Best Beauty and the Beast Characters


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1 Belle Belle Belle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 30th animated feature film Beauty and the Beast. V 1 Comment
2 Beast

I fell in love with the Beast when I was a little girl. He's one of my childhood heroes. His heart is pure gold. - Britgirl

3 Lumiere
4 Mrs. Potts
5 Chip
6 Gaston Gaston V 1 Comment
7 Maurice
8 Cogsworth
9 Lefou

Lefou is funny and underrated. Should be thought about more!

10 Wardrobe

She limps everywhere in the castle and she does some stupid stuff and she dresses men like ladies um she is belles dresser door I know shes kinda dumb but this woman is so crazy like she can t move or walk on her two legs and feet that character is like even lamer than I thought that girl was she has trouble walking and it is hard for her to bend her leg I don't know what happened to her legs she does walk like that all the time and the beast does know that something is wrong with her and she can't walk she has walking problems I rank this woman as the best character of Disney top 100 list

She walks funny around the castle she bosses the servants around all the darn time she dresses the green guy into a woman when she puts on him a bra a skrit and some high heels shoes she fights the town people when they break in the castle to kill the beast

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11 Fifi
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