Top Ten Beer Brands

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Smooth as hell. Great choice when feeling fancy and want to get away from the Keystone.
Try Beck's Gold. Takes you to heaven.
Becks the best I ever got in my throat! Believe it! 🍺🍺

One of the best Italian beers. Tried it in Rome. Very different and easy to drink
Easy to drink beer. Tried it in Naples. Love it.
Best beer in Italy!

A Belgian white wheat beer. One of the best.
totally addicted after discovering this gem, the flavor is very unusual and distinct but especially enjoyable, love this beer, my absolute favorite
Please try... Do not go by my comments alone.. The best beer..
[Newest]Very nice I love it

24Old Hooky

25Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
This fine Californian hop-soda deserves more than a mere honorable mention in a top beers list.
This beer is truly phenomenal and just downright amazing.. It deserves WAY better than 40th!
Best tasting beer on tap or bottled. Seasonal or not, beats the rest. Never a bad choice with Sierra Nevada


27St. Bernardus

28Miller High Life
Surprisingly one of the better American mass produced beers, it is often over looked by image conscious fools who only drink what is "cool" i.e. Bud Lite.
I've drank Miller High Life for 35 Years. And yes many people look down on this beer but it is one of the best tasting beers out there. Maybe not the coolest beer out there but drank by real beer drinkers.
hell yeah and not too mention the cheapest beer out there and good too
[Newest]I try the micro brews, but if I'm buying-Miller stands clear

29Molson Canadian
Clean, smooth, flavorful without being bitter or too think out of Canada since hockey!!
Just simply the best. American beers crap drink the real stuff.


30Bell's Hopslam Ale
Huge IPA, a real celebration of hops in a bottle! I also love their "Oracle".
Bell's has been brewing world class beers for a long long time, and this one is a real treasure.
Any bells is awesome beer

31Three Floyds
Brewed right here in good old Indiana


33Innis & Gunn

34Bell's Two Hearted Ale
Worth the drive to Kalamazoo- FROM ANYWHERE!

The best beer by far hands down!
This is my favorite beer! Next one is Heineken! It's the same company who makes them but Amstel is my favortie in the World!

Stronger and better taste than corona no need to stuff a lemon or lime down its throat just to make it drinkable
Good beer. The taste defines it.
Better than Corona for sure.

I love Denmark's tuborg and Denmark girls
And the tuborg tastes to great as we are in heaven... after I just fall in love
Tuborg is my favorite beer.. Its taste is really awesome like a heaven... I'm loving it more than mcdonalds
[Newest]I love the unique caramel taste of it...

38Cigar City

39Stone India Pale Ale
Stone is by far my favorite brewery. I have to drive over 100 miles for this IPA, but I do it willingly.
My favorite beer. The crisp, hoppy flavor hasn't been matched by the many microbreweries that have spung up over the past 15 years. They all owe Stone a huge debt of gratitude, for turning the world on to the strong ale. Always will be #1 in my opinion.
Best beer in the world


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