Top Ten Most Beautiful Blind Guardian Album Covers

Everything's eligible - all albums and singles, including Live albums and "Best of".

Their album covers are as beautiful as their music and lyrics. Beautiful and dark elements go hand in hand - dwarves, dragons, aliens, bats, magicians, bards, guardians...

Most of the cover paintings are created by Andreas Marshall (1990-2003).

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1Memories Of A Time To Come (best of) - 2012

It's really very beautiful - zoom it to see more details. - Metal_Treasure

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2Live - 2003

"Live" is their second live album. And the last cover paintings by Andreas Marshall.

I love this cover - its medieval atmosphere is wonderful. A cool idea is the "Bard's Tavern", where the bards from Blind Guardian play live. You can even see one of the bards through the tavern window.
Blind Guardian really take you to another place in every sense. - Metal_Treasure

3At The Edge Of Time - 2010
4Imaginations From The Other Side - 1995
5Nightfall in Middle-Earth - 1998

The cover represents LĂșthien dancing in front of Morgoth (the album is based upon J. R. R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion). - Metal_Treasure

LĂșthien dancing in front of Morgoth - so beautiful and dark at the same time. - Metal_Treasure

6Somewhere Far Beyond - 1992
7A Traveler's Guide To Space And Time (box set) - 2013
8Mirror Mirror (single) - 1998
9 The Forgotten Tales (compilation album) - 1996
10Bright Eyes (Single) - 1995

The Contenders

11Beyond the Red Mirror - 2015V1 Comment
12Beyond the Red Mirror - 2015 (Alternative Cover)V2 Comments
13A Night at the Opera - 2002

Blind Guardian have the coolest album covers of all time. - Powerfultekin

14Twist in the Myth - 2006
15Imaginations Through the Looking Glass (live DVD) - 2004
16The Bard's Song (In the Forest) - (single, 2003)
17Another Stranger Me (single) - 2007
18Follow the Blind - 1989
19Battalions of Fear - 1988
20Tales from the Twilight World - 1990
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1. Memories Of A Time To Come (best of) - 2012
2. At The Edge Of Time - 2010
3. Live - 2003



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