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101Busch Light
this is the most amazing beer i have ever had. me and my sugardaddy will be drinking it til i die
Busch light # 1
Is this a joke?

102Kronenbourg 1664
Wow... The best refreshing beer after BECKs. This french beer has its own style of brewing from the year 1664...
Best beer I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.

103Miller Genuine Draft Light (MGD Light)
good, light, and very refreshing
Why is this ranked so LOW?!?!? Satisfying and a smooth finish; it doesn't claim to be anything it's not. SERIOUSLY! Worse that KING COBRA?!?!?

104Lagunitas IPA
Other than dogfish head, this is the best beer on the list. The right mix of hops and malt make it an everyday drinker with exceptional taste and fair price.
Great stuff, fuels many trim camps in nor-cal.

Great island beer ice cold
Real beer. NO GMOs

The beer of champions.
Great taste, great reward at the end of a hard working day. South-Africa for the win!
The best balance of taste and refreshment anywhere in the world
you know who your real friends are. the ones drink carling!
[Newest]Will get you piss drunk

This is a great Australian beer tops al other aus beer accept coopers
This beer is crap

Whether you like the Blanca or Roja, this beer has it all. It has a bold taste but at the same time it has a gentle feel when it runs down your throat. This fine Mexican beer is my personal favorite. If you want to have a nice evening with your friends drink the Blanca or the Roja and if you want something a bit stronger try the Titanium.


Way better than Corona. There is nothing like Tecate for the summer heat. I've tried a lot of beer brands in my life and this one is on my top 3 for sure.
This is an all around beer great taste and goes with anything you can eat with a beer, top it off with lime or lemon juice and sea salt... Savor!
In store near you

when you really aquire taste, than you understand why this is the best! It has layers of different tastes. The differnce in taste between a recent bottled Orval and an older one is bigger than in any other beer...
This is what they mean when they say quality
The best beer in Belgium made by monks!!! Try it! No headake, strong, well a real pleasure...
nothing is better than a true belgian trappist beer.

Soproni, I am irish and living in hungary, this is a magic larger and fit for a king... Should be in the top 20
The texture is light but there is a silent killer after 5 or 6 that will catch up on you. But the best thing its natural so mostly there is never a hangover the next day
I am an Australian, I lived in Hungary for 11 months and I fell in love with Soproni. I am not a huge beer drinker normally, but the drinkability of Soproni is ace. It is smooth and refreshing, and if anyone knows a good import website I would love to get some imported!
No bitter after taste, refreshing.

111Budweiser Budvar
Should be 1! Not 101! Come on guys this is the REAL budweiser!
Best beer in the world, with pilsner urquel and also starobrno is good beer, for me. American beers aren't evan beers its just piss, same English junk. German, dutch or belgum beer is also good staff.

Alamo is a light and refreshing Golden Ale. Awesome starter beer.

113Iron City

114Saku Originaal
This beer is amazing, it tastes perfect, by far the best beer out there, I recommend it to anyone, it tastes amazing and it has the perfect taste, if your a first time beer drinker you should definitely pick this beer because it is so good, it has a great taste, tell me how it tastes when you try it

You wouldn't understand anyway
Bush is the greatest beer out there!


117Tennants Lager
Tastes of home, The greatest nation on earth. Its also cheap which is a plus. Much better draught
Great lager and its brewed in the best country
Great beer. Wish it was sold in US

118Lucky Lager

Hands down the smoothest and best tasting malt liquor out there.
Mickeys is my favorite. It tastes great, it's strong in alcohol, and the hangover isn't as bad as a lot of other beers.


121Fat Tire
I like it above all others. If you are a bud light drinker, you are not in the same category as this beer. You won't like it because it is not over-carbonated and brewed with rice. Fat Tire Amber contains no adjuncts.
The Fat Tire recipe originates from a co-founder's bicycle trip through Belgium from brewery to brewery. As of 2010, it was the third-largest craft brewery and seventh-largest overall brewery in the United States. Try it! One of the best beers ever!
Hands down the best amber!

If more people knew about this great Northern Italian beer, it would be rated in your top 5 beers. Best beer I have ever tasted!

123Labatt Blue Light
On a hot day nothing's refreshing like a couple bottles of these babies after they've been chilling in the ice bucket.


My favorite light beer no bitter after taste. Just pure clean and crisp. Served the colder the better.

Smooth and delicious! Irish import.


The best Irish import. Very tasty and smooth.
Better than Kilkenny. My favorite "red beer".

125211 Steel Reserve
this beer is without a doubt the best thing for an alcoholic

126Carlton Draught
On tap the greatest beer ever and I have lived all around the world!
Great beer and its always great to get Back to OZ to get some, grew up on it and it's still the best going around
U don't Mess Wtih Carlton Draught


128Bitburger Premium Beer
An exceptionally balanced beer that beer lovers should try. Definitely one of Germany's brewing masterpieces. Light, smooth, plenty of flavor, and not overpowering.

129Bell's Oberon
Bell's oberon is to beer in michigain what lake michigan is to lake's in michigan!
A tall bell's oberon with a slice of orange, perfection!!

Just ask for it, drink a can and it will be located in ur mind, forever.
Its not as smooth as 34

131Staropramen Pils

Its best Indian brand

amazingly smooth yet creamy at the same time.

