Greatest Bengali Metal / Rock Songs

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The Top Ten

Oniket Prantor (Artcell)
Best Bangla band song ever. Good lyrics, best music composition and great vocal. Overall, it's the best Bangla band song of all time.
Artcell is the best forever... Aniket prantor is undoubtedly the best song of the history of band music... Love it... Love artcell... M/
This song is a must listen to and I can say for sure that you will love it if you know what music should be like this is the best! ! Vocals music guitar and drums each beat grabs you
[Newest]Love this song. It's awesome.

2Shei Tumi / Cholo Bodle Jai (LRB)
Great song in bangla band music.
We sing out hearts out to this song.
Anthem of Bangla Band music. Any doubt abt the quality of this song, if any, go to hell...
[Newest]One of the best song's has been released on bengali language.

3Boshe Achhi (Warfaze)
best song ever in the history of bangla band music
Warfaze is the best m/
in last part komol played a master guiter tune. No one in bd can be compared with guiter with komol boss.
Oni bhai is my favourite guiterist. his playing style is jossh...
[Newest]Most popular song by Warfaze... Just love it.

4Bishakto Manush (Fossils)
Well, I think it's very amazing song to listen.
Undoubtedly the best bangla rock song ever
This is the best bengali band song I ever heard
[Newest]Best bengali song forever

5Vebe Dekhechho ki (Mohiner Ghoraguli)
Anthem... The song which gave India the license to start with rock. A socio- economic issue inspiring the purpose- made lyrics and a music that can be compared to the world's greatest rock bands
This is the best bangla rock song of all time... Mohiner Ghoraguli is the best thing to ever happen to bengali music!
Anyone who disagree with me can KILL YOURSELF!
Perfect song with amazing lyrics and rocking music! If you don't like this song you don't understand music!
[Newest]A world where all are for one and one-world one-nation... A sequence for all humans as earthlings...

6Firiye Dao (Miles)
What a hell! are you people foolish? this song KICKS ASS... vote for this song which is the best and most famous song ever composed by a Bangladeshi band.
it is the best and most famous song ever performed by any banglsdeshi band and miles is the best and only international standered band in Bangladesh.
[Newest]Mind Blowing song.. !

7Ekla Ghor (Fossils)
Great song and composition...
Really awesome, I had ever heard

8Moharaj (Warfaze)
Great composition, vocal performance and solos...


An awesome song with amazing lyric, headbanging all the way!

9Chaite Paro (Aurthohin)
Aurthohin is the only band in bd who can touch my heart. I love them very much. Bass baba is awosome
Tuhin Vai is The Boss
Aurthohin is a band which watch me the real life. Aurthohin makes me a perfect man. Actually I'm not a perfect man who can give a comment to Aurthohin. I just wanna say long live Aurthohin long live our BASSBABA.

10Dekho Manasi (Fossils)
Great song... Fossils rocks
One of the most promising love-song aspiring 'viraha' or heartache attached to any love affair... According to my taste of music
Heard it today and was absolutely blown away, awesome song. Long live Rupam!

The Contenders

11Hasnuhana (Fossils)
Best bengali song ever heard

12Cancer [Aurthohin]
Come on, this is a song which you cannot stop listening to. It deserves a better spot. Awesome intro, great drumming, mind blowing bass solo and stunning lead solo. Anyone who understands what metal means will love it.

13 Ghumonto Shohore (LRB)
The drums & guitar combination

14Aalo (Warfaze)
I always love Warfaze songs.
It's a awesome track
A always warfaze song love...
Warfaze is just awesome band... My all time favorite band... thou " KAMAL" lived the band in dec 2013... but warfaze hats off...

15Chilekothar Shepai (Artcell)
Brilliant song by Artcell, among countless others. This should be higher up on this list, people.
This song should be in top ten... Awesome song... Metal all the way
It's one of the best songs by Artcell.
[Newest]Artcell is the best...

16Holud Pakhi (Cactus)
Greatest bengali song ever... With awesome lyrics and music.. Thanks cactus for giving us this super awesome song...
Best song ever by the greatest rock band of Kolkata
Nothing to say much. But I just love this song.
[Newest]It should be on top 5

17Onno Shomoy (Artcell)

18Nikrishto (Aurthohin)
It's an awesome metal song by aurthohin... The bass is awesome

19Odekha Swargo (Artcell)

20Bi-Cycle Chor (Fossils)

21Amar Shongbidhan (Vibe)
reaches international standards. good job guys. best bangladeshi metal song.
This is the a awesome song so I think it should be upper position. Thanks
[Newest]Awesome song by a sadly underrated band.

22Chaite Paro 2 (Aurthohin)
This song should be number 1.. How the hell it is in number 33.. Are you kidding me. This song is played in radio heavily.. Best song ever.
Listen to it all day... Never gets boring.

23Bodhu Re (Cactus)
I heard this song accidentally, and nothing was able to take away my love for it after that. It has a great composition, good lyrics and the singer is amazing, you actually feel the song flowing through your veins!

24Sat Din (Aurthohin)
HELL. This should be right after aniket prantor

25Chena Jogot (Vibe)
How is this even Possible?
It should be in top 15 at least
I am an ArtCell Fan, but still... how is this even possible?

26Ghumonto Shahare (LRB)

27Tomake (Warfaze)
I love this song so much! Super lyric! Super piano and guitar!
I fall in love with this song

28Nil Bedona (Cold J)
The first Bangladeshi Alternative Rock song in bangladesh

29Tomaye Dilam (Mohiner Ghoraguli)
The most iconic and the first true bengali rock music... #Legend...
Real taste of rock music what Bengal had got.

