Best Accept Songs

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The Top Ten

Balls to the Wall
A toptrack from the band, should be number one at this list, original voice, good sound and rhythm that newer will be forgotten.
So cool. I love!
No denying it's the best

2Fast As a Shark

3Princess of the Dawn
This should be at least #2

4Teutonic Terror

5Metal Heart



8Son of a Bitch

9I'm a Rebel

10Restless and Wild

The Contenders

11Demon's Night

12Love Child

13London Leatherboys

I got into Accept through Brutal Legend (praise the metal gods for that game) when I heard fast as a shark I quickly listened to some more then I heard this song and I had a new favourite song

15T.V. War

16Amamos la Vida

17Beat the Bastards

18No Shelter

19Living for Tonite

20The King

21Midnight Highway


23Shake Your Heads

24Sodom and Gomorrah

25Kill the Pain
Why its not on the list? Best song ever! So emotional

26Dead On


28Can't Stand the Night

29Neon Nights

30Head Over Heels

31Demon's Night

32Get Ready


34Protectors of Terror

35China Lady

36No Time to Lose

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