Top Ten Best A-ha Songs


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The Top Ten

Take On Me
The undisputed number one song from a-ha. Absolutely mesmerizing. The symbol of eighties music.
An amazing song filled with joy and happy. One of the best songs of the 80's that is still great some 20-odd years later.
what how is this not #1. Their standard classic, the quintessential synth-pop song of the 80s? duh.
[Newest]Every time I hear this song I think of how great the eighties were, I love this song!

2Stay On These Roads
I can't stop listening to this song
One of the best songs ever written by any living person!

3Love Is Reason
This is best a-ha's song. Wonderful & Beautiful.

4The Sun Always Shine On T.v.
Best song of A-ha for me. The Video Music is very cool too. But actually I love almost all of A-ha Songs. I am A-ha big Fans :-)
It is there best song it sounds fresh today and it will stand the test of time, I don't no if I am over emotional but when that song starts it blows you away unbelievable stuff man and I have lead a life
The best song of all time. Great music. Sends a shiver through me every time I hear it. Good video as well.
[Newest]I LOVE this song I'm a-ha's biggest fan

5Scoundrel Days
A-ha shows that they are more than just synth-pop.

The intro! The build-up! The chorus! I will never get tired of this song.
Actually, my favourite A-ha song is The Swing of Things, but its not listed here. The whole album is excellent though.
Deep tension followed by heavenly vocals!

6I've Been Losing You
Love This Song so so so so so so much one of thebest should be number 6 amazing love it vote this song please please love it
The one that I love most...
Morten Harket has the best voice
[Newest]Best song for me, ever.

7Hunting High and Low
Definitely better than the commercially successful 80's-pop-song "Take On Me" that put everyone to dance and that sadly has become, as almost always happens, the representative pennant of the group as everyone likes it (easy to listen).

"Hunting High and Low" achieves a more exquisite performance of the instruments, vocals and melody changes that indicate an early stage of maturity.

Another song that I would like to suggest is "Cold as Stone", from the album Memorial Beach (1993), that also achieves a higher level of complexity due to the maturity of the group. Obviously, not a commercial hit as it was not composed for dancing... but to listen and be penetrated by its strong melody.
Great song. Really is the best hit of A-ha! But I also like a lot "Take on me"; "Stay on these roads"; "There's never a forever thing" and "The Living Daylights".
This is a classic


8Crying In the Rain
In my opinion Crying In The Rain is their best song for many reasons, but for me most of them are very personal and connected to my relationship with my dad, so this may sound a bit bias.
I love you all from mongolia

9Dark Is the Night For All
Very intense and deep song. A bit underrated, but certainly among the best they have ever wrote. Synth and guitars are at its best.

10The Living Daylights
Amazing The Theme To James Bond The Living Daylights


Love This Song I think it should be number 3 great bond song should be higher great tune amazing song best of all them bigger than the rest
One of the most definitive bond songs and a-ha at their very best, it should at least be at the top 5... Period
[Newest]Should be higher on this list


The Contenders

11Cry Wolf
Catchiest song of all time! I just had to vote for it, it's way too low!
Cry wolf should be in top 5. I don't know who voted for this top 5, girls?

Why this song is here you don't have brain...
Or you don't know anything about music...
Come on please vote this song this could be at no 2 at least


We just got to put this song on MTV or Much Musics ^^ BOOM. Everyone will listen to it.
Amazing song! Should be top 10 ;P

13There's Never a Forever Thing
Simple and beautiful song, should be in top 10. Catching piano part too, and the message the music brings.
This is the most beautiful song ever according to another vote on this same site
Actually this is the most amazing song please... Please... Please listen to it guys definitely the most beautifull

14Angel In the Snow

15Summer Moved On
Every their song is wonderful, but at the moment I'm just fell in love with this one...
Again)) I love to sing it! And I can say, that it is definitely good for non-professional singer)))) Someday everybody will listen to me, that's for sure! ))) Take care, friends and good luck to all of you!
It is so sad that a-ha are almost at the end of their career, but we'll always love them! )

16East of the Sun

17Never Never
Guys this is one of their VERY best - listen to the original version of this song LISTEN IT

18Cannot Hide
Current sounding! Slick, sexy

19Manhattan Skyline
I love everything about this song! The way it starts off slow and quiet and then builds into a powerful rock chorus... Its just great!
This song is so good, this is way underrated, for me the best A-ha song.

Purely evocotive and beautiful song. A song that takes me back to Norway and helps me reflect on what was a truly wonderful and moving experience. This group were without a doubt one of the best ever in the world. With a voice like Morten's how could they go wrong? Answer, they didn't!

21Forever Not Yours
Best song from 2000's.

22Early Morning

23I Wish I Cared
Great sound. Too bad its a sad song.

24Slender Frame

25Train of Thought
You just can't stop dancing with this. Simple.

26Rolling Thunder
Amazing song by the best band of all time!

This song is so calm and good with a very good melody difficult to undersatnd but really good to hear for me one of the bests songs a-ha have I'm 20 but I'm addicted to this song
Great song, but one of the strangest videos I have ever seen

28Mother Nature Goes to Heaven

29Cosy Prison

30Holy Ground
I love that song. It touched my heart with its phenomenal spirit. And Mortens voice brought me to heaven.


31Foot of the Mountain
A very beautiful song, with meaningful lyrics, and charming music.
Why people these days don't have a good taste in music?

32Nothing Is Keeping You Here

33Out of Blue Comes Green
I love the metaphorical lyrics, and morten's voice in the chorus always reminds me of opera singers, plus the synth sound mix well with the desperate felling of the song!
The one track Aha should have released, perhaps in place of blood that moves the body. Out of Blue comes green has superb lyrics and Mortens vocal range and ability evident in this are out of this world. Sounds great live too!

34You'll Never Get Over Me
I adore this song!
Have you listen this song so beautiful tune of guitar
I love it should be higher


35The Weight of the Wind
The greatest ever. Far too underrated.

36Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
For me its one of the three best song ever released from A HA

37Move to Memphis

38The Blood That Moves the Body

39The Bandstand

40Time and Again
I don't know how to explain it, but I just LOVE this song... I feel a very strong connection to the melody. If it was possible to vote for 2 songs, I'd vote Stay on these roads too.

41You Are the One
How come everyone forgot about this fun 80's track?! Have listen.


43Real Meaning

44Thought That It Was You


46You Wanted More

47Minor Earth, Major Sky


49Cold River

50Here I Stand and Face the Rain
Overlooked this when I was younger, but now listening again this is a great track full of emotion and tension.

51I Won't Forget Her


53Riding The Crest

54Sunny Mystery

55The Blue Sky

56Waiting For Her

57What There Is

58A Fine Blue Line

59Barely Hanging On




63I Dream Myself Alive

64Little Black Heart

65Mary Ellen Makes the Moment Count

66Monday Mourning


68Shapes That Go Together

69Soft Rains of April


71Summers of Our Youth
Absolutely beautiful song that's perfect for when you're feeling nostalgic about your teenage years!

72Sycamore Leaves

73The Company Man

74The Way We Talk

75There's a Reason For It

76To Let You Win

77Turn the Lights Down

78White Canvas

79#9 Dream

80And You Tell Me

81Between Your Mama and Yourself

82Case Closed On Silver Shore

83Cold As Stone

84Days On End

85Did Anyone Approach You


87Don't Do Me Any Favors

88Dot The I

89Go To Sleep

90Halfway Through the Tour

91How Sweet It Was

92Hurry Home

93I Call Your Name

94Keeper of the Flame

95Lamb to the Slaughter

96Less Than Pure

97Lie Down In Darkness

98Make It Soon

99Maybe, Maybe

100Memorial Beach

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