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The part played by Heath Ledger was great, sure, but I'd like to point out the voice that made the Joker: Mark Hamill. This man changed his voice drastically for the clown's appearances in Batman: The Animated Series. His voice has made him a comic book legend; I STILL read Batman comics in his demented "Joker Voice". If you haven't heard it, I suggest you play Batman: Arkham Asylum in order to feel the full effect. The Joker is a merciless, psychopathic maniac (who, according to the New 52, had his face cut off, before stealing it from the GCPD and hooking it back on) who will do anything for a laugh- and, more recently, who will do anything to get to the Bat. The Joker is the perfect Batman villain.
What would The Batman be without Joker, without Joker crime has no punchline, and the same goes for good ol batsie, having Batman without Joker is like having Sherlock without Moriarty the series would be NOTHING without these two without Batman we wouldn't have the glorious campiness of the 1960's series with Adam West and Caesar Romero, or the brilliantly dark and over the top 80's Batman with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, the phenomenal 90's animated series with the unforgettable voices of Kevin Conroy and Mark "Voice of the Joker" Hamill, to the 2000's with the stunning, terrifying, fantastical performance of Heath Ledger or as I like to call him the one true Joker, he made us laugh with his antics throughout gotham, and he made us nearly crap ourselves when he uttered those immortal words that will most likely be with us to the grave "Why So Serious". Ledger after starring in so many romantic comedies pre dark knight, gave the performance of his gorram life as The Joker and sadly his last, and that day was the day the clown had his last laugh, so to anyone who sees this comment, raise your cups and glasses up to the sky and tip your hats to bow your heads in respect long live the clown prince of crime, long live Joker.

(Jared Leto has some HUGE shoes to fill let's hope he does well in the Suicide Squad movie)
Joker has no real superpower, but can anyone to their knees using only some venom, a knife and that creepy smile of his... His insanity combined with his intelligence is a lethal dose!
[Newest]Did I ever tell you how I got these scars?
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The only one to have broken the batman
Bane was not only extremely strong; he was also very intelligent. He freed all of Batman's villains from prison to cause chaos and, when Batman finished chasing them all down, Bane waited until Batman was at his breaking point to finish him. He broke into the Batcave and became the 1st villain to defeat Batman.


Bane is the most awesome (Black mask close second) and in my opinion the best match for Batman because despite Joker being his polar opposite-Bane broke him. BANE BROKE BATMAN. Also he was trained in fighting by the league of assassins (1995) and is a genius-enough said
[Newest]And now I break your back

Best villain from the DC universe for his psychological torment and the great schizophrenic struggle endured by his own duality and the conundrum of his existence. By far the deepest and best designed villain as well due to the scarred visage playing a dynamic role in his elegant and handsome side being a clever camouflage to his grisly and deadly side. Also, a powerhouse of a character due to the epitome of the madman within, a white knight who turned to a wicked persona worse than those he locked up, and the pure definition of justice with the toss of a coin... Fair, and without a shred of emotion. Best hands down.
I love Two-Face and he is the best villain for Batman because he is somewhat reminiscent to the way Bruce Wayne lost his parents. Harvey Dent used to be a friend and ally to Batman but since that one uneventful day Batman's friend was lost forever only to haunt Batman as one of his greatest foes. No other villain has this much emotional impact on Batman.
Aaron Eckhart stole the spotlight in the dark knight (in my opinion). Even as far as being the last villain against batman in the movie (not the joker). The greatest villain is someone who use to be a hero who has a tragic fate.
"you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. "
[Newest]He is my favorite but Joker is much more popular

How is he not #1?! He is hilarious and has superior intelligence. He still manages to remain not that violent, which I like. He also has a cool presence throughout the book/game - I.E. , question marks written all over the walls on every house in the Arkham City game. He was ruined in Batman Forever; I wish Nolan stuck to using Leo di Caprio as the Riddler in TDKR. Riddler is the most clever and entertaining and he is the best. I hope he gets more recognition and surpasses Joker, Bane, and Scarecrow in the next 10-20 years. He deserves it!


The Riddler is the best villain with his puzzles, traps, riddles and other gadgets. I think he should be in batman 4. He would really bring out the true detective style in batman.
The Riddler is the smartest villain and most clever.

[Newest]I totally think he should be #2 in this list (before Joker)

no one poses a bigger threat to gotham.. he can have the entire city under his control just by being their worst nightmare
To find out more about him, take a look at Arkham Asylum's version of Scarecrow. Really hope he is in Arkham Origins!
Scarecrow needs a staring role in a batman film, sure he was in the recent films but he never played the main villain. He is an original villain and Scarecrows are way more scary than a clown, a burnt man and a man who wears green licra with question marks all over
[Newest]Scarecrow is obviously best if he wanted to be could have the whole of gotham under his control

