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1Oniket Prantor (Artcell)

Best Bangla band song ever. Good lyrics, best music composition and great vocal. Overall, it's the best Bangla band song of all time.

Artcell is the best forever... Aniket prantor is undoubtedly the best song of the history of band music... Love it... Love artcell... M/

This song is a must listen to and I can say for sure that you will love it if you know what music should be like this is the best! ! Vocals music guitar and drums each beat grabs you

I've no word to describe it's greatness, how much heavenly it is, I would say just one thing,"Man it's the best of all I've ever heard."I admire it and I won't get fed up on it whatever my age becomes. Passionate about 16 minutes and 21 seconds.

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2Shei Tumi / Cholo Bodle Jai (LRB)

Great song in bangla band music.

Anthem of Bangla Band music. Any doubt abt the quality of this song, if any, go to hell...

We sing out hearts out to this song.

Most heart touching bengali band song ever made

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3Boshe Achhi (Warfaze)

best song ever in the history of bangla band music
Warfaze is the best m/

in last part komol played a master guiter tune. No one in bd can be compared with guiter with komol boss.

Oni bhai is my favourite guiterist. his playing style is jossh...

It is just awesome.

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4Bishakto Manush (Fossils)

Undoubtedly the best bangla rock song ever

Well, I think it's very amazing song to listen.

This is the best bengali band song I ever heard

Just awesome

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5Vebe Dekhechho ki (Mohiner Ghoraguli)

Anthem... The song which gave India the license to start with rock. A socio- economic issue inspiring the purpose- made lyrics and a music that can be compared to the world's greatest rock bands

This is the best bangla rock song of all time... Mohiner Ghoraguli is the best thing to ever happen to bengali music!
Anyone who disagree with me can KILL YOURSELF!

Perfect song with amazing lyrics and rocking music! If you don't like this song you don't understand music!

Best Song of world.

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6Firiye Dao (Miles)

What a hell! are you people foolish? this song KICKS ASS... vote for this song which is the best and most famous song ever composed by a Bangladeshi band.

it is the best and most famous song ever performed by any banglsdeshi band and miles is the best and only international standered band in Bangladesh.

Anthem of Bangla Band music. Any doubt abt the quality of this song?

It is the best

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7Chaite Paro (Aurthohin)

Aurthohin is the only band in bd who can touch my heart. I love them very much. Bass baba is awosome

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8Moharaj (Warfaze)

Great composition, vocal performance and solos... - azrhyme10405

An awesome song with amazing lyric, headbanging all the way!

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9Ekla Ghor (Fossils)

Really awesome, I had ever heard

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10Nikrishto (Aurthohin)

It's an awesome metal song by aurthohin... The bass is awesome

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11Chilekothar Shepai (Artcell)

Brilliant song by Artcell, among countless others. This should be higher up on this list, people.

This song should be in top ten... Awesome song... Metal all the way

It's one of the best songs by Artcell.

Best metal song of Bangladesh

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12Onno Shomoy (Artcell)

Really nice song.

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13Dekho Manasi (Fossils)

One of the most promising love-song aspiring 'viraha' or heartache attached to any love affair... According to my taste of music

Heard it today and was absolutely blown away, awesome song. Long live Rupam!

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14Tomake (Warfaze)

I love this song so much! Super lyric! Super piano and guitar!

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15Cancer [Aurthohin]

Come on, this is a song which you cannot stop listening to. It deserves a better spot. Awesome intro, great drumming, mind blowing bass solo and stunning lead solo. Anyone who understands what metal means will love it.

Nice song and I'm like it's. bast my aurthohin

One of the greatest songs ever made in Bangla band history..but still much underrated.

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16Bi-Cycle Chor (Fossils)

This song had brought a new dimension to Bengali rock. This should be at number one.

17 Ghumonto Shohore (LRB)V1 Comment
18Hasnuhana (Fossils)

One of the best songs of fossils.

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19Aalo (Warfaze)

Warfaze is just awesome band... My all time favorite band... thou " KAMAL" lived the band in dec 2013... but warfaze hats off...

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20Odekha Swargo (Artcell)V3 Comments
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