San Miguel Pale Pilsen


the taste is world class. for me this is the number 1 beer in the world.. the taste is distinctively good... and I'll recommend this beer to all of my friend in the world... this beer also has different variety such as strong ice, super dry, cerveza negra, san mig light, san miguel premiun and red horse

Big fan of this iconic beer - super refreshing when drinking with friends with some pica pica! Less well known as a Filipino brand in Europe where the brand (owned by the Mahou San Miguel Group) is very much Spanish. Personally I prefer the Filipino version!

I'm guessing that this is one of the best in the planet. Filipinos are really proud of their very own San Miguel beer. I always drink San Miguel whenever I travel to the Philippines. I'm craving one right now. I'll be back after I get my Pale Pilsen SMB.

I can think of a lot of beers that should be on this list. But when I see Budweiser at the top, I realise that the people voting on this topic know absolutely nothing about a good beer. Budweiser is about as crappy a beer as it comes.

San Miguel is great for the flavour and the price.

I once attended a party and people from different places of the world kept digging this bottle from the cooler ignoring heineken, foster and budweiser!

With 96% market share in the philippines.. No wonder why this beer is known world wide.. Endorsed by Pacquiao, Jet Li, Morales, and was shown in the Shaolin Soccer Movie..

One of the best if not the best in Asia. Tourists in the Philippines always ask for it, not the regular brands they are so much used to. They always give it two thumbs up. We're wondering why it's only No. 63.

Best beer since I have known drinking! Classic taste a beer should have. Have compared to other beers like the top 2 rated above but in terms of taste and effect, they don't much, San Miguel is the top tasting beer!

If the God's wanted to prevent Filipino's from ruling the world, this is the reason why this beer was made. In my opinion the best beer in the world!

The best beer in the WHOLE WORLD! I drink this beer when I took my bar exam, and I passed. When I closed my deal, when I'm stressed, when my wife argues, oh boy, its my buddy.. I drink I get drunk, and I'm happy

I love this beer every time of conflicts, misunderstandings, sorrows, downfalls, this beer is always on my side to comfort me. for better and for worst San Miguel beer is always around.

As the Filipino saying goes, "The company's best with SMB". There's no great gatherings without SMB around. This is on behalf of the beer drinkers.

Best selling beer here in our duty free shop.. out of 33 brands, constant no. 1 for a 2 years and a half. not just for filipino sailors but Russians, Europeans, Americans, Indians, southeast Asians and Chinese too.. this is more popular than heinekin, and truly more popular than corona.

Best quality of beer here in the Philippines! Very exceptional and versatile in terms of taste. (

the best beer in the world.. a sort of the best of the best taste... truly filipino

Where in the world can you find a great tasting beer like San Miguel? Give me one and I'll prove you wrong.

Great taste that every human race must drink! No wonder this has been endorsed by different celebrities around the world

Biased as I am, San Miguel Pale Pilsen really is a world class brew. Why biased? Because I'm from the Philippines and did ad work for this brand in the 1980's.

I've tasted lots of beers already and this one is surely tops the list

I get a feel-good buzz after only a bottle of this fine brew. It would take me at least 3 to 4 units of the other brands before I'll get the same result.

Proud to be Pinoy! Your arguments are invalid... Your negative votes also. Beer in the Phils is the strongest beer ever. Strong Beer for real men.

San Miguel local beer taste better than the export one! Most Filipinos drinks the bottled rather than canned!

Reminds you of being on holiday from the first sip, Tasty, refreshingand very moorish!

The best beer ever.. I have tried other beers but nothing compare to the friendly taste of this beer from the Philippines.. Heneiken? Budweiser? No much for this Beer. Thanks. Please try it..

the only beer that nourishes the true filipino friendship