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21 Trust - Keyshia Cole Trust - Keyshia Cole
22 Problem - Ariana Grande Problem - Ariana Grande

When I saw this terrible song in the top ten,I died a little inside.

People, look at the title. It says 'All time', you can't say the song is the best song of all time when it's still so new.

One of the best albums EVER! Should be number 1

Song is so amazing.

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23 Bring Me to Life - Evanescence Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
24 Trust Me, I Lie - Nicole Scherzinger
25 To Where You Are - Jackie Evancho

From her first self-released album "Prelude To A Dream". Performed occasionally in concert. The most touching song of hers for me. - Trancas

This is another song that no one comes close to what Jackie does with it in concert. People are crying all through the audience...

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26 You Will Be Loved - Nicole Scherzinger
27 Beautiful - Christina Aguilera Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

Why isn't this the top song. Christina's vocals on this song are beyond amazing and the song is nothing less than an anthem. It conveys one of the most powerful messages a piece of music could possibly convey and definitely deserves the top spot. Why is Jackie Evancho in every single slot? She is in no way close to ever singing a song as beautifully as Christina did.

Doesn't matter how much she will scream, this song was plain something else when it came out. The entirety of its lyrics alone have been recognized by her peers as something inspiring, and well, check out how many awards to this song has won due to its inspiration.

I dare Jackie Evancho or ANY other singer out there today to sing the bridge of the song like Christina did.

This song is pretty good, and I have listened to it many times. Whenever I hear it, I know that it is Christina Aguilera singing.

Girl I mean how can I not vote for lets just he honest

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28 Angel Love - Samantha James Angel Love - Samantha James V 1 Comment
29 Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) - Jackie Evancho

'Just heard this at her Jan 31 Las Vegas full-house concert. No one does it better.

30 You Pulled Me Through - Jennifer Hudson You Pulled Me Through - Jennifer Hudson
31 Right Here (Departed) - Brandy Right Here (Departed) - Brandy
32 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Jackie Evancho

One of the greatest songs by one of the greatest songwriting and singing duo's of the 20th Century, now so beautifully reintroduced to the 21st Century by, I think one of the best and to continue getting better and better as she grows singers of this New Millennium...Jacqueline Marie Evancho...who it seems can sing any genre so very well!

One of Jackie's most beautiful performances! - BobG

From her performance at Cirque du Soleil's One Night for ONE DROP 2013 Charity Gala in the "O" Theater at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas. She needs to put this in her concert repertoire.

33 What's New - Linda Ronstadt What's New - Linda Ronstadt
34 Rise - Samantha James Rise - Samantha James
35 Wings of Faith - Samantha James Wings of Faith - Samantha James V 1 Comment
36 Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy
37 We've Only Just Begun - Karen Carpenter We've Only Just Begun - Karen Carpenter

Greatest female pop singer of all time. John Lennon thought so too and although there have been a lot of great female singers since his untimely death none have matched the pure quality of her unique voice

38 Innocence - Avril Lavigne Innocence - Avril Lavigne
39 Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift

I like it better when Sabrina Carpenter sings it

40 Born to Die - Lana Del Rey Born to Die - Lana Del Rey
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