Most Beautiful Female Korean Idols


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61Park Gyuri

I just love everything about her. She's a natural beauty, never a faker. Plus, she has the body of a model. Can be a Victoria's Secret babe.

She's sure a natural beauty. That beauty's been following her since she was just a little girl~


Powerful voice, I'm waiting for her to sing Adele's songs.

She's really pretty and she have a good voice.

She really like a QUEEN!

She so beautiful! I Love Her!

63Shin Yoon-jo

That's true, especially her legs! All of the hello venus members are gorgeously beautiful.. so sad, yoonjo and ara left the group :(

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She is beautiful inside and out and more people should appreciate my bunny
I love you

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65Kim Ah YoungV2 Comments
66Irene - Red Velvet

I love all members of Red Velvet^^.. Irene is Cute And Sexy... Love her

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67Oh Seunghee
68Minzy - 2ne1

He is very beautiful and sexiest girls from the fans favourite girl group

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Sexy performer. Pretty face. BoA is a package.

70Nam Gyu Ri
71Kim Dahee
73Jeon Bo RamV1 Comment
74Lee Sung Kyung
75Joy - Red VelvetV1 Comment
76Kim Hyo-yeonV1 Comment
77Kim Ji-won

Even though, she acts mainly in negative roles, she looks like a doll.. love her in heirs - ashlinshafi

78Park Min-young
79Heo Ga-yoon
80Kim Yewon
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