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1Ever Enough

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song it's so beautiful

This song is just awesome..
The lyrics is so catchy and the chorus is just great.. Listen it you won't regret

So amazing, listen to it you wont regret it

I love this song and by the way this band is my favourite band in the universe forever and always

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2Like We Used To

This song is just awesome! Best song of A rocket to the moon..
it deserves to be at #1. Whenever I listen to this I feel like heaven. Such a catchy song. The album which own this track is awesome even. Must listen guy. It's awesome. It sound very sweet, and the chorus is simple yet kick ass. Love this one.

This definitely deserves to be number 1. It's like Nick Santino's reading my mind! Nice song. Nice lyrics. It's just so sad that this band's breaking up. T^T

Best song of A rocket to the moon! So LOVE'T

Best song ever...

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3Somebody Out There

This is literally the sweetest song I've ever heard. If you just got dumped or just feel like you're never going to find "the one", listen to this song and it will make you feel so much better. This should be #1 no doubt. ;D

It's a great songs. There is somebody out there that god has create only for you

When I listen this song, I want to sing with the guitar because it was the sweetest song I ever heard.

Just so cute and makes you so happy just listen to it

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4If I'm Gonna Fall In Love

I Just Love The Song. Music And Everything. Just Simply Beautiful. LOVE LOVE LOVE It. Relates To Me And Reminds Me Of My True Love. This Is The Best Song Of A Rocket To The Moon. Should Be In Number 1 Of Them :D

Yes. yes. yes. this song helped me so much with relationship drama. I just kept listening to this song and thinking to myself that "if I'm gonna fall in love, it's gotta be more than just enough" and thinking about nick santino's interview about this song and about how it's talking about being careful before going into something and waiting for that someone special before falling in love

This song is just so beautiful and catchy

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5Baby Blue Eyes

The song has a really good tune and the lyrics are just so good. I think the song more of kinda says that the guy still loves the even if he's already looking like a fool. He thinks that the girl's really special and he just loves her dearly.

It sound very sweet, and the chorus is simple yet kick ass. Love this one.

This is my favorite song since a friend told me to listen to this! Its great and awesome! And this band rocks! Just like all time low of baltimore maryland :)) add me on facebook : [email protected]

Best song ever heard.

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6First Kiss

I remember singing it to the girl I had a crush on.

It relates so much.
Nick's voice has never sounded better.
It gives the listener the feeling that's abstract but so pleasing.

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7Wherever You Go

The best song I have ever heard! Love the guitar beat...

I really like this song :)
It make me smiLe.

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8Whole Lotta You

Omf this song should be higher. Way better than first kiss. Catchy song. Makes you feel free. And happy. Been a huge help in my life. Absolutely love this.

Love the's amazing...caught me when I heard it for the first time!
don't miss this song!

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9On Your Side
10Mr. Right

It's such a catchy song and so well put together. Should be in the top along with Give a Damn. Most definitely two of their best songs. I even have my 70 year old grandmother listening to them.

I love it! It's so true to how I feel I now... Favorite lyric of all time- you could be the best of me, but i, m the worst for you.

Love this song... Its... Super... Love you Nick...

This could be at the 2nd position.

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This song should be in the top 10 for sure! Amazing song...

Amazing song, catchy tune, all round incredible song

Cause it's the way you do the things you do that make me fall in love with you
Just pure awesomeness

12She's Killing Me

Why isn't this in the top ten are you guys dumb

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13Shhh.. Just Listen
14On a Lonely Night

This is pretty much my #1 ARTTM song. always will be. whenever I start my 2 cds in the car, I always play this one first instead of annabelle.


Great song, I like this song when I first listening,

This is the song that came up on pandora and started my obsession with arttm

You're staying up just to dance alone
I'm dressing down cause I'm tired and I wanna go home
You look the part but looks don't tell the truth - woah-oh!
Baby you're pretty but I'm pretty sure I'm over you

Great song, catchy as hell, love A Rocket To The Moon!

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16I Do

This song is so good. I can't believe its all the way down here:( it makes me really sad. Just listen to the lyrics. They are so meaningful

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17If Only They KnewV1 Comment
18Give a Damn
19Life of the Party

Don't know why this song is only 18. It's so amazing! It was actually the first song I heard by them. This song is so in your face. Makes me feel so excited and empowered every time I hear it.

20Another Set of Wings

This song is so deep, it seriously captures everyone's heart who is currently missing somebody who isn't coming back.

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