134Baltica #7
It is sweet and sour and bitter... kind all at the same time. It leaves very pleasant aftertaste.


135Kona Fire Rock Ale
Why this is not even on the list, I don't know why, handcrafted in HAWAII on the isle Of Kona it's the best there is.

136Hunters Extra Dry
Its not even a beer
My Dad Favourite. Beer
And. Dennis. As. Well

The best beer in the world.
Strong taste, beer for the real man!

138New Glaras Spotted Cow
Now I'm from Wisconsin which means I know a good beer when I taste one. This is definitely the best. It's made from a small brewery outside Madison and it is amazing.

139Laitilan Kukko

140James Squire Porter
Yes, a very good drop!



This is simply the best beer in the world

144Natural Light
Natie treats me right every time I purchase it. Its the best tasting cheap beer you can buy. -experienced beer drinker
Extremely cheap and brings out the bro side in you.
Best beer ever... Simply put

Although a typical local beer, it is much better than the American piss we have here.
The best one! Come to Macedonia and find out why!

146Boulder Beer's Singletrack Copper Ale
Great beer, Boulder Beer is a great micro brewery, give it a try!

147Summit Brewing Company



150James Ready
Love this Stuff! Guys lets vote it to the top. Vote now try later and trust me it's the best you will ever taste!
fudgin eh! can't beat the ready of james

151Bell's Amber

152Wurnesgruner Pils

153Modelo Especial
One of the finest lager beer not only in Mexico, but in the world, along with Corona Beer is now know around the globe.
Excellent beer, but I wish they would get rid of the stupid foil on each bottle. Very smooth drink with good flavor.

154Knock Out

155Negra Modelo
I'm glad it is not too popular. Only for dark beer lovers.

156Russian River Pliny the Elder
I can still taste the awesomeness of this beer, and I haven't had one in over a month. Good luck finding one though!
Hands down King. Bud is not even in the same ball park. How did some of these even make it here. So sad.

This is Slovenian beer and is the best. Every Slovenian thing is the best!
Is the best beer in Slovenia... You must try it if you came in Slovenia!

Corona has all of the hype but Pacifico is just as good, if not better.
Perfect for the summer, perfect for a good meal with seafood, perfect with lima juice, salt and Chile (Michelada)... well what can I say, Pacifico is one of the best Mexican beers.

159LandShark Lager

160Birra Peja Pilsner
One of balkan's best beer

161Indian Desi Daaru

How can such good thing be fallen behind this far? Come on guys... try it out... it is a real deal of a beer taste... Cheero :))
Great tasting Australian beer based on German recipe.

163Thurn und Taxis Pilsner

164Labatt 50

165Mohren Brau

166Haywards 2000

One of the smoothest beers in the world

168Kingfisher Blue

169A le Coq

170McEwan's Export Ale

171Australian Max

172San Mig Light
Lorna turned me on to this beer at bagasbas beach in daet, so smooth and mellow worth every cent, no hangover just smooth like bicol express

173London Pilsner

One of the finest beer I have ever drink
Smooth and great beer

175Bud Light Lime

Its an great beer to have, brother's taste it once, its India finest beer.

No advertising, just beer. Also only in Bavaria. Because traditions still matter here!
Maximator is the best. I get it around Chicago. Plus I've seen it in other places, but I am always looking for it.

178Jelen Pivo
Apatin's beer - Deer! Serbs know why! Here in Serbia we think that the king of the animals is Deer, not Lion...


One of the better European beers

179Godfather Strong

180Godfather Lite



183Flying Fish

Good stuff for the money
Genny is a great drinkable ale. Full flavor and smooth. Very delicious.


A very very unknown Latvian brand of unfiltered beer that has gained somewhat of a cult following amidst Latvians.


Almaza is a brand of lager beer produced since 1933 by Lebanese Brasserie Almaza SAL (formerly "Brasserie Franco-Libano-Syrian" and "Brewing and Malting Almaza"). It is exported to Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and the Middle East.

189Alexander Keith's
Made in Nova Scotia, Canada. Best beer I have ever drank its smooth and goes down really easy.
It's shocking to see this wonderful brand so low on the list. This beer has always been my top choice. Canadian beer tops any American brand. Their Pale Ale is just so smooth and flavourful.


La Cerveza de Costa Rica, The best beer I've ever had, a production of Costa Rica, the taste is blended with the raw essentials of what a perfect beer should have!

Best lager ever have. Crisp and hoppy taste. Really Clean. Love it
Best beer in China

It's a great beer.. And it's Solera edition is really a good one.. Soft and tasty at the same time..
Amazing Pilsen beer. Specially wye primium one (Solera). It's refreshing and can be drunk the whole day and every season.

193Bedele Special

194Shipyard Prelude

195Phillips Brewing Company
I have to say I really feel sorry for everyone on here that made all those nominations because I have tried most of those beers more than once. Without any doubt whatsoever the monks would be having wet dreams over Phillips Brewery's Amnesiac not to mention Hoperation Tripel Cross. You have not had real beer until you have tried a Phillips.

196Moonberg Premium

197Waikato Draught



200Pappu Beer

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