6Ra's al Ghul
Ra's al Ghul is my personal fave rather than the Joker because in Batman Begins, my favorite video from the Dark Knight Trilogy, he teaches Bruce Wayne how to defend himself but later reveals the League of Shadows' plan to destroy Gotham, which it regards as a decadent and corrupt city polluted with crime. At the same time, he tries to clean up the world like Bruce, but via means of sparing the lives of many people. He nearly loses his life near the middle of the video and is saved by Bruce. However he later betrays him when he discloses his involvement with the Scarecrow and Carmine Falcone to use a blue flower hallucinogen in order to vaporize Gotham's water supply. In the climax, Ra's has the best head-on-head battle with Bruce out of the three main villains from the Trilogy, and his death is the most gruesome when he is killed in a train crash that later bombs itself with the device used to vaporize the water supply.
Joker's my favorite, but Ra's al Ghul NEEDS to be higher on the list! Ra's wants to actually protect the world and make it better, which is a goal that Batman shares with him. However, "The Demon's Head's" methods involving wiping out much of humanity. Batman realizes he can accomplish a lot by joining Ra's' but he turns away that opportunity for the greater good. Plus, he's the equal of Batman in physical combat.
Got to know him from the Arkham City video game.. One of the most powerful and strongest persona in the batman universe!
[Newest]You only live... Forever

What happened to Catwoman fans? I remember the time where she was the most popular and influential batman villain. I still think she's the best. Joker is ok but Catwoman is much cooler and not so annoying


Catwoman is my favorite villain. Technically, in the New 52 series she becomes good, but I still think she is an excellent villain. She is the only one who comes close to Batman's heart.
She is a villain, but she varies from good to evil and she appears to have some kind of relationship with the Dark Knight Batman. And she's great with a whip.

Clearly the greatest of all Batman villains. He's got class, killer umbrellas, hot girlfriends (impressive when you look like that) and complete control over the Gotham City underworld. He's not insane, psychotic or anything - he's just a criminal, plain & simple. For
That, he deserves the number one spot. Burgess Meredith was great,
Nolan North in the Arkham games is absolutely brilliant (DeVito in
Batman Returns isn't great, but still) and all the T.V. series are
Really good as well. The Penguin, a clear winner.
Never can forget Burgess Meredith's penguin, still the best portrayal and the best villain of the 1960's Batman. Also like the new Penguin in the Arkham games, with the British accent and as the ultimate crime boss.
Awesome because of many, many reasons. But mostly because it's hard to stand out if you're not insane, and to be able to do that's top notch.
[Newest]This guy should be number 2.

9Mr. Freeze
I read Mr. Freezes comics and I watched Batman and Robin with Mr. Freeze in it. I like the way Mr. Freeze looks and talks. I also liked the cartoon sub zero with Mr. Freeze.
Mr Freeze is one of the most brilliant villains I've ever seen. I just wish he got to acheive his Well Intended goal. I always loved his quote, "Think of it, batman. To never again walk on a summer's day with the hot wind in your face and a warm hand to hold. Oh yes, I'd kill for that".
"Hey, Batman! You know what killed the dinosaurs? The ICE age! "

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the best Mr. Freeze ever!

10Harley Quinn
Shes the best ever! Should have bought her in a long time ago. Love her cheeky personality and the way she plays dumb. She an awesome fighter and shes just so so funny should be # 1


She hot, Shes creepy, Shes Cool, shes loving, Shes Harley Quinn! Woo-Hoo! She should be number 1!
A sense of humor, a bubbly personality, and to top it off, she's crazy. What is not to love?

The Contenders

11Killer Croc
The monster croc. Should be in top ten in my opinion. Great story, been around for ages, just needs a film.
A sad childhood and powerful abilities, I think Killer Croc is still as good as the other villains in the Batman universe. He's also as strong as Bane and funny in the show.
"I threw A rock at him"
Killer croc is a personal favorite of mine and it would be awesome to see him in a future movie, especially if he ha his arkham asylum look

Not really known for being a major batman villain but is stronger, faster and as intelligent as batman himself. Slade is the biggest physical threat to batman on this list without a doubt so should be higher in the list. And he's a BADASS
I know he's not exactly a Batman villain, but he has faced Bats before and kicked his ass a few times as well! Anyone who can kick the ass of the mighty Batman at least deserves an honorable mention.
Slade Wilson is AWESOME! Number 15? No, he should be in at LEAST the Top 5! AT LEAST!
[Newest]Should be in the top 5

13Poison Ivy
She was a doctor in arkham and in an accident, became poison ivy. She can control plants and mind control humans if she kisses them.
Sexy and she is the only one along with clayface to have powers and for all of you idiots who voted for ra al ghul he is not in the same league as her
Y is black mask not here? He ruled over all of gothams underworld for a bit and looks totally cool

14Red Hood
After getting killed by Joker, Jason Todd came back from the dead and become the Red Hood, looking for revenge. He's now also an enemy of Batman.
If he does not make it to top ten, I will cry. 16?! People voted for the joker which I get but what about his creation, the misunderstood Jason Todd Back from the grave to ask batman if he loves him?
Jason is a badass he should be number 1


15Black Mask
Black Mask tortured Catwoman's brother in law to death with construction tools and forced pieces of him down the throat of Catwoman's sister. Even the Joker has never done something so incredibly sadistic.
Black mask at one time was better than joker had crippled Gotham and nearly killed Batman and robin he's earned a top ten spot if you ask me.
He killed a robin and wounded another robin and batman. Damn!


