Best Accept Songs

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Balls to the Wall
A toptrack from the band, should be number one at this list, original voice, good sound and rhythm that newer will be forgotten.
Legendary riffs and vocals. Gives you goosebumps!
So cool. I love!

2Fast As a Shark
The intro is epic.

3Princess of the Dawn
Best song ever listen to live version by udo
This should be at least #2

4Teutonic Terror

Old school metal. Can't believe it gets no radio play!

6Restless and Wild

7Metal Heart

8I'm a Rebel


10Son of a Bitch

The Contenders

11London Leatherboys

I got into Accept through Brutal Legend (praise the metal gods for that game) when I heard fast as a shark I quickly listened to some more then I heard this song and I had a new favourite song

13Turn Me On

14Love Child

15Demon's Night

16Amamos la Vida

17Midnight Mover

18T.V. War

19Beat the Bastards

20No Shelter

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