Top 10 Beatles Songs That Only John Lennon Can Sing

The songs that are so hard on the voice that no one but John can sing. You gotta be a die hard fan of The Beatles to know these songs

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1Twist and Shout

The most amazing vocal for john lennon. Than no one can anyone do.

The vocals are because john had a cold, so only john lennon with a cold can sing this. - SammySpore

John Lennon could barely even sing this! - Exodus666

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2I Am the WalrusV1 Comment
3Strawberry Fields Forever

others can sing it but it sounds like crap without him doing it. - russian

4Across the Universe

John's most beautiful vocal performance, none of the other Beatles pulled it offas good as him.

5Yer Blues
6Come Together
7Dear Prudence

His voice is so beautiful in this song. His guitar work is too. This should be number two right behind twist and shout.

8You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
9Happiness Is a Warm Gun
10Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

long name for a short song... -_- - Exodus666

The Contenders

11Sexy Sadie
12Hey Bulldog

Favorite song and only Lennon could sing this.

13A Day In the Life
14Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
15The Ballad of John and Yoko
16You Can't Do That

He just has so much attitude and hurt behind it, its brilliant, no one else could make it sound like this.

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