This man is driven by revenge to takedown Bruce Wayne/Batman and will do any possible way to make his life miserable. A good marksman and high intelligence and could be Batman's equal, his darker version like Venom is to Spider-Man
Just a perfect character, could give The Joker a run for his money.
I want him to be in a batman movie! Now!

Love Deadshot! He is highly under-appreciated. I mean who else is that AMAZING with any gun? I like how he is dressed in Arkham City (Video Game). Deadshot (Floyd Wilson is his real name by the way) is just plain cool!
Yep he is #6 in my list. And when I say he, I mean deadshot!
Why all assassins last name Wilson

Being cunning, shape-shifting, terrifying monster who has both wits and brutal strength, Clayface deserves to be among Batman's classic villains. Besides, he was based on the Phantom of the Opera, like the Joker was based on Gwynplaine and Two-Face on Jekyll/Hyde.
Clayface is BY FAR the most tragic character in Batman. Imagine being a giant pile of mud for your whole entire life? That would be far worse than Mr. Freeze because of the fact that Victor could still get someone to love him. Clayface, on the other hand, cannot.

Man-bat is like the opposite of batman and a great villain. He should be higher on the list. I can't wait for a movie.
Man-Bat is Batman, guard city Gotham, in beautiful black costum, big ear, and sign reflector bat-man. Werry good weapons, great fighter and super style.

20Penny Plunderer
I really hope putting him here was sarcasm...


Who the heck is the penny plunderer


21Hugo Strange
He should be in the top ten. Being the ultimate enemy who took on Batman's identity once.


23Court of Owls
Secretly running the City of Gotham for centuries from the shadows, the Court are a fantastic addition to the Rogue's Gallery in the New 52. Plus, the crazy assassins that are Talons make them even greater.
An urban legend that even Batman couldn't uncover until they came for him - now that's a villain.
Nearly killed batman on their first encounter. Best new villains in the new 52 so far
Probably Batman's creepiest adversary so far.

One of the best villains ever

He only appeared in the animated series "The Batman", but as cool and great he was there, he deserves a honorable mention.
Just imagine the batmanized version of a combination between Terminator, Hal9000 and GlaDOS. There it is. The greatest criminal mastermind.
-"Good evening, is The Batman home? "- talking to Alfred in Wayne's mansion.

For those of you who have seen Batman:Mask of the Phantasm, you know why I think this villain should be mentioned. Phantasm is just so cool.

27Thomas Wayne
Immortal descendant of Bruce Wayne and leader of the black glove.

28Maxie Zeus

29Black Spider
He is part of suicide squad in the new movie" batman assault on arkham"!
You guys r stupid! Black Spider should at least be in the top 15

30Condiment King
The fact that this guy exists is a joke, batman doesn't deserve this piece of trash as a villain. Hooray
Just the fact that he exists bewilders me. BATMAN doesn't DESERVE THIS PIECE OF TRASH AS A VILLAIN!

31Great White Shark

KGBeast is someone who gave Batman a HUGE run for his money, had a gun for a hand, and killed 200 people in his first appearance... Enough said.


34Professor Pyg
This guy's cool. Weird, but cool.
Why is he so low on the list

35Rag Doll


37Rupert Thorne

38Roxy Rocket


Dude, darkseid is awesome?! He isn't dumb he is one of the best villains in superman history!

41Ted Krosby
One of the most INSANE charactersof all. He killed and ate his dad. He also wore his dads face as a mask. Ripped hos eye out and killed 372 people in a hotel

42Kabuki Twins

43Mr Toad

44Bizarro Batman


46Red X

47Solomon Grundy
Solomon Grundy, born on a monday!
Hulk is a Grundy rip-off. Grundy was the origional big mean guy talking in the third person who has anger issues.
Crhistnend on tuesday married on wensday

48Calendar Man

49Victor Zsasz
He is really crazy somebody you can be actually scared of in real life and give you nightmares. He's like Batman if he went nuts after his parent's death cause they both lost their parents
Zsasz is the most realistic batman villain and will cut you.


Zsasz is legit one of my favorite supervillains. In fact, I would say now he is. I am kinda mystified he is so low.


50Talia al Ghul

He takes number seven because if he has good equipment and enough henchmen he can blow up Gotham, a simple reason.
Really? Red Hood beats Firefly?!
I just think he's kinda cool.

Is this the same Scarface as the one "You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend! "


54Arkham Knight
The most mysterious of all I rate him second

This guy is a great villain for batman! He is like Electro from the spider man series, but on steroids! Too bad he got ripped off in Batman Arkham Orgins!
This guy is a boss!

56Mad Hatter
This man is amazing, how is he so low?


The Mad Hatter is pure evil!
Why is he 44. He is so cool

57Killer Moth
Killer moth is SO underrated!

58Clock King
Clock king is wicked underrated

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