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Smells like teen spirit, great song


They were the 90s and Smells Like Teen Spirit was the anthem of the 90s
They were my number 1 in my top 10 too

They made their best songs in the 90s: Creep, Karma Police, Paranoid Android.


3Alice in Chains
Without a doubt the best band of the 90s. Every song they did on the 90s is amazing.
Facelift, SAP, Dirt, Jar of Flies, Unplugged... All came out in the 90's. Best music around.
Different, unique, and special. This band was ahead of its time. Amazing melancholic tunes. I love Nirvana, but AIC wins every single time in my book. Just in my opinion

4Red Hot Chili Peppers
Best band out of this list in my opinion

5Pearl Jam
Pearl jam is the best band ever, almost every song is a awesome and all the other bands are great too but they don't have as good as songs as pearl j has way more great songs.
Greatest band of the 90's! One cannot deny the lyricism and pure talent in Vedder's voice and the musical ability of the band. Makes every Nirvana album look like a Kidz Bop CD. Rock on PJ!

What's the Story, Morning Glory? Best album of the 90's!

I almost voted for Radiohead, but they released half of their best material in the 2000's. Same with Tool, Weezer (arguably; the Blue album was pretty darn great), and Green Day.

7Green Day
They are the best band of the 90s
There songs are so meaningful
GREEN DAYS AWESOME! Their dookie album is the best!
Best band in history! Please, please vote!


8Guns 'n Roses

Best Hard Rock and superb high voice of chris cornell.
The Led-Zeppelin of the 90's. Can't take away how great the other bands on this list are... But Soundgarden is a 3rd place finisher. Behind only AIC and Nirvana...

10Smashing Pumpkins

The Contenders

11The Offspring
I hate guns and roses their music is the wrong thing to do my opinions 10 out of ten

12Marilyn Manson
Sweet Dreams, Beautiful People, Tourniquet, Man That You Fear, The Dope Show, Rock Is Dead, I Don't Like The Drugs, Coma White. All of those hits are in the 90's.
Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals are amazing albums. In a decade were every band never put on a show Manson put on that show.
Hell yeah, long live Marilyn! Lunchbox is an awesome song from the 90's


A band that inspired a generation, truly summing up life in their lyrics. A clever, quirky group of talented chaps with a personality to match. Blur need to be in the top ten, the britpop movement was the nineties and it was Albarn who set it all in motion.
Pretty much all their albums except their debut and half of the great escape were amazing. With songs like Girls and Boys, Parklife, To the End, This is a Low, The Universal, Beetlebum, Tender and dare I say Song 2 to name a few, this band should be so much higher.

14Foo Fighters
I felt sorry for Dave Grohl in the 90s, always being asked questions about Kurt. But the Foo Fighters had three amazing albums. Monkey Wrench, Everlong, Breakout are some of the singles to mention


15Rage Against the Machine
you add the Street Life of Rap and the Insanity of Rock and you come up with the most controversial group in the history of music


Come on number 15? They shut down wall street! They have the most unique sound of the 90's and a perfect fusion of rap and metal.
Huge fan of this group. They rule


16Blues Traveler

Lush.. Most under rated band of the 90s, this band was truely unique, when you listen to them you get this unexplainable vibe

Jarvis is an awesome song writer and front man. Common People is one of the best tracks of the 90s... easily!



20Counting Crows
Counting crows song have some of the most meaningful lyrics ever... I didn't vote for REM because some of their 90s albums weren't as good as the 80s albums. All of the ones I considered were Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, REM, and Dave Matthews.

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