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A Beautiful Lie
Was released in 2005 and re-released many times due to the incredible success it had. This album has sold over 4 million copies worldwide, making it 30 Seconds To Mars' most successful to date. This album and it's singles have gotten 30STM the majority of their awards, well over 30 in fact (they have won 42 in total by the end of 2010). Singles within this album include the greatest song of all time The Kill (2006), and then there's the amazing A Beautiful Lie (2007), From Yesterday (2006) & Attack! (2005) to add. Other songs which deserve a mention include The Fantasy which should have been released as a single, Savior and Was It A Dream? This album is mainly labeled as Hard Rock, but has plenty of Alternative Rock (Was It A Dream? , A Modern Myth) and Alternative Metal (Attack!, Battle Of One) too. This, in my opinion is 30 Seconds To Mars' best album to date and certainly their darkest work. 30 Seconds To Mars at their peak.


This album has sold over 4.5 million copies across the world and is certified Platinum in the UK, USA, Italy, Canada and South Africa selling over 1.5 million in the USA alone.


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230 Seconds to Mars
The debut album from 30 Seconds To Mars and their heaviest to date. This was released in 2002, 2003 in the UK. Sadly only 2 singles/videos were released from this amazing album (possible due to the fact that it wasn't very radio friendly and too heavy). The singles were Capricorn (A Brand New Name) in 2002 and then Edge Of The Earth in 2003. This album has many other great songs such as Welcome To The Universe, Fallen, Oblivion, 93 Million Miles, The Mission, End Of The Beginning, Buddha For Mary etc. Basically the entire album was quality, no filler in sight. The genre would be Metal, or to be more specific Progressive Metal, moreso than Alternative Metal. This album was not as successful as it should have been but it has sold 2 million copies nontheless.


The album that got me hooked and kept me hooked throughout ABL and TIW. Raw, solid guitar riffs, the metaphoric lyrics Jared got known for. This album really set the bar high for me and unfortunately they haven't been able to reach that again, even though ABL still haad some really good songs (The Fantasy, Battle Of One) and even TIW has 1 good song (SIASL). S/T all the way for me, always.
I love all three albums, don't get me wrong... But the first album was their beginning. It shows who they really are, before they needed to impress anyone.
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3This Is War
The most recent work from 30 Seconds To Mars comes in the form of This Is War. This was released in late 2009 after many delays (was supposed to be released in late 2008) due to the band touring A Beautiful Lie worldwide from 2005 till early 2008. The band wanted to finish this album properly hence the delays. The first single Kings & Queens was released in late 2009 and has won a few awards. Although this album is more mainstream than the previous 2 it is still very good, obviously not as heavy or as dark but it's a great album nontheless. Other singles released are Closer To The Edge, This Is War & Hurricane. The genre for this album would be Progressive Rock, at times Progressive Hard Rock and Alternative Rock. Kings & Queens for example is Progressive Hard Rock. This album has sold over 1 million copies and the band have confirmed work on a new album will begin as soon as the finish touring this one, around mid-late 2011.


I really love this album, maybe because I had discovered 30' with "This is War". I love "Hurricane", "Kings and Quenn", "Vox Populi" and "This is war". All of the songs were great in shows. I really love "A beautiful lie" and "30 seconds to mars" but it's my favorite!
No, This Is War is not "crap". It's just different, and it's still a very good album. I don't understand all the hate, Ok, YES the choir is annoying but songs like Kings & Queens, Closer To The Edge, This Is War are still very good, also Hurricane without Kanye is good, however it does feel as if this album wasn't complete properly and it has quite a few of filler songs like 100 Songs and Vox Populi (I hate this one).


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4AOL Sessions Undercover

5Love Lust Faith + Dreams
Amazing to listen but when you understand it's meaning you feel.. What, like you are singing to whom? And you feel like it's evil some how
It's the best, Up in the Air, is probably the best song they've made
Great album, love the city of angels

6MTV Unplugged: 30 Seconds to Mars

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