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22Heady Topper
So far I have 3500 lables under my belt. Heady topper kicks them right in the can! The cans are coated inside. You won't find it on line or in a store. You must go to vt to get it. Am on long island and some bars go to get it. Best ipa and
Once you try it you. Will understand!

I'm not expecting anyone to give the slightest bit of notice regarding this entry, however this family run brewer from Sussex in the South-East of England creates the finest beer my body has consumed! (Their best bitter, old ales and are my favourites)

24Peroni Nastro Azzurro

One of the best Italian beers. Tried it in Rome. Very different and easy to drink
Easy to drink beer. Tried it in Naples. Love it.
Best beer in Italy!

26Warsteiner Premium Beer
this beer is under rated its the only beer I drink hail to the germans!
There isn't really a bad beer made in Germany. I've spent the last 50 years traveling back to Germany, and tried them all.
[Newest]The best on this planet

Its real enjoyment when I feel sad... It's my cute buddy... No one justify this effect... Its amazing feelings... Be a male... Be a dare male tiger...
A big beer from a small country. It has also won more awards (and repeatedly) than just about any beer out there. Budweiser? Meh - Maybe if you can't hold your alcohol.
Very refreshing in a hot Asian country at the end og a working day. Severe ice cold in an iced chilled glass.
[Newest]As for me best beer I ever drink

28Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
This fine Californian hop-soda deserves more than a mere honorable mention in a top beers list.
This beer is truly phenomenal and just downright amazing.. It deserves WAY better than 40th!
Best tasting beer on tap or bottled. Seasonal or not, beats the rest. Never a bad choice with Sierra Nevada

Best beer in the world. Just too bad it's hardly available as the monks make just enough as needed to finance their abbey.
I've been to the brewery and came home with 12 bottles of #12. It's great! E.

30Heineken Light

31Old Hooky

32Miller High Life
Surprisingly one of the better American mass produced beers, it is often over looked by image conscious fools who only drink what is "cool" i.e. Bud Lite.
I've drank Miller High Life for 35 Years. And yes many people look down on this beer but it is one of the best tasting beers out there. Maybe not the coolest beer out there but drank by real beer drinkers.
hell yeah and not too mention the cheapest beer out there and good too
[Newest]I try the micro brews, but if I'm buying-Miller stands clear

33Rolling Rock
Angry Video Game Nerd's favourite
Son-in-law gave me a couple of cans yesterday (4th) at their campsite around the campfire excelent tasting beer! Plan on buying a 30 can cs. tomorrow


35St. Bernardus

36Anchor Steam Beer
Outstanding beer that started the microbrewery revolution in the US.
Great beer that is just better than what you have.
Each brew is virtually handmade from an all-malt mash in a handcrafted copper brewhouse.

Drink 1 for 5 days and you'll hardly ever drink anything else ever again.
That's the truth about Duvel.
Please, not simillar as a Stella! It's the perfect belgian blond Ale, well balanced, with force & charachter. The one.
I think this is the best beer there is. Smooth, but hearty. Its not cheap, but it is worth it.
[Newest]The Best! Of the best.

38Bell's Hopslam Ale
Huge IPA, a real celebration of hops in a bottle! I also love their "Oracle".
Bell's has been brewing world class beers for a long long time, and this one is a real treasure.
Any bells is awesome beer

Paulaner wheat has to be the best beer I have drank in my life. Most do not know about it. Guess marketing is not there for it yet. Always remember to leave about a 1/2 inch or more in the bottle and swirl to get all the yeast out the bottom. Try not to burp the beer as you pour it out... Just let it poor out slow enough... Then the taste will be there completely.
fantastic beer i'm dutch and I like a real refreshing bitter taste...
absolutely the best beer I've tasted while drinking truckloads of beer for the last three decades!
LOVE This stuff, Can't find it anywhere except for fancy restaurants :(

After enjoying this beer it makes me wonder how "Coors" and "Bud" even made the list. This beer is full of flavor but a little heavy. Love the taste but can't drink more than a few without needing a long nap.
What the hell? It is way too good not to be top 10, nevermind top 100
Rich and strong. A real man drink!

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