Best Bath & Body Works Fragrances

The top ten most popular scents from Bath & Body Works. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Warm Vanilla Sugar
Very warm and soothing. I use it when I'm down, and during the holiday season. It is great to stick on or in your backpack and purse around Christmas time! I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
It smells so amazing. I love it. I could wear this in every single season just because it smells so so good and attractive!
This scent smells so delicious! I absolutely love it it smells warm and is very relaxing. Every time I wear the lotion or body mist people always ask me what I'm wearing! I would recommend this to anyone.
[Newest]Very relaxing and soothing! A very good fall and winter sent! Go buy it now!

2Twilight Woods
I have the complete set!
The smell reminds me of when I went to visit my dad. He bought it for me and I wore it all the days I was with him:) it also smells yummy
My cousin gave me the gift and I loved it.
P.S. great for the fall.
[Newest]I LOVE the smell I am getting another one in a shower gel to keep at home and my mini one to travel LOVE the smell!

3Japanese Cherry Blossom
So yummy! It is floral and sexy and slightly musky all at the same time! It's perfect for nighttime, but I also wear it in the day.
This smells amazing. I have a travel size in my locker at school, every time I bring it out I get about 10 girls asking for some, its only october and I'm half way through the bottle! Just can't get enough!
Love this! I have it in the body mist. It feels a little mysterious and musky, while still being floral.
[Newest]Oldie but goody.. One of the best..

4Sweet Pea
It's such a fruity flirty scent and every time I wear it I get comments. It seems like when I wear it, I feel confident and approachable just because its a flirtatious smell. I have gotten so many compliments on it. I'm in love with it.
Its cute smell, I wear it everyday and I get compliments because of the smell that totally awesome. My friends loves it too, I think this one really best scent ever! I've fragrance mist, pocbac, and body lotion with this smell. Sweet pea forever
[Newest]This was the very first Bath & Body Works scent I owned and it's such a girly and fresh scent. My friend used this when I was over in her room and I was so blown away by how good it smelled I just had to get it!

5Vanilla Bean Noel
My friend has this scent in the spray, and I LOVE IT! This scent to me smells the least like chemicals. You just smell pure vanilla, and it's so delightful! I can't stop borrowing her spray haha
Have always loved vanilla and this one is my favorite. Very warm, comforting, and sweet. I stock up at Christmas for the whole year!
This Is My Absolute Favorite Scent! You Should Go Pick One Up! You Would Smell So Sweet Like A Yummy Pastry In The Scent!
[Newest]It smells so good so good

6Pink Chiffon
Loved it since the first time I tried at the store. I got the shower gel and it really makes you fell in love with it, you get out of the shower and the sweet scent stays on your skin. Not to soft, not to strong: perfect!
The hint of Pink scent really lights the scent up. Wonderful!
This product smells so fruity! It smells like what it says... PINK!
[Newest]Heavenly scent... Lasts all day

7Winter Candy Apple
At school there would be some people who just smelled really amazing and I wanted to ask them what they used for perfume but I thought it would be too awkward. I went to Bath and Body Works the other day and was just trying all the scents when I found this one! Smells amazing!
Winter candy apple is an amazing scent! I have the whole set. It is very different than a lot of the scents at bath and body works. And I never get tired of the scent. It is my favorite scent from bath and body works!
It is the essence of winter! It really lightens my mood, and It makes me excited to get up in the morning to put it on
[Newest]I really like this winter candy apple but I can no longer find this๐Ÿ˜ซ

8Carried Away
Carried Away is GORGEOUS. I have never gotten so many compliments on a fragrance! It's the perfect balance- long-lasting, but not overpowering. I've found it's best with one spray on your neck, and one little one on each hand. I got the glitter spray- simply exquisite! Vote Carried Away!
I smelled this at the store and fell in love with it. My mom said I could buy it when we go home but We don't have a bath and body works in the
City so I'm going to buy it next time I go on vacation. Can't wait!