30Guti - The Finale (Aurthohin)
Best music that I have heard in my lifetime. *-*

31Musafir (Mizan)

32Se Je Boshe Achhe (Arnab)
Love you arnab the
Best of all Tym

33Ghune Khawa Roud (Artcell)

34Diona Mastana (James)

35Pathor Bagan (Artcell)
Album Oniket Prantor - Track 04

36Nikrishto 2 (Aurthohin)

37Dhushor Shomoy (Artcell)
! I wonder why is this song in no.13! It deserves to be on top 10. It's the best song of artcell after oniket prantor, one of the best song of Bangladesh
To me this is the best artcell song
Why is so down on the list 2 d best of artcell

38Amar Poth Chola (Artcell)
This is the best bangla song ever it surely should be in the top five. Best Bangla band song ever. Good lyrics, best music composition and great vocal. Overall, it's the best Bangla band song of all time. It
There's nothing that can be 'BEST'in music as music depends on the moods perspectives and reasons... I won't say it is the best but it surely deserves some more appreciation
Awesome song. It recalls a lot of memories of family and friends. Love it.

39Bondho Janala (Shironamhin)

40Hasimukhey (Shironamhin)
The best song ever!
The best song ever in BD music of present time!

41Anmone (Aurthohin)
It's an outstanding song with overflowing emotion. I really wonder why it is placed at the end.

42Shopnodev (Vibe)

43Shoto Asha (Shunno)
One of the best inspirational songs

44Joto Durey (Warfaze)

45Chhaya Oronne (Acoustic Shunnota)
This is a song that one would use after a long day or when things demand some unwinding. Highly recommended

46Hotasha (Warfaze)
It is a mind blowing song


I don't know why it is not in no. 1
Why it isn't in top 20

47Keu Nei (De Illumination)

48Aushomapto (Aurthohin)
All parts of this songs acctualy great

49Adhora (Vibe)
Haven't hard anything like that in bangla rock. Love the vocal. Shujon from nyc.

50Krodher Vetor Krodh (Black)

51Cholo Bangladesh (Cryptic Fate)

52Shesher Opashey (Vibe)

53Shonali Shimana (O-Seventeen)
Choice of the new generation

54Tomar Hath Dhore (Insomnia)

55Uthsober Por (Black)

56Haste Dekho (LRB)

57Nirasha (Ransom of Truth)

58Ei Brishty Veja Rate (Artcell)
Best song I have ever heard

59Gone (Nemesis)
Nemesis is the best!

60Purnota (Warfaze)
Its awesome.. singer sings this track with a soft melody & I like his voice. music combination is josh.

61Shongbidhaner Biday (Minerva)

62Shomoy (Warfaze)

63Hoi Hoi Kando (Nagor Baul)
Awesome composition by James
Greatest song for forever...

64Amar Protichobi (Aurthohin)

65Piashi Mon (Miles)

66New Day (Nemesis)

67Oporanho (Icons)

68Ekti Chele (Warfaze)
One of the song you never forget...

69Shunno Band

70Irsha (Black)

71Tumi Ki Shara Dibe (Black)
Best song ever I have listened...

72Otripto Praan (Vibe)

73Danob (Cryptic Fate)

74Shomadhi (Funeral Anthem)
The best bangla song... Solo is superub... They are the only band who can cover children of bodom...

75O Amar (Prithibi)

76Keu Janena (Shunno)

77Bedona (Shunno)
Shunno is the hottest upcoming band in Bangladesh, Bedona being one of their hits. Enjoy!
This is not a 82 rank song.. Deserves at least top 20

78Jhor (Aurthohin)

79Cena Ocena - Meghdol

80Epitaph (Jedin Bondhu Chole Jabo...) - James
Album- Thik Ase Bondhu

81Sotto (Warfaze)

82Juddhahoto Nokkhotro (Nobo Jatri)
Osthir vocal and acoutic love them..

83Tomake Chai (Delete)
One of the best bengali metal song ever.
Easily one of the best bengali metal song

84Biborno Rongin (Jachchetai)
Different from mainstream... Good One Guys
I can't believe how good it is!.. Great song I have listened to after a very long time..
It's definitely smthing new... definitely different... & definitely... AMAZING!

85Ferary A Monta Mar (LRB)

86Dhiki Dhiki (Miles)

87Nostalgia (Vibe)

88Mrito Joddha (Satanic)
Abbhudoy album - Track 05
Black Metal.

89Rajahin Rajjo (Shunno)

90Chilekothar Sepai - Artcell

91Andho (Black)

92Obak Valobasa (Warfaze)
Best solo ever I have heard
Best Natural Lyric ever
Best bangla song ever

93Akash Meghe Dhaka (Meghdol)
Ami ek dikvranto pothik.. Harai sudhu harai tmr oronne.. Great lyric with even a better composition. Should be at the top ten.

94Rastay (Arnob)
Please listen to this song and then vote if you like it. Best one by Arnob so far!

95Status Update (Cactus)

96Chokher Baepti (Jachchetai)

97Brishtir Ishara (Jachchetai)

98Kadbe Bishaye (Aurthohin)
This is one of the heavy metal song by aurthohin (Sazzad hossain Bipro)

99Neer (Aurthohin)

100Shadhikar (Warfaze)
Bangladeshi best band song. Awesome solo vocal

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