Most Beautiful Songs from Female Singers of All Time


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1Think of Me - Jackie Evancho

Simply the best vocal range ever.

So Beautiful You Should listen to it

From "Phantom of the Opera", I love this song and Jackie's version of it.

I LOVE this song so much. Jackie sings it so well!

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2Nella Fantasia - Jackie Evancho

My favorite from Jackie. Beautiful, soothing and delightful. With an important message too. - BobG

My favorite of her songs is PIE JESU sung when she was only 10

Jackie's body of work is so other-worldly. The song I'm listening to instantly becomes my new best favorite!... every time! Pick one.

This song is amazing! Jackie sings it really well

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3The Rains of Castamere - Jackie Evancho

Something different from Jackie. A surreal-sounding cover of a song from "Game of Thrones." Shows off the lower, haunting notes in her range. - BobG

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4La Isla Bonita - Madonna

Last night I dreamed with San Pedro

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5Greatest Love of All - Whitney HoustonV1 Comment
6Lovers - Jackie Evancho

The theme from "House of Flying Daggers". See it with Taiko drums and full orchestra on her first PBS special "Jackie Evancho: Dream With Me - In Concert" on CD, DVD, and Blu-ray.

One of the greatest vocal performances by a 10 year old girl you will ever hear. And the production values for this song on that PBS Special were just astounding! The Taiko Drums were incredible, as were the other Asian instruments. I strongly suggest picking one or more up you won't regret it I assure you.

There is no one better than Jackie Evancho.

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7Save Me from Myself - Nicole Scherzinger
8Love Story - Taylor Swift

Just listen to this song and you will feel like crying, it is so beautiful!

Best song ever from Taylor swift. Just love it.

The song she was sung is awesome and pretty

I love you taylor

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9Saving All My Love - Whitney Houston
10Firework - Katy Perry

EXCUSE ME Why is problem above katy? - AnonymousChick

Fireworks is Better than problem

I love that song awesome for any time

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?Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
?O Holy Night - Jackie Evancho

Jackie sings this flawlessly and with great emotion. - BobG

Flawless! The most incredible version ever! Perfection and only 10 yrs old!

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11Somebody to Love - Nicole Scherzinger
12Stickwitu - The Pussycat Dolls
13Trust - Keyshia Cole
14With or Without You - Jackie Evancho

Jackie's rendition of this song is so beautiful, I can't listen to the original anymore. She kinda has a habit of doing that, covering a song and doing a version that far surpasses the original... And her fans love it. - Gemini13

This is a wonderful version, Jackie's voice adds a new dimension to the words and music.

Jackie's voice just kills everybody else.

Such a great talent!

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15Trust Me, I Lie - Nicole Scherzinger
16My Immortal - Jackie Evancho

Check out YouTube Jackie Evancho my immortal cover. She also does some piano along with singing my immortal. Incomparable. Excellence in entertainment.

Awakening album released on Japan version, also on YouTube.

On the Longwood Awakening in concert dvd and the Japanese Awakening cd.

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17Problem - Ariana Grande

When I saw this terrible song in the top ten,I died a little inside.

People, look at the title. It says 'All time', you can't say the song is the best song of all time when it's still so new.

One of the best albums EVER! Should be number 1

Song is so amazing.

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18I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

Are You kidding this is one of the best songs of all time how is it only #16 THAT IS A JOKE RIGHT

Best love song of all time. I still have not heard anything that have touched my heart like that song.

It's I will always love you what do you expect

Mesmerizing you

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19You Will Be Loved - Nicole Scherzinger
20You Pulled Me Through - Jennifer Hudson
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1. Nella Fantasia - Jackie Evancho
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3. La Isla Bonita - Madonna



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