It smells very strong at first, but do not be alarmed! Once on the skin, it mellows out into a nice smooth scent that's sure to get you a few compliments throughout the day.
[Newest]A spirited blend of raspberries, jasmine & whipped vanilla, inspired by the way true love sweeps you off your feet

9Country Apple
The old delicious smelling apple. Completely different from the winter candy apple. Trust me on this. It's a must try.
Its an eye opener in the morning and still refreshing In The evening.
Please, please bring back Country Apple

10Midnight Pomegranate
This is the best scent! I spray it on my pillow every night to help me fall asleep. The scent is very unique and it is just amazing!
I love this smell! I carry it all over! I have had for a long time and I still love it! It smells great! My friends and family love it!

Midnight Pomegranate is amazing. It smells like a "fiery fuit and spice blend that conjures an image of rubies sparkling in moonlight. " Trust me on this one, I wear it to school and then all of my friends tell me to bring the lotion on the bus so that they can have some too.
[Newest]I simply love this scent. My boyfriend got me one and everyone seems to love how I smell now

The Contenders

11Coconut Lime Verbena
Love this scent. It's fresh and sweet and summer-y. I have a pocket bac in this scent and full size lotion
Smells amazing great for summer
This one is great! It's best for summer but works all year round! My favorite!
[Newest]LOVE this scent. It's so nice and exotic, makes me feel on vacation. definitely a must have.

12Moonlight Path
This fragrance has a beautiful, sensual scent that can go from day to night with ease. I have the shower gel, fragrance mist, and perfume, as well as the lotion. It is always best to layer your fragrance, and this is the ideal way. My hubby loves it, too!
It is amazing, and it is very light. It is just the correct amount of girl for me. I really enjoy it because it never makes people sick from the strong smell. My friends are always begging me for it!
Smells so good. I have The body wash, lotion, body spray, and hand sanitizer.
[Newest]When you put it all you smell clean and fresh, my family can not get over how good it is! LOVE IT SO MUCH!

13Sensual Amber
I love this scent, I thought for sure it would be top 10! The foaming hand soap is the best. The other products don't quite smell the same.
Best scent in the whole line
I've loved this ever since my Grandma gave it to me as a gift.

14Velvet Sugar
The first time I tried this, I fell in love. It's a sweet and girly scent, however it has some notes of vanilla and musk. I liked it so much I got the whole set and have been getting compliments at school nonstop. Overall, I do recommend you check it out at Bath & Body Works
I love this smell, I think it's perfect for day or night.
I expected this to be one of Bath & Body Works super sweet scents but this is actually beautifully balanced. It's sweet but with the perfect amount of musk and is very sexy. Love it!

15Cranberry Twinkle
Reminds me of passion fruit.. Hope they sell more of this scent
Always get compliments on how good I smell when I use the lotion. Love it.

16Paris Amour
I love this scent so much, I have the spray and I wear it to school everyday. I like it because its fruity and fresh at the same time. Paris Amour is also not too overpowering. My favorite spring scent!
Just love love this scent more than any other; I have everything in this line and the only thing I am disappointed in is that the wallflower in this scent is not available any longer;

I agree with others who have said this is the best scent from Bath and Body Works.
I love Paris Amour I wear it everyday to school. I have the whole set (except the roll on perfume). It isn't super strong but it is just the perfect balance of everything
[Newest]From Paris, with love! Like a romantic stroll through the City of Love, Paris Amour is a dreamy blend of French tulips with a pop of pink champagne

17Secret Wonderland
This scent is the best! The scent is sweet but a bit fruity for a mysterious and feminine scent without being too strong. I highly recommend the lotion and the spray and shower gel if you prefer to layer your scents.
I love this scent! I love how it gives you that mysterious scent but at the same time it makes you flirtatious and happy! :)
I would recommend this to every girl I know! :D
This scent should be number one, it is absolutely amazing and I always have it on civvies and it totally lasts the longest.
[Newest]A whimsical blend of luscious strawberry, frosted jasmine petals and white amber inspired by a world you never dreamed existed

18Beautiful Day
Beautiful Day, I voted for it, because it deserves to be higher in the list! I love the scent the spring scent like sour apples and it makes me feel like jumping into I pile of flowers. It almost feels like I'm in the most beautiful garden in the world. It feels like it's called; it feels like it's a beautiful spring day!
This scent is so refreshing and fragrant! I love the way it works with the chemistry of my skin. It reminds me of a "beautiful day" for sure!
I am surprised that this is not higher on the list - It is my favorite! It has such a wonderful scent that is not too strong, or too faint.
[Newest]I LOVE Beautiful Day. Its like apples and spring.

