like it was a cute scent, and not my typical buys. Still good thou, just didn't reflect me

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8Country Apple

I have the Anti-Bacterial Gentle Hand Foam from this Bath and Body Works Country Apple line. It is so fruity and perfect for a Spring scent. This also has Aloe Vera in it so it makes your hands super soft. I wish they would bring back this scent permanently!

The old delicious smelling apple. Completely different from the winter candy apple. Trust me on this. It's a must try.

I love country Apple! Too bad they don't have it anymore. I hope they bring it back permanently. It's one of the best apple scents I've ever smelled!

I always make sure to buy this one when available because it's a limited time scent.

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9Carried Away

Carried Away is GORGEOUS. I have never gotten so many compliments on a fragrance! It's the perfect balance- long-lasting, but not overpowering. I've found it's best with one spray on your neck, and one little one on each hand. I got the glitter spray- simply exquisite! Vote Carried Away!

I smelled this at the store and fell in love with it. My mom said I could buy it when we go home but We don't have a bath and body works in the
City so I'm going to buy it next time I go on vacation. Can't wait!

It smells very strong at first, but do not be alarmed! Once on the skin, it mellows out into a nice smooth scent that's sure to get you a few compliments throughout the day.

I love this scent! I literally wear it every day.

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10Velvet Sugar

I love Velvet Sugar. It was my first Bath & Body Works product ever so maybe that's why it is so special to me. It smells really sweet, fruity, flirty and fun. To me it isn't one of those too sweet smells that are like in your face and give you a headache, but it's just fine. I only have the lotion so I don't know if the Fine Fragrance Mist or the shower gel are different, but as far as I know it's an amazing scent. I absolutely recommend Velvet Sugar to people who are into sweet and fruity scents.

The first time I tried this, I fell in love. It's a sweet and girly scent, however it has some notes of vanilla and musk. I liked it so much I got the whole set and have been getting compliments at school nonstop. Overall, I do recommend you check it out at Bath & Body Works

I expected this to be one of Bath & Body Works super sweet scents but this is actually beautifully balanced. It's sweet but with the perfect amount of musk and is very sexy. Love it!

I love this scent so much I recommend

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The Newcomers

?Love & Sunshine
?Plum Cider Warmth

I LOVE that scent! It's a perfect fruity scent for Fall

It's amazing! Needs to always be available!

The very first BBW product I have ever had was this one as I fell in love with it and just sprayed away to my hearts content

The Contenders

11Sensual Amber

I love this scent, I thought for sure it would be top 10! The foaming hand soap is the best. The other products don't quite smell the same.

I love this scent it is warm and alluring at the same time, not to sweet, favorite all time go too, I put the lotion on after bath at night and I can still smell it the next morning... What a treat!

Best scent in the whole line

A classic scent

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12Moonlight Path

This fragrance is so yummy, ugh I just love the beautiful feel to it. It's perfectly in the middle of a flirty, girly feel, and a beautiful midnight atmosphere. This scent is to die for and one of my favorites. It's not too overwhelming and powerful, yet some of the fragments are very pronounced and others are very simple and passionate. This has been my favorite fit and my most commented on scent (even more than my Michael Kors, Chanel, Victoria's Secret, and even some of my Gucci perfumes). If your looking for a glamorous yet simple aroma, then moonlight path is a definite must have for your perfume/body spray closet.

This fragrance has a beautiful, sensual scent that can go from day to night with ease. I have the shower gel, fragrance mist, and perfume, as well as the lotion. It is always best to layer your fragrance, and this is the ideal way. My hubby loves it, too!

It is amazing, and it is very light. It is just the correct amount of girl for me. I really enjoy it because it never makes people sick from the strong smell. My friends are always begging me for it!

Love this stuff. Perfect just before bed and spray on the sheets. It's sweet, light, soft,

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13Cranberry Twinkle

Reminds me of passion fruit.. Hope they sell more of this scent

Always get compliments on how good I smell when I use the lotion. Love it.

14Midnight Pomegranate

This is the best scent! I spray it on my pillow every night to help me fall asleep. The scent is very unique and it is just amazing!

Midnight Pomegranate is amazing. It smells like a "fiery fuit and spice blend that conjures an image of rubies sparkling in moonlight. " Trust me on this one, I wear it to school and then all of my friends tell me to bring the lotion on the bus so that they can have some too.

I love this smell! I carry it all over! I have had for a long time and I still love it! It smells great! My friends and family love it!

I just love it... it the best midnight pomegranate is unbeatable

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15Twisted Peppermint

Love it use it all year round in summer it is cool on your body leaving a cool feeling and the soft scent of vanilla and peppermint. Absolute best all time unique fragrance

If you talking about love fragrance, TWISTED PEPPERMINT is that love fragrance! Uhhh, can smell it now smells like heaven! Uh, there is is, that smell that I <3! Only the sweetest! Only the best seller! I have everything of twisted peppermint! It smells amazing at least try it

Absolutely love this smell!, some people say whenever you smell it in the store it's to strong but once you put in on its not its smells very good!

I love this scent it smells so good!

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16Coconut Lime Verbena

Love this scent. It's fresh and sweet and summer-y. I have a pocket bac in this scent and full size lotion

Smells amazing great for summer

Coconut Lime Verbena Is the best scent ever! Not to sweet but has a distinguished smell. People always ask me what perfume I'm wearing when they walk by me.

Coconut Lime Verbena Is #1

Like this scent

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17Secret Wonderland

This scent is the best! The scent is sweet but a bit fruity for a mysterious and feminine scent without being too strong. I highly recommend the lotion and the spray and shower gel if you prefer to layer your scents.

I love this scent! I love how it gives you that mysterious scent but at the same time it makes you flirtatious and happy! :)
I would recommend this to every girl I know! :D

This scent should be number one, it is absolutely amazing and I always have it on civvies and it totally lasts the longest.

It's amazing I love it smells like high end perfumes

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18Rome Honeysuckle Amore

Very fruity and flowery... sorta like really good soap. which isn't a bad thing! It makes you smell clean, girly, and proper!

19Bali Mango

Bali mango is so amazing I have it as a lotion it smells fantastic I love it makes me feel like I'm in Hawaii

! Mango is the best whether your eating it or smelling like it!

I love this scent. It smells like a bite of a juicy mango :D

Smells amazing like a juicy mango!

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20Sexy Dahlia Rush

AMAZINGLY SEXY, SEDUCTIVE, HYPNOTIC! Fall in love with the rich notes for new season! Everything you need to pamper body, hair and lips!

One of the only stronger "perfume" type scents that I liked even after wearing all day & very sexy!

Clean but flirty and a little bit classy

Please bring back. Love this smell!

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