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1Ray Allen

ray allen should be ahead of everyone #1 because he's about to past reggie miller for most three pointers made, #2also because back then when larry bird played the three point line was closer to the basket

Of course Ray Allen. The 1st on all time when he broke Reggie Miller's record and now approaching 3,000 3 pointers.

shoots the ball like a slingshot. Doesn't need time to recharge. off-ball movement can kill the defender.

Stephan curry should be first

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2Reggie Miller

YO Reggie Miller UNDER Larry Bird that's just plain out stupid! Only Ray Allen is better than Reggie Miller that's it! NOT NO DUMB LITTLE OVERRATED LARRY BIRD!

Is a legend when it comes to threes r=the reason he got in the hall of fame is because his threes I know he lost his title to ray ray but he still the best in book

How the heck is Reggie third he's the best shooter ever Ray Allen better be reading this. Reggie Miller all day.

The best overall three point shooter ever

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3Larry Bird

Miller better than bird? Are you you out of your mind? Big deal he made more 3's, in much more time and many more games and attempts. miller more clutch than bird? I never saw bird have the worst game of his career in a big playoff game. aka reggie going 3 for 18 with the season on the line. bird guaranteed victories. bird backed it up. larry legend would smoke reggie. reggie also had to kick out his leg to get someone to bump him for foul calls. yes that's true also. watch it. he always kicked defenders when he released the shot then got to go the free throw line for some bull. bird was the best clutch player of all time

the one, the only.

"Larry, you only told me one lie. You said there will be another Larry Bird. Larry, there will never, ever be another Larry Bird. "
--Magic Johnson

What do you mean that Reggie Miller's better? You are so wrong dude. Larry Bird was awesome.

He's won 3 three point shootouts

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4Stephen Curry

Are you serious?! Stephen should be ahead of Ray Allen have you seen this record breaker and you got Kobe ahead of guys like Steve Kerr and sell curry! You obviously don't understand basketball! And Reggie is better then Allen. Allen may be clutch but Reggie is WAY BETTER and Kerr should crack top 10!

Stephen has already broken Allen's record and he isn't even 30 yet. That saying, he has way more juice in his body that hasn't even been unleashed.

Honestly people are just so afraid of change. Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all time. If you are still denying it, then you are deluding yourselves. Reggie Miller and Ray Allen were amazing but it's time to move on. Just accept that there is now someone better!

Stephen curry is better than Ray Allen is old and is no longer good

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5Steve Nash

Best pure shooter of all time ray allen couldn't break ankles like steve nash and shoot 15 fadeaways in his face come on now if nash is set he's gonna make he's been part of the 40 50 90 club 6 times

Steve is way better than Kobe and Allen put together this coming from a Celtics fan

Passes a lot, but you can count on him when he shoots - Achilles

6Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant? Are you serious? He is not a 3 point shooter

Kobe is the best

Statistic wise Kobe Bryant is not all too great for 3's but his 3's are way more impressive than any other on thislist especially clutch 3's.

No matter what the list is, I always vote for kobe bryant.

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7Mike Miller

Great shooter is extremely accurate. Much more then a specialist though. Mike can ball handle pretty well.

okay player, great shooter - Achilles

He's a amazing shooter.

8Peja Stojakovic

This is real funny right here. Having Peja not even in the top 10 when we are talking about SHOOTER. There is no way guys like Terry, Arenas, Nash, Kobe are better shooters than Peja. The only guys that can contest Peja really is Allen and Redd for the most part - ColdJ3

Other than Allen and Redd I dont think anyone on this list should be ahead of Peja as a shooter.This is shooters not all around players so it might be Peja. - Chris-1

How is Peja not top 5 on this list?!

He should be top 5 no doubt.

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9Dirk Nowitzki

Good luck blocking this guy from the 3. - TKDCats312

You try defending a 7'0 footer that shoots over his head.

Don't try to guard this guy, he can shoot in the face of 3 defenders.

He can shoot the long ones too - Curti2594

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10Jason Kapono

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?Carmelo Anthony
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11Manu Ginobili
12Steve Kerr

Best three point percentage of all time, very clutch, add the 4 championship teams. Ya, I think he needs to be in the top three 3-point shooters.

Kerr should be at least 5th on this list, I think even reggie miller and ray allen would agree with me

Simple best three point % and hits his shots in big moments.

Best 3 point shooter for Bulls!

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13Chauncey Billups
14Kyle Korver

Shooting 55% from three currently best in the nba today.. He only gets better with age

Can't argue with hitting a three in 127 straight games (NBA record)

He is the best I don't agree

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15Steve Novak
16Rashard Lewis
17Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert is a great shooter and all around player I think he is a top ten quality 3 point shooter. I don't know there are ao many great players in the NBA

18Paul Pierce

2010 3-point contest he a best shooter 2008 champion go celtics - kingzmurda

19Damon Jones
20Jason Terry

Mavericks have all the good shooters - Achilles

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