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61 Whiskey and Wine Whiskey and Wine
62 Visit Visit
63 My Stoney Baby My Stoney Baby

A great song from 311's debut album. I actually first heard it in Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay not knowing who sang the song. I recognized the vocals and then realized it was by 311. Found the song on youtube and I've been listening to it non-stop ever since.

64 Time Bomb

Fun song to listen to and sing along. People usually don't like songs from the later albums, but this is an especially good song.

65 My Heart Sings My Heart Sings
66 Too Much Too Fast Too Much Too Fast

It's a musically delicious song! Very experimental, different, lovely, great lyrics, warming, beautiful song

Too much too fast for the moment to last
I tumbled to you while stumbling through

67 The Great Divide The Great Divide

On new album, Stereolithic. It's such a good jam, kinda brings me back to their older stuff but still spiced with their newer style

68 Random Random
69 Showdown Showdown
70 Life's Not a Race Life's Not a Race

My favorite song off my favorite album. Enough said.

71 Gap Gap
72 Plain Plain
73 It's Getting Ok Now It's Getting Ok Now
74 Give Me a Call Give Me a Call

This song is from 311's Evolver album, and I can't believe it wasn't even on the list yet! It's really good guys, definitely give it a listen.

75 Transistor Transistor
76 Still Dreaming Still Dreaming
77 Damn
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