19French Lavender and Honey
Fresh and fruity. Perfect for any day, all 4 seasons.
If you like Japanese Cherry Blossom, you will absolutely love this.
I've been a Japanese Cherry Blossom addict for years now, this is the first scent I've tried in a long time and I'm in love!
[Newest]One of my favorites!

20Rome Honeysuckle Amore
Very fruity and flowery... sorta like really good soap. which isn't a bad thing! It makes you smell clean, girly, and proper!

21Country Chic
It smells so clean, like an open field. It also has a slight (very slight) flower smell it it. I always call it "country chick" though. I LOVE this sent.
My favorite! Not too sweet, not too musky, just the right blend, it's so fresh, like fresh out of a shower, or fresh laundry, which I love!
My favorites are this one and pink chiffon! Country chic just smells so clean and fresh, it's a touch flowery and I love that.
[Newest]In love with it.

22Dark Kiss
I love this sent. It's soft and can be worn day or night but I would prefer night. I normally prefer tropical smells but this is perfect because it's gentle and has a sweet floral smell. I cried when I broke my perfume of this, this and sensual amber are my two favorites I can't pick between the two. Honestly though if you want to smell lovely, beautiful and feminine wear this perfume. I think it's a great perfume that reflect my personality.
Dark kiss is to die for! It is so sexy and feminine, with scrumptious, but slightly musky amber tones that help it not to overpower. It brings out the dark seductiveness, that is mature and luscious. I definitely recommend dark kiss, especially for someone on a night out with their "main squeeze"
The fragrance is out of this world
[Newest]Me and my boyfriend really love this scent ๐Ÿ˜

23Be Enchanted
Just amazing! Smells really 'enchanting' as the label says, and the first time I ever tried it, I immediately fell in love with it! Smells like my favorite swim coaches perfume! Haha
Inspired by the wonder of a shimmering fantasy, Be Enchanted is a charming mix of frosted florals sweetened with sparkling sugared pomegranate
I've restocked on this scent twice I love it so much! It's seriously like living in a wonderland on your clothes
[Newest]This is literally my favorite scent. It's so amazing and makes me feel relaxed.

24Sea Island Cotton
Best scent ever! Smells like a mix of a paradise island and clean laundry! Every day when I bring it to school, people will always ask me for some... And some would even try to steal it! It was just that good!
Makes me feel like I'm floating across a cloud pure happiness. Favorite thing I've ever smelled in my entire life! Wear it every single day and never get sick of it. Lasts all day. It's so fresh and clean! LOVE LOVE LOVE SEA ISLAND COTTON!


Smells so fresh and clean! I couldn't stop smelling my hands after using the antibacterial gel. Feels like I've just gotten out of the shower
[Newest]This is the best scent ever! I love it, it makes me happy!

25Fresh Market Apple
It smells so fresh and smells just like a juicy apple!

26Magnolia Blossom
My favorite of all the scents, I always get complements on good I smell every time I use it. Its refreshing and can be used all day.
Love this one! They NEED to bring it back!
Please bring it back!

27Brown Sugar & Fig
The best I ever used, only downside is it keeps getting discontinued and brought back... Frustrating
My #1 favorite, always stock up on line.

28Cookie Dough
Love the smell of cookie dough!
I love this scent so much! , it's very sweet!
It smells so like cookies

29Endless Weekend
Smells great! Love this sent lots
An exhilarating blend of raspberry lychee sorbet, sun-kissed magnolia and vanilla sandalwoo

30Wild Madagascar Vanilla
This is by far my favorite scent ever! I get lots of compliments when I wear it, which is everyday! Please don't ever get rid of this scent!
This is always is going to be one of my favorites!
Vanilla is always my favourite calming scent.
[Newest]Great scent. It smells womanly and sexy. Love it!

31Deep Aqua
Please bring this back! Lovely clean fragrance, nice that you made a fragrance that didn't smell like a tossed salad.

32Cucumber Melon
Fresh and not overpowering like many of the floral scent. This is my favorite, although the store doesn't carry the body spray, must get it online.
My all time favorite, and classic summer scent! My husband loves this every time I choose it. Great smelling and I always have it on hand.
I love it...I had forgotten about it, but it smells so amazing!
[Newest]The best scent ever. hope they still have the cologne

33Twisted Peppermint
Love it use it all year round in summer it is cool on your body leaving a cool feeling and the soft scent of vanilla and peppermint. Absolute best all time unique fragrance
If you talking about love fragrance, TWISTED PEPPERMINT is that love fragrance! Uhhh, can smell it now smells like heaven! Uh, there is is, that smell that I <3! Only the sweetest! Only the best seller! I have everything of twisted peppermint! It smells amazing at least try it
[Newest]Love it! ๐Ÿ’– best one ever!

34Aqua Blossom
I wish wish wish I could find this smell in a body spray! So fantastic. Absolutely refreshing, clean, and relaxing. Really a great smell! :D
Next to classic Plumeria, Aqua Blossom is my favorite scent ~ it reminds me of being with my then fiance, now my husband, in his home on Molokai, looking out the kitchen window toward Lanai island, with the tradewinds caressing me, feeling so calm and happy. I brought a bottle over there and loved washing my hands at that sink with this addictive scent. It is so a clean & refreshing! I bought a nice supply of bottles of the pump soap last summer as it was being discontinued.

35White Mango Chill
This is the best scent ever! It takes you to a tropical paradise I bought a full size lotion and I use it everyday and it is January, love bath and body so much for this scent

36Black Raspberry Vanilla
I Love the smell of this! The sweet smell makes me want to cover every inch of skin on my body with it! I love it! Nice way to smell good!
It smells like heaven
I like the scent but the hand soap smells nothing like the lotion.
[Newest]It's the best I've ever had

37Rainkissed Leaves
Smells so fresh friend loves it!

38A Thousand Wishes
I discovered this on my first ever visit to bath and bodyworks last Thanksgiving in New York. I was told it was their new holiday fragrance. I fell in love and have the set. Every time I smell it it reminds me of my trip to the Big Apple. Its gorgeous, so fragrant, sweet, warm, subtle, gorgeous.
Its an awesome smelling sweet sent!
My husband loves this scent and has ever since he first smelled it. Awesome fragrance

39Aruba Coconut
Love love this scent! Bought 6 bottles during the semi annual sale! I'm glad I did because it's discontinued! Great summer smell!
I love Aruba Coconut! It smells so so delicious and it is long lasting! I love it! It smells like Piรฑa Colada!
Please please bring this scent back! It is my favorite. I get so many compliments when I wear it!
[Newest]Best scent you've ever had and now you discontinue it! Please please bring this one back!

40Dancing Waters
Another one they keep discontinuing but I love this one. I have never had more compliments than when I wear dancing waters. it smells so clean and fresh. dancing waters is probably my favorite b&bw scent.
Reminds me of my summer romance in a surf beach in the Philippines.
I love dancing waters. I do not see it at the store where I shop as often as I once did.
[Newest]Wonderful scent, so underrated. Smells so fresh and so clean.

41Bali Mango
Bali mango is so amazing I have it as a lotion it smells fantastic I love it makes me feel like I'm in Hawaii
! Mango is the best whether your eating it or smelling like it!
I love this scent. It smells like a bite of a juicy mango :D

42Lemon Vanilla
This was my all-time favourite - none of the others have compared. I used to get compliments from friends, colleagues, strangers -- even my dentist -- on how great it smelled. Wish they'd bring it back.
Bring it back! This was my favorite ever!
I love and miss it please bring it back

43Juniper Breeze
So fresh and invigorating! Wish they would bring this back! One of my favorites! Grabbed 3 body mists and 3 lotions during the SAS.
My all time favorite... So sad they discontinued it please bring it back asap!
Please Bring this scent back
[Newest]My al time favorite! Bring it back!

44Mint Chocolate

45Caribbean Escape
I love this smell! It's sweet, gentle, and relaxing!

46Black Pearl
I actually get compliments on my "cologne" after I use Black Pearl hand sanitizer. Yes, please make it in your body care line!
Love this scent in the pocket anti bac gel but don't think they are carrying it anymore :-(. Wish they had it in lotion and body spray!
I agree please make more products of this scent. All year for stores.

47Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
This is the most beautiful scent. It has the gorgeous B+BW scent to it, they all seem to have that scent whatever fragrance you try. Its such a winter holiday smell, sweet, yummy, warm, gorgeous. I have the set and only use it on special occasions because I don't want it to run out. I adore it. I love the warm scent of cinnamon

48Orange Sapphire
I LOVE this scent! If you like Banana Republic Classic (for women), you will love this scent, because it is so completely similar. I bought it on a whim and now I am so glad that I did.
My favorite scent. It always smells so perfect, and I always get compliments whenever I wear it

49Forever Sunshine
Love this fragrance it is so flirty and smells like happiness! Honestly I'm more of a fresh floral person like the wild honey suckle and butterfly flower. But this I use when I'm going out with the girls or on dates! It's so fun and youthful!
LOVE this! I am super picky about my perfumes and have stuck with JCB for years now. I bought the travel size of this to try out and I'm going back for the bigger bottle! It's very spring/summer and just smells like fun.
Its been my favorite since it came out! Can't get much better!

50Creamy Coconut
I love creamy coconut.on my last bottle. Please bring it back

51Sweet On Paris
I've always liked not loved BBW's line of products. There is a few scents that are okay, a few that I dislike, and some that I always go back to if I pass a BBW store in the mall. I never truly became a fan until Sweet on Paris made its debut! I LOVE it! Please bring it back. I constantly stalk eBay in order to get my SoP fix! I get compliments from so many people when I wear it. It's a perfect amount of sweetness and perfect for all of the girly girls out there. I'm 42 and absolutely adore Sweet on Paris.
THE BEST! And this is coming from a perfume junkie. It didn't get any better than this. Wanted it to be my signature scent. BUT it got discontinued. It's 2015 now and I'm still crying for it back :(
I'm so in love with this scent. It's the best lotion I have from BBW. It's sweet and lingers on skin for hours. I noticed that even if I wash my hands, I can still smell the scent. It's just my favorite and I can't wait to get the mist and extra bottles of lotion to stock up. I'm sad it's been discontinued though. :( -Rain

52Wild Honeysuckle
This is one of my all time favorites. They really should bring it back. Great Spring/Summer scent. Always get compliments.
I wish they would bring this back. It smells so great!
Please please bring this favorite back!

53Love Love Love
Best fragrance ever so sad they're discontinuing it hope they bring it back soon!
Have the lotion and fragrance mist. Amazing.
This is my very favorite from BBW! I had to stock up when I heard they were discontinuing it! Now looking for another amazing fragrance!

54Mohogany Teakwood
This smells like the inside of Hollister... Yum!

55Sexy Dahlia Rush
AMAZINGLY SEXY, SEDUCTIVE, HYPNOTIC! Fall in love with the rich notes for new season! Everything you need to pamper body, hair and lips!
Clean but flirty and a little bit classy
Please bring back. Love this smell!

56Vanilla Noir
Absolutely my favorite scent. Ever!
Loved this one! It'll always be my favorite. Wish it hadn't gotten discontinued. :( Please bring it back!

57Forever Red
First smelled it on my sis found it in her room and never gave it back so good I'm about to buy it now for myself because the first one was way over used by all my sisters we love it one of the best
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Forever Red. It's my signature fragrance and the only fragrance I have been wearing for the past 2 years. I use the entire line.
I haven't actually bought this scent yet, but when I smelled it in the store I completely fell in LOVE

58Pink Grapefruit

59Rio Rumberry
This scent is absolutely amazing it is so fruity and cheery! I buy it for all my friends birthdays! Definitely would recommend this scent!
At first I hated this scent because I thought it smelled too much like a fruity candy like starbursts but once it's on your skin for a while it smells amazing!

60Cherry Blossom
This is the one and only cologne that I consistently received compliments on. I cannot believe it was discontinued. I am very upset about this and have been online trying to find it anywhere. I cannot believe that it was not a huge seller.
My favorite scent. By far one of the best. I'm glad it keeps making a comeback.
Why are all the good one discontinued as this one was

61Mad About You
I love this scent because it smells classy and expensive, I'm actually very surprised that it isn't on the top ten list, ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ
I just love the fragrance when I bought a tiny bottle of toilette spray on clearance. Now I am after the big bottle and am waiting for the store to get it in. I got a travel bag with the lotion, body spray, shower gel and a small hand sanitizer. Smells a little like cotton candy and a little musk. Very faint.
I LOVE THIS SMELL! This fresh scent is just to die for! It's fruity and festive, plus is just amazing!
[Newest]A love-struck pairing of soft peonies & black currant kissed with creamy vanilla musk

62Rice Flower & Shea
My favorite scent in the whole world! So very disappointed it is no longer available... Please reconsider!
Please bring this one back! Also jasmine and orange. Frosted snowberry great scents
This is the best scent ever. They need to bring it back!
[Newest]Most awesome! Best lotion formula ever!

63Pure Paradise
Pure paradise is a tropical scented scent. It smells amazing and I think they discontinued it but you can order it. But, if you do go in stores the closest scent to it is endless weekend. Personally I think pure paradise smells better but that's my opinion...
I love this scent so much. it is very summery and just gets you in a summer mood. The smell is not something you can easily get annoyed with either.

64Capri Seaside Citrus
This is part of thl new Italian Collection and it's one of Bath and Body Work's best scents. It has this fresh citrus feel that's very wearable for the summer!
I love this scent! Why oh why did they discontinue?!

65Amber Blush
Capture the sensual warmth and luxury of a romantic getaway! Raspberry champagne & gardenia petals mingle with a seductive kiss of crystallized amber for an ultra-feminine scent.
I love it, but the spray is so much better than the shower gel.
Amazing, it is like lavender but not as strong, it's just perfect!

66Coconut Lime Breeze
This is my all time favorite bath and body works scent. It smells like you should be in somewhere like Hawaii. It's absolutely amazing!
Smells like paradise! Very yummy and tropical!
This smells like paradise! The lime is stronger than the coconut, but the scent is magnificent... Better tham the coconut lime verbana

I like this one and it isn't smokey either.

68Butterfly Flower
Seems really strong but once it sorta fades away it smells like heaven!

69Malibu Heat
Love love love love this scent so mad they discontinued

70Into the Wild
The scent stays so long... There is a "wow" factor every time I use it..
Smelled so good that I'm still waiting for it to come back. #greatfragrance

71Nectarine Mint

72Fresh Picked Tangerines
Smells so fresh- slightly tart fruity smell that is so comforting! Love the scent!
Just like oranges and energizing
Ihave a handsanitizer and everyone begs for somthing out of it I prefer this even more than carribean escape and dancing waters combinend hope it helps

73Orange Ginger
Smells really nice and refreshing. It's my mom's favorite as well.

74Venice Dolce Berry
My favorite - very disappointed when it was discontinued!
All time favorite scent. Wish they would bring it back
I love this for summer wish they would bring it back!
[Newest]I love this why oh why is it discontinued

75Night Blooming Jasmine
I love this scent, it has been discontinued which has made me sad, it was the best smelling body spray and lotion I loved it!
Best scent ever. Fell in love immediately in the store and wore it all the time. Was crushed when it was discontinued.
Is there a replacement for night blooming jasmine.
[Newest]Great scent! Another great lotion formula!

Please bring this gorgeous floral scent back - reminded me of Maui every time I used it. I haven't shopped at your store since you stopped offering it and now can't even find it on line. Please bring it back!
I would buy every body lotion and body cream in stock if Bath and Body would bring this back!

77Island Nectar
Please please bring this back! I look for it every year. My neighbor got me the wallflowers in this scent when my son was born. I bought all they had at the store. I love it. It's so fresh and summery.
Why is it not on the list?!?! This smells amazing. I love it. Smells like fresh fruits, as if you just came out of a shower smelling all nice. I absolutely love this scent. I wish BBW had this complete set.
A favorite! Please bring it back to the stores!

78Stress Relief
I think it smells divinely... Very long lasting soft and sophisticated... The best vanilla lavender mist I have ever had
Doesn't help with stress, but it is a pleasant scent.

79Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss
I got this scent on sale, having not smelled it before I was concerned, however it is amazing, very floral, other favorites of mine are sweet pea, used to like Japanese cherry blossom but I got bored with it laugh out loud, secret wonderland, pink chiffon, and sensual amber for a real sweet smell
This scent smells amazing I can't believe bath and body discontinued this scent please bring it back
I LOVE this smell it's AMAZING! Every always ask me what do I have on...

80Winter Spice & Vanilla
Smells like a yummy hot toddy, not too sweet though.

81Island Margarita

82Peach Sparkle
I love this scent! My girlfriend wears it and it turns me on so much!

83Pink Sangria
Loved this. Just wish it was available in a body spray.

84Flip Flopped Fruit
It smells so Carribean-ish! It's the most fruity tropical scent, like, ever. I've gotten so many compliments from strangers and friends about how it smells!

85Pink Diamond
So sassy! Makes me feel so confident and flirty, and it gives off such a girly smell, too! It's not distracting, either, but so pleasant to intake on a bad day! For me, this is my "stress relief" lotion. :D

86Napa Autumn Blackberry
I stocked up because they are discontinuing it... :(

87Velvet Tuberose
I can't believe no mentioned this in the top ten this smell is amazing! You should try it...
This was my very favorite until it was discontinued-sad

88Pink Sugarplum
Another Wonderful Scent. They tried to replace it with the Sugar Plum Dream. Trying them side by side. Pink Sugarplum was far better. People are paying $50 per bottle on this once it left stores. Bring it back!

89Dazzling Diamond
I want this in a body spray so bad!
Love it so much my favourite๐Ÿ’

90Lemongrass Sage
Anyone who has the lemongrass sage shower gel and lotion for sale please contact me at This is the only fragrance I can use because I suffer from migraine headaches. This is so hard to find. I appreciate anything anyone cam do for me. Thanks
Loved this scent, bought all I could while it was available! Keeps mosquitoes away too!

91Sweet Macaron

92Sugar and Spice

93Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow
The best one yet! Outside of my dark kiss that I love!

94Merry Marshmallow Kiss
Only the best EVER! The sweetest ever!

Smells like marshmellows with the sweetest taste!... <3 you MERRY MARSHMELLOW KISS!

95Winter Vanilla Latte
Nice rich vanilla caramel slight cinnamon scent.. Amazing! One of the few vanilla scents that's not too light

96Peach Bellini
This is my favorite they have but it's only available in a soap and candle. Bring on the body spray PLEASE! Don't let this one go.

I wish bath and body would have never done away with Peach Nectar that was my other favorite.
My absolute favorite! It smells like peaches with a hint of citrus
I have never met someone shoo doesn't like this scent,
Highly recommend it to everyone

97Cinnamon Buns

98Red Velvet Cupcake
I love this scent, it is just like the title. I love how you can smell the frosting on the top, its not too overpowering but still enough there. By the way this only comes in a candle.

99Tuscan Vineyard

100Mandarin